Inside cricket’s Player of the Match honor

Inside cricket's Player of the Match honor

When a cricket match ends, then it’s time to do a few things. Whenever a great IPL cricket match is being played, go to the website and try your wagers on it.

3 things that are done by various people involved in the sport include:

  • coaches congratulate or talk to their players;
  • fans discuss the match and how their favorite team or player performed;
  • and also, the Player of the Match award is given to the best performing cricketer.

The latter is quite an important moment that many people look forward to seeing. It’s like the spotlight moment where one player gets to bask in all the glory because they just smashed it on the field. This could be for many reasons, with 3 of them being performing greatly with the bat, being a fantastic bowler, or having an overall superhuman level performance.

Now, imagine the following situation. Maybe someone just played out of their skin, maybe knocked a century, took a 5-wicket haul, or made a game-changing run-out. And then, they get called up to grab this trophy. Sometimes this trophy doesn’t come alone, as it can include some money as a reward or even a flashy gift. Speaking about money, you can win a lot of it if you make good wagers by visiting the 1xBet platform.

Here is the fun part. Normally, deciding who gets this award isn’t always straightforward. It’s like everyone has a say. 2 groups of people can almost always be part of the selection process, which are commentators and umpires. However, on some occasions, even fans can contribute to this pick, as they can use a phone application or a website to vote for their favorite player. This is actually quite nice for fans, because it makes them feel part of the action and not just mere spectators.


Some great players who got highly rewarded

Let’s talk legends for a moment. An absolute cricket legend is Sachin Tendulkar, with some people coming as far as to calling him a cricketing god. Currently you can visit the platform if you wish to wager on other fantastic cricketers who deliver memorable performances.

The wonders he did on the cricket field were widely recognized. In fact, he has a record that it is not discussed that often. Specifically, he was named as Player of the Match during Cricket World Cup matches an impressive 9 times. This basically proves that Tendulkar was a legend that could perform at a superlative level even in the most demanding stages.

Then there is the T20 craziness. The game is faster, the hits are bigger, and the stakes feel just a bit higher, especially in those World Cups. Getting the Player of the Match in those instances is a huge recognition. Those who want to grab the accolade, need to play explosively by sending the ball quite far after batting it or bowling the ball with an incredible level of control.

But it’s not all about hitting and bowling. Imagine pulling off a stunner of a catch or a run-out that changes the game. This means that even fielders get in on this action and are eligible for winning the award. Of course, this proves that cricket is really a team sport where every role counts.

Let’s continue talking about some numbers. In Test cricket there are 2 names that are absolute rockstars due to the number of times they won the award. They are Jacques Kallis and Muttiah Muralitharan. Both of them have the joint record of getting 23 Player of the match awards in Test matches. Whenever a Test cricket match is being played, you can visit the 1xBet platform and wager on many things that happen on it, including who is likely to be selected as Player of the Match.

In the 2 most important short formats of cricket, which are ODIs and T20s, players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers have had their fair share of these trophy-lifting moments. They’re the guys who step up when the game’s on the line, making sure fans get their money’s worth. They have also won the Player of the Match award in these variations of the game countless times.

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