10 Most Loved Nigerian Cities- Where You would love to Visit

What is the most beautiful cities in Nigeria?

Are you on a tour, business trip, visit, or you have an event in Nigeria? Your visit to Nigeria can never be complete without visiting some Nigerian cities.

Nigeria, as the most populous country in West Africa, homes several beautiful cities and yearly, people visit these cities massively.

The rich culture of a typical Nigerian group is enough to fascinate you; then if you add the welcoming Nigerian cities and her accommodating citizens, you will know Nigeria is truly a place to be in fact it is home to all.


Nigerian cities are rich in cultural heritage, tourist attractions, natural resources, hotels and beautiful scenery. The hospitality level in Nigerian cities is second to none.

Even the lifestyles in the major Nigerian cities is an experience on its own. I know people that come to Nigeria and don’t get to experience the typical Lagos bustle and traffic, yet they want to come back to have a feel of that. Funny, isn’t it?

Have you been longing to visit some Nigerian cities and you don’t know which one to visit? Worry less as we give to you a detailed list of 10 most loved Nigerian cities.

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10 Nigerian Cities You will Love to Visit

After going around, moving from a city to the other checking out tourist attractions, different cultures, researches on natural resources then we made our list of 10 most loved Nigerian cities.

The following Nigerian cities are the most loved cities in “the Giant of Africa.”

1) Lagos

You came to Nigeria, but you didn’t get to the former capital of the country, trust me, your visit is not complete. Lagos is the most populated city in the whole of Nigeria. In fact, it is the hub of business in the country with lots of industries.

Lagos is in South-western Nigeria, and it is in two major parts, the island as well as the mainland. The two are set apart by bodies of water which dominates the city. The city is referred to as no man’s land because it homes diverse people from different part of the country making Yoruba and pidgin the major languages to survive within Lagos.

Lagos is the second-fastest growing in Africa economically as well as the seventh in the world. Each corner of the city homes local or international markets.  Aside from coming to Lagos for business, you can also visit for pleasure. The city has restaurants, bars, malls, clubs and lounge in virtually every street. The exotic beaches and resorts are also not left out.

The tall buildings and skyscrapers, as well as the coastline, gives the city a beautiful look, especially during the night. The city is a beauty to behold. Lagos is truly the centre of excellence.


2) Ibadan

The ancient city of Ibadan is an ancestral city, and it was the largest city in Africa. Ibadan is in the South-western Nigeria and the capital of Oyo State.

The city has a good number of the Yoruba people which makes Yoruba the language to speak within the city when you are out of the corporate part of the city. The old city is rich in culture and tradition.

Ibadan is home to many firsts. The Premier University,  University of Ibadan, the first teaching hospital in Africa ( University College Hospital) as well as the first skyscraper in Nigeria (Cocoa House) are all in Ibadan. The city was the centre of Old Western region during the British rule.

Ibadan has in stock parks and gardens as well as historical monuments like the Mapo colonial city hall, Bower’s hall, Olubadan Palace among other places. Try and say hello to UI Zoological garden, IITA forest reserve, and the National Museum of Unity.

The city is accessible to people coming from different part of the country through the good road networks, train as well as air, Ibadan has a functioning airport.

For the sake of entertainment, you cannot get bored in Ibadan as the city is loaded with relaxation centres, restaurants, clubs, bars, malls and lounges. Also, commercial activities are bustling in Ibadan because the city hosts some companies, industries, banks as well as local and international markets.

After visiting all these places, your visit is not complete until you visit the popular food joint called “Amala Skye”.

3) Calabar

Checking out the city of Calabar is not a bad idea. Calabar is a city in Cross-River State which is in the south-eastern part of Nigeria. It is referred to as “the Canaan Land”.

The city is known for its rich culture, sweet delicacies, lovely architectural designs, serene and conducive environment as well as tourist attractions.

The annual street party invites thousands of people to the state and the colourful carnival takes place at the end of the year. It is never a boring moment in Calabar during this period.

Calