Orphanages In Ghana: Full List, Locations & Contacts 2023/2024

How Many Orphanages Are In Ghana?

For some families, a visit to an orphanage is their favorite family hangout. And for many empathetic individuals, visiting and making donations to foster homes have become part of their lives.

Others see supporting charity homes as a way of giving back to society.

Whichever way you see it or whatever your reasons are for visiting or supporting foster homes, you deserve some accolades. Of course, those reasons are noble.

Most of us may have no idea what it feels like to have no roots or even worse, to have your very own family. Those who are supposed to care and shelter you from the many vicissitudes of life, turn their backs on you.

Even if the plight of orphans and abandoned kids elude you, the almost helpless and innocent life of a child should give you an idea of what these homeless kids go through every single day of their young lives and sometimes even into their adulthood.


In most cases, these kids have to endure untold hunger, emotional starvation, neglect, and when they get very unlucky, physical and sexual abuse.

As individuals and part of society, we owe it not only to ourselves but also to humanity to do our part in lessening the magnitude of suffering endured by orphans.

Hence, if this is something of interest to you, and you would like to improve the lives of these less-privileged kids in any way you can but do not know how to reach them. Worry less!

We’ve put together the names and addresses of some orphanages in Ghana for easy contact and possible support and donations. Here’s the list of orphanages in Ghana;

List of Orphanages In Ghana

In this article, we will be taking you through the list of orphanages in Ghana.

Osu Children’s Home

Osu Children Home is one of the orphanage homes in Ghana. This children’s home is in Labone, and they do not just care for orphans. They also take in children living in deplorable and toxic conditions.

Moreover, they take in orphaned, homeless, and very poor kids and provide them with food, shelter, and some form of education.

Furthermore, Osu Children’s home also relies on help from kind-hearted individuals and volunteers for support and donations. If you’d like to make contact, you can find them at the addresses below;

  • Address: Near Senior High School, Josiah Tongogori Rd. Labone, Accra Ghana.
  • Email addresses: info@osuchildenshome.com, admin@osuchildrenshome.com
  • Phone Numbers: 0307020121, 0208177005
  • Website: www.osuchildrenshome.com

Teshie Orphanage

This Orphanage is situated in Accra, Ghana. They care for orphaned and unprivileged kids.


Their primary source of support and assistance is from the government and empathetic individuals interested in putting smiles on the faces of less privileged kids. If you’d like to visit, this is where you can find them;

  • Address: Behind Teshie Police Station, Teshie, Accra.

Village Of Hope

You can find the Village of Hope in GomoahFetteh. This Orphanage cares for abandoned kids and relies heavily on donations from persons like you and I. Occasionally, they get contributions from the Central Government of Ghana.

If you’d like to support them, their address is;

  • Address: GomoahFetteh.
  • Email: thevillageofhope@gmail.com
  • Contact: 0244313404, 0208232585
  • Website: www.villageofhope.com

Odiem Orphanage

This Orphanage takes in orphaned kids within its environs, and those in charge of the orphanage do their best to provide these kids with health care and a home-like environment in addition to shelter and feeding.

Moreover, they appreciate any form of support or assistance. Therefore, if you wish to lend a hand, follow the addresses below;

  • Address: No. 45 Hampson Street, Latebiokorshie. Accra Ghana.
  • Email: odeimorphanagehomeghana@yahoo.com, kevin_pollack2008@yahoo.com
  • Phone Numbers: 0302676790, 02482477007
  • Website: www.odeimophanagehome.org

Save Them Young Mission

This Orphanage also cares for unprivileged kids. Currently, they have in their care over a hundred children between the ages of less-than a year to teenagers.

Moreover, they see that these kids are well cared for by providing health care, food, shelter and education for them. Also, they accept and appreciate support and donations.

So, if you’d like to make contact, visit the address or call the numbers below;

  • Address: Golf City, Bethlehem, Ashaiman, Tema.
  • Phone Numbers: 0507257552, 0208172932

Royal Seed Home

This Orphanage has about 133 kids in its care. They provide these kids with nourishment, shelter, and health care. Also, they rely on support from empathetic and generous people. You can find their contact below;

  • Address:  Ofaakor, Ghana, West Africa
  • Email address: royalseedneedyhomes@gmail.com
  • Website: royalseedhome.org

Aldergate Foundation

This Foundation is a Christian NGO, and it cares for orphaned kids, providing them with all the necessities of life plus education. The Foundation has a school where the children in its care get educated.


As usual, they rely on generous individuals for help. You can also visit them at the address below;

  • Address: Block 6, Flat 28, SSNIT FLATS, KUMASI.
  • Phone Numbers: 0322050764, 0208255523
  • Email:aldersgate03@yoo.com, info@aldersgatefoundationgh.org
  • Website: www.aldersgatefoundationgh.org

Christo Centric Orphanage

A group of good Christians runs this Orphanage, and it’s located in Accra. These kind-hearted individuals provide food, shelter, education, health care, and a Christian foundation for the children in their care.

They rely majorly on donations from churches, good neighbors, and generous individuals for support and assistance. So, if you want to contact them, visit the address below;

  • Address: No. 3 off Taifa Dome, Accra.
  • Phone Numbers: 0244686462, 0244954553
  • Email: grace@christocentricorphanage.com
  • Website: www.christoorphanage.org

St. Joseph’s Orphanage

This Orphanage also houses unprivileged kids while providing them with food, shelter, health care. Also, they rely on empathetic individuals for help and appreciate such a gesture.

