How To Register And Make Money On FotoCash

FotoCash is an online platform that allows Nigerians to make money by uploading any photo of their choice. It is quite unbelievable for people to believe the possibility of getting paid daily when they upload pictures on the FotoCash website.

In this article, you’ll get to know how you can complete your FotoCash account registration, and how to make money on the FotoCash website.

How Does FotoCash Work?

FotoCash has a system of paying people for uploading pictures on their website. It is quite easy to post a picture on their website, hence, it increases your chances of getting paid.

This is a powerful money making the opportunity that is currently generating thousands of naira for Nigerians on a daily basis. You also can be a part of the winning team on the newly launched Fotocash income platform which allows you to make money from photos.

You can also make money directly to your local bank account when you share photos, comment on photos, view photos, upload and post pictures on FotoCash.

For you to make money on Fotocash by viewing photos, uploading photos and commenting on pictures, you have to register an account on the website. As you continue reading this guide, you will get to know how to register a fotocash account with a mobile phone, laptop or any internet connected device.

It cost N1,200 to verify your account with EPIN after registration; when your account is verified, you can log in on Fotocash and start making money straight to your bank account.

What Type of Pictures Can You Upload On FotoCash?

Basically, you can upload any pictures you want to upload. You don’t have to upload your private photos; you can upload the photos of your favorite celebrities, pets, entertainers and even funny pictures on your Fotocash login account.

What Other Way Can You Make Money On FotoCash?

Apart from your activity (uploading/viewing/commenting/sharing of photos) on Fotocash, you can also make money through their multi-level affiliate earning system which enables users to earn additional income by referring and inviting people to join the website.

There is a unique affiliate/referral link which is given to every verified account on Fotocash, and this referral link can be seen in the FotoCash login dashboard.

You can start making money daily on Fotocash by registering an account and verifying the account with a little sum of ₦1,200. A verified account allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the platform as you get to earn bonus points and make more money with their affiliate program.

You get N500 (five hundred naira) when you are able to invite anyone to join FotoCash.  Also, as a new user, you will receive a welcome bonus of 5000 points. All new users are given 5000 bonus points which would be credited to them on their dashboard.

The FotoCash Affiliate System

The Fotocash affiliate system is a multi-level affiliate earning system which was created to allow users to make money on the platform. Through the affiliate program, you can earn money in through levels which are;

  • Earning from your direct referrals
  • Earning from the referrals of your downlines.

You get to earn N500 from your direct referrals and you get N200 for every person who was referred by your referrals.

FotoCash Point Earning Category

You can also cash out from your Fotocash login account if you do not have referrals. You do not necessarily need to have referrals before you withdraw money from your fotocash account. In others word, referrals is not compulsory before you get paid on the platform.

Fotocash has a point earning category that allows you to make money when you reach a particular amount of bonus points.

  • Viewing a post or photo = 50 points
  • Commenting on a post = 10 points
  • Uploading a photo or post = 100 points
  • FotoCash daily login= 100 points
  • Viral share on Facebook = 500 points
  • Welcome bonus = 5000 points.

Through these bonus points, you can cash out and withdraw money on Fotocash even if you do not have referrals under you. Its very simple, you stand to get N500 for every 50,000 points.

How To Withdraw Money On FotoCash

Whether you have referrals or not, you can make money from your Fotocash login account through the points you make on your FotoCash dashboard.

The minimum you can withdraw on your fotocash account is ₦1,000 (one thousand naira) and you are allowed to withdraw your earnings whenever you feel like because they have a 24/7 withdrawal service.

To increase your chances of making more money, you can invite your friends, families and close associates to join and register with your referral link. You can do this through oral conversation or word of mouth.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram etc allows you to spread the word and get referrals fast.

For instance, if you are able to get 20 referrals monthly, you will make N10,000 from your direct referrals and if those referrals invite a total number of 100 persons, you will make N20,000. The total sum of this illustration equals 30,000. From this illustration, we are able to discover that a one-time investment of N1,200 brought in 30,000 in a month.

With a profit of 2500%, it should be considered a good return on investment for anyone looking to make money online in Nigeria away from home.

When you make a withdrawal from your dashboard, your withdrawal request be processed and checked by the FotoCash admins to see if you are qualified to withdraw your funds. For instance, if you do not have a referral and your bonus points isn’t up to 100,000, you will not be able to withdraw your funds.

Also, you must remember to share the viral post on your FotoCash dashboard on your Facebook timeline. This is one of the requirements for getting paid on their platform. Besides, you get 500 points when you share a post daily.

How To Register A FotoCash Account

FotoCash registration is a simple process which doesn’t demand much time before it is completed. You can open and register a fotocash account with five easy steps. Ensure that you follow these steps correctly to avoid making a mistake in your Fotocash account registration.

Step 1: Click Here to go to the Fotocash website

Step 2: If you clicked on the link above, you would be taken to a registration page. Ensure that you fill the box with your details. Enter your email address, choose a username for yourself, enter your phone number and enter the name of your referral.

Step 3: Choose your referral username as ZARA.

Step 4: Choose a password, tick and accept their terms and conditions and click on the sign-up button.

Step 5: After you must have registered and signed up on the website, you must verify your account with a one-time membership fee of ₦1,200. You can contact any of the EPIN distributors on the FotoCash website to get your EPIN.

The EPIN is a set of figures which you would use to verify the account. After you must have registered, do not forget to invite your friends to join you in making money from Fotocash.

In conclusion, you can read our previous post on 5 computer skills that will make you rich in Nigeria and profitable affiliate programs for Nigerians to join. Feel free to leave a comment and share this information with your friends.

Updated: 10/08/2020 — 17:20

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