Polo Fashion: The Evolution of Polo Attire and Its Impact on Modern Style

polo fashion attire

If you are interested in sports, you understand that the exact names of shirts and disciplines are not coincidental. In fact, the sport of aristocrats influenced fashion more than it seems. By the way, if you bet on polo, read about birthday bonuses on 22Bet to get maximum benefit. And now, we will dive into history and find out how sports uniforms were able to turn into fashionable clothes.

Development of Polo Sports Uniform

Today, we very often see such an item of casual clothing as a polo. It is a simple knit shirt with a folded collar, short sleeves, and cuffs. We usually associate this type of clothing with the products of the Lacoste fashion house.

The polo shirt takes its name from the game of the same name, which was an equestrian competition using a wooden ball and stick. This sport was previously known in Persia and China in the 1st millennium AD. e. It was an equestrian exercise for training riders, which became the basis of military strategy.

Polo was initially played by British officers (many of them cavalrymen and aristocrats) who wore the standard red uniform. However, not all polo fans were comfortable playing an active game in tight uniforms. The need for a new polo uniform became urgent in the first decades of the 20th century when significant modernization of society took place, and the liberalization of fashion began. In particular, strict Puritan orders, popularized by the “grandmother of Europe,” Queen Victoria, are moving into second place in Britain.


Sports were no exception. In particular, this concerned the previously mentioned polo. The prototypes of long-sleeved cotton shirts with a three-button collar began to appear. They were made from jersey material (knitted fabric of cotton or woolen threads).

Modern Look

The polo shirt that modern people are accustomed to seeing acquired its appearance thanks to tennis player Rene Lacoste. Rene Lacoste is considered not only the inventor of the polo shirt but also the creator of the logo in clothing – that is, a visual image to represent a brand or type of clothing. Yes, we are talking about the legendary green crocodile.

In 1927, Rene Lacoste came out wearing the same polo, but his symbol, the alligator, was already embroidered on it. That’s what they called him in the sports world. It is believed that in 1923, the captain of the French tennis team promised Rene a crocodile skin suitcase for winning the tournament. Thus, the nickname “alligator” was assigned to the athlete, reinforced by his frank and sometimes vulgar behavior on the court. According to another version, Rene got the nickname “crocodile” because of the shape of his nose.

The Lacoste logo became the first example of the representation of a manufactured product that was put on public display. “The Green Crocodile actually” invited people to join the Lacoste sports family.

Gaining Popularity

How did Lacoste manage to make this model so popular? The following factors contributed to this.

  • First, Rene Lacoste popularized the method of producing polo shirts from pique jerseys. This material did not rub the skin and kept the body cool.
  • Secondly, the shape of the sports shirt itself was of great importance,
  • Thirdly, since this shirt was a sports shirt, there was no need for a starched stiff collar. On the contrary, the collar became soft and foldable.
  • Fourthly, Lacoste decided to diversify his polo collection and began production from colored materials.

The popularization of polo was facilitated by the figure of Ralph Lauren, the creator of the Polo brand, which produced casual and sportswear. Unlike Lacoste, his logo was based on a polo rider. The products were aimed at wealthy buyers. Like Lacoste, Lauren introduced color variety into his products. Lauren positioned polo no longer as clothing for sports but as clothing for leisure.

Going beyond the sport, casual fashion began to take root rapidly. For example, polo has gained acceptance as an office uniform in southern countries with hot climates and has become an integral part of the Smart Casual style. It is also worth mentioning that now it is a common piece of clothes in the men’s and women’s wardrobe.

Thus, polo became, in fact, the final stage in the development of casual shirts. Their style and design are more relaxed compared to the shirts of the late 19th century. Polo has become an example of emancipation and innovation in fashion.

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It is how a simple sports uniform went beyond sports and became the favorite clothing of many people. Today, polo is an integral element of the wardrobe of aristocrats because this shirt combines comfort and excellent appearance. It’s not difficult to explain the popularity of polo shirts in modern times: they are an intermediate part between a regular T-shirt and a classic shirt. That is why this wardrobe item will look highly successful in combination with a formal jacket and casual wear. Famous designers have long proved this fact, combining polo shirts with classic trousers and suits with different cuts.


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