Prices of Gas Cooker in South Africa

Which Gas Stove Brand Is Best In South Africa?

If you are in the market for a gas cooker in South Africa, then this post is for you. The prices of gas cookers have been rising each month and we have been getting lots of questions about it.

Gas cookers are a common kind of cookware that many people are using to prepare their meals. Gas cookers use gas as fuel, so they give off heat and prepare the food. When using a gas cooker, you have to make sure that you use the correct type of gas, so you don’t get an explosion.

If you use a gas cooker for a long time, it will start to wear out and you may have to replace parts. For the cost of a gas cooker, you have to look at your budget. The price of the gas cooker depends on the brand, where you are buying it from, and the type of gas cooker you are buying.

There is always a lot of confusion whenever the price of gas cookers surges. This is because the price of the gas cooker in South Africa is set by the government and is not a market price, so the price fluctuates from region to region.

There is a wide range of gas cookers available in South Africa, and they come in a range of prices. The price of gas cookers ranges from R3,500 up to R120,000. The cheapest gas cookers usually cost between R3,500 and R9,000, while the most expensive ones cost more than R12,000.


Gas cookers are one of the most used kitchen appliances today, offering a faster and easier way to cook than electric cookers. As a result, it is vital to note how much these gas cookers can cost.

So, this article aims to highlight the prices of gas cookers in South Africa for a better understanding. We will also look at factors that will influence the price of the gas cooker, as well as how to save money when buying gas cookers.

Costs of Gas Cookers in South Africa

As is with all items, the price range for gas cookers in South Africa differs. Even though the Government determines the price, the cooker you decide to get will be largely dependent on you and your budget.

However, to get a cooker, it is best to budget between R3,500 to R15,000. Of course, you can always opt for cookers above this range.

With the many brands available, it is a legitimate concern to want to know the best gas cooker to get. Hence, you want to ask yourself the following questions:

What brand is the most reliable?

What gas cooker setup has the most ease when it comes to cleaning?

What is the size of the space you have available?

What cooker will prevent rusting in your kitchen?


Benefits of Gas Stoves

Cost Effect

Even though gas stoves cost more at the point of buying, they are less expensive in the long run. When you consider the electric cooker, for instance, the fluctuating price of electricity bills may not be so favorable.

Plus, with gas cookers, you do not have to worry about power cuts and your cooking time.


Since gas stoves are made of way harder stovetops, they can withstand heavy/rough-textured cookware without issues. But with electric stoves, you would have to worry about taking more care. Since they are mostly made of glass or ceramic.


Gas stoves make use of cleaner fuel. The exhaust products are also cleaner than the coal burned to generate electricity. They produce less carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and other by-products that are harmful to humans and animals.

Places to Buy Them

While you can opt to buy from accredited stores, you can also place your order via sites like:


Please note that it is advisable to read reviews about the product you want to get, as well as the legitimacy of the site.

Gas Cooker Maintenance

It is true that gas cookers wear out after some time. However, if probably maintained, you can get your money’s worth (plus extra) from using yours.

What maintenance steps can you take then?

Always Clean After Use

Before cleaning, you want to wait for the cooker to cool down after use. It’s actually ideal to clean when the cooker is warm – not too hot, not too cold. Cleaning this way will give you the best results.

In the case where you have spills or drips, the best time to wipe them off is immediately. This is before the liquid gets dried, and you have to worry about scrubbing heavily later on.

Pay Attention To Your Cleaning Agent

It is true that cleaning with water works wonders, but this isn’t always the case. For your gas cooker, you want to avoid cleaning or soaking with water. Because, it can cause electrical problems, and get parts of your cooker rusty.


You should consider using vinegar or dish soap for cleaning. They are mild, non-toxic, and less susceptible to prompting an explosion.

Make Repairs On Time

It is often the case that people’s first reaction to a problem is to manage it. However, when it comes to gas cookers, you don’t want to manage any repair situation at all.

Also, don’t be tempted to grade problems that require repair as important or not immediately important. When there’s a problem that needs fixing, however little, you should take it to the appropriate technician.

Not only will you be practicing safety, but you’ll also be prolonging the life of your gas cooker.


Gas cooker prices in South Africa can vary based on factors like brand, features, and size. It’s advisable to explore different options, compare prices, and consider individual cooking needs before making a purchase. Finding the right gas cooker at an affordable price ensures a convenient and efficient cooking experience for households in South Africa.

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