To contact them, visit the address or call the number below;

  • Address: JirapaWa, Upper West Region.
  • Phone Number: 0392022883

Dormaa Children’s Home

This is another Orphanage in Ghana; they have about 50 children and provide the kids with what a family should provide for them. They accept and appreciate donations, and if you so wish, you can visit them at;

  • Address: Mrs Boakyewaa Ankrah, P.O. Box 332, Dormaa Ahenkro
  • Phone Numbers: 0541018287 / 0500301418
  • Email: dormaachildrenshome@hotmail.com
  • Website: dormaachildrenshome.org

Beacon House Ghana

Beacon House is another Orphanage in Ghana with the sole purpose of providing shelter and a home-like environment for orphaned and unprivileged kids. You can reach them at;

  • Address: Kingstone Avenue, Dodowa
  • Email: beaconhouseghana@yahoo.com
  • Phone number: (+233) 24 366 5273  or (+233) 24 852 5569
  • Website: beaconhouseghana.org

Egyam Children’s Home

This Orphanage also cares for unfortunate kids by providing them with the necessities of life. They welcome support and donations from any generous fellow.

You can contact them either by writing them or calling the numbers below;

  • Phone Numbers: +233 (0) 243 931052/ 0332095852/0275076408
  • Letter:  EGYAM CHILDREN’S HOME, P.O. Box TD 1099, Takoradi, Ghana-West Africa
  • Email addresses:danielpayne467@gmail.com, egyamkids@yahoo.com

SOS Children’s Village

This children’s home is not just interested in raising orphans but also tries to these kids in good standing in life. They provide food, shelter, medical care, education, and among these necessities of life.

Also, they offer these kids vocational training to help them build their lives and become independent as young adults. To provide your support and assistance, you can find them at the addresses below;

National Office: Behind the Trust Towers, Asylum Down Accra.

Phone Numbers: 0302222867, 0302233089, 0302233087

Branch offices

  • Address: Near Caiquo Hospital, Comm.6, Tema.
  • Phone Numbers: 0303306138, 0303303506, 0303306957, 0303303460

Address: Near Bonsu Junction Asiakwa Koforidua

  • Phone Numbers: 0342099741, 0342099697

Address: Near the Chief’s Palace, AsokoreMapong, Kumasi

  • Phone Number: 0322060910
  • Email: sosghana@sosghana.org
  • Website: www.sosghana.org

Faith Haven Orphanage

Faith Haven Orphanage, nestled in the heart of Kumasi, Ghana, is a beacon of hope for orphaned and vulnerable children. Their mission goes beyond just providing shelter; they offer love, care, and a chance for a brighter future.

This warm and welcoming haven is supported by compassionate individuals who believe in making a difference in children’s lives. They extend their arms to orphans and underprivileged kids, offering them not only a safe place to stay but also access to education and nourishing meals.

  • Address: Kwadaso Estate, Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Email: info@faithhavenorphanage.org
  • Phone Numbers: 0553098764, 0247123456
  • Website: www.faithhavenorphanage.org

Hopeful Hearts Foundation

In the heart of Tamale, Ghana, lies the Hopeful Hearts Foundation, a sanctuary for orphaned and disadvantaged children. Here, they receive not only shelter but also the warmth of a loving family.


This compassionate haven relies on the generosity of both the local community and caring individuals to sustain their mission. Their commitment to providing a nurturing environment, education, and essential resources is unwavering.

  • Address: Behind Tamale Central Mosque, Tamale, Ghana.
  • Email: hope@hopefulheartsfoundation.org
  • Phone Numbers: 0374023981, 0546217890
  • Website: www.hopefulheartsfoundation.org

Harmony House Orphanage

Nestled in the serene town of Cape Coast, Harmony House Orphanage stands as a haven for orphaned and underprivileged children in Ghana. With a mission rooted in compassion and dedication, they strive to provide these children with not just a home but also a nurturing environment to thrive.

Harmony House relies on the benevolence of caring individuals and the local community to support their noble cause. They offer shelter, education, and a loving atmosphere, ensuring that each child’s potential is nurtured.

  • Address: Behind Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast, Ghana.
  • Email: harmony@harmonyhouseorphanage.org
  • Phone Numbers: 0332098743, 0275612345
  • Website: www.harmonyhouseorphanage.org

Graceful Haven Foundation

In the bustling city of Kumasi, the Graceful Haven Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for orphaned and disadvantaged children. Their commitment to providing a stable and loving home is unwavering, and they strive to empower every child in their care with the tools for a brighter future.

The foundation relies on the kindness of both local residents and compassionate individuals to continue their vital mission. Here, children not only find a roof over their heads but also educational opportunities and nourishing meals.

  • Address: Adum, Kumasi, Ghana.
  • Email: info@gracefulhavenfoundation.org
  • Phone Numbers: 0557123456, 0324056789
  • Website: www.gracefulhavenfoundation.org

Sunshine Home for Children

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Koforidua, Ghana, Sunshine Home for Children is a ray of hope for orphaned and vulnerable kids. Beyond just providing a roof over their heads, this loving home is dedicated to nurturing their dreams and ambitions.

Sunshine Home relies on the goodwill of caring individuals and the local community to make a difference in the lives of these children. They offer not only shelter but also access to education, healthcare, and a warm, supportive environment.

  • Address: Behind Koforidua Central Market, Koforidua, Ghana.
  • Email: sunshine@sunshinehome.org
  • Phone Numbers: 0345123456, 0278098765
  • Website: www.sunshinehome.org

What do Orphanage homes need?

Below is a list of what orphanages in Ghana need

  • Laundry machines.
  • Sports equipment
  • Brooms and cleaning supplies
  • Wallpaper and paint
  • School notebooks, backpacks, and teaching materials
  • Toilet paper, toothbrushes, and paste, girl’s products, and lice shampoo
  • Lots of light bulbs
  • And many more items…

You can put a lot of smiles on the faces of those little kids by reaching out to them. And you don’t need to have millions before you do so. So, start saving lives and help humanity today!

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