Digital Camera Prices in South Africa

Which Camera Is Best In Low Price?

Taking pictures of life’s little moments is a hobby that has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. Today, most of us have a camera on our cell phones, but that doesn’t mean we are getting the most out of our cameras.

The truth is, when it comes to buying a new digital camera, most of us make the mistake of buying the most expensive model on the shelf. The camera on that new smartphone is perfectly fine for taking those candids on the go, but if you’re looking for something to take a few professional-looking shots, you need to take your search online to find the best deal.

Digital camera prices have been a big issue in South Africa. The main reason is that the South African Rand isn’t as strong as currencies in other parts of the world, and that puts the prices of cameras in South Africa at a disadvantage. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great camera for the price. In fact, there are some great digital cameras that can be bought in South Africa.

South Africa has a large variety of digital cameras on offer, ranging from R1,999 to R5,000 and more. We decided to put the cameras in categories and then price the different cameras in each category to give you a general idea of what each camera offers and where the price differences are.

As we have discussed earlier, the South African rand is relatively weak against the Dollar. So you would expect that a digital camera in South Africa would cost much more right?


Well, the reality is not that simple. but there are also a lot of other factors that come into play. For example, the shop you buy from can play a huge role in getting the digital camera of your choice.

Most Expensive Camera

The most expensive camera right now is the Leica M10-P Digital Rangefinder Camera. The latest from Leica, M10-P is a full rangefinder. With its 35mm full-frame manual focus model, it comes with an awesomely handcrafted sophisticated design and outstanding features like a CMOS chip sensor; and quiet shutter release which photographers will appreciate especially when capturing real-life photographs that require peace and quietness. LCD monitor that comes with a touch function. Memory card slots for SDXC cards up to 2TB, all in an extremely lightweight full-metal housing camera body.
Currently, it costs R152,295

Cheapest Camera

The cheapest camera is the Canon Instant Camera, which costs around R1,330.001. This camera is a fun and easy way to capture and print instant photos, without the need for a computer or printer. The camera has a 5-megapixel sensor, a built-in flash, a selfie mirror, and a micro SD card slot.

The camera also has a Zink printer that uses heat to activate the different layers of dye embedded in the paper, creating a smudge-proof and water-resistant photo in seconds. The camera comes with 10 sheets of Zink paper, and additional paper can be purchased separately.

The camera is available in different colors, such as rose gold, matt black, and pearl white. The Canon Instant Camera is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the nostalgia and fun of instant photography, without breaking the bank.

Average Camera Price

Looking for a camera, sometimes you most surely need to put your purse (and your bank balance) into consideration, the type of pictures you want to take with it, and then, the situations you expect to be in. Most basic digital cameras are simple and low on functions. This can cost between R1,489 to R67,089. Professional cameras and lenses can cost more, most times it depends on what you choose to go for.

What are the Specifications

When shopping for your camera, just like your mobile phone, there are specifications that you should take into consideration.

For a beginner photographer, the best choice is a camera with ease of use, at an affordable cost, and has a combination of automatic and manual modes. There are quite a number of fantastic cameras that are super simple to use and very affordable too.

The specifications for a camera include its sensor size and ISO range, shutter speed, number of autofocus points, megapixels and resolution, aspect ratio, and burst rate, and aspect ratio.


Beginners who want to use a camera just for fun and to have a pictorial record of day-to-day events have no need for a 36-megapixel full-frame sensor Nikon D810 or the 50-megapixel full-frame sensor Canon EOS 5D S. These are reserved for professionals.

Now, it is not necessarily all shooters that need these features, the best thing to do is consider what exactly you want to use your camera for and then go for the specifications that best suit your need.

For instance, you will need a camera with a wide ISO range if your job requires shooting in low-light situations.

Shooting speed and number of autofocus is an essential point of consideration if you are in search of a camera that shoots subjects that are on the move. The higher the autofocus points of a camera, the higher its likelihood of capturing the subject in a clear and sharp image and the better it is able to track a moving object.

The Price of the Memory Cards

The memory card is the storage device for every digital camera. Whether you’re a professional or you do photography just as a pastime, you’ll need one to save your collections. The prices of memory cards range and this is due to their capacity. Prices may vary though, this is determined by the store you’re getting from.


Where is the Best Place to Buy

There are a number of places and a variety of choices if you are looking for where to buy your camera from in South Africa.

If you are settling for buying online, you might want to check,,,,

And if you decide on walking in to get it yourself, a number of these stores also have a physical place that you can go to. Camera Land has a store in Cape Town, Kameraz in Johannesburg, Outdoorphoto in Pretoria, and the Orms shop is situated at Capetown and Belville.

Keep in mind, when buying a camera, the usage of it is the most important factor to consider. You don’t buy a pocket camera if what you need is a camera to give your shots with touch of professionalism.


So, there you have it—digital camera prices in South Africa. It’s like stepping into a world of options, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end snappers. Remember, the best camera is the one that fits both your photography style and your pocket. So, go ahead, snap some pics, and capture those South African moments without breaking the bank!


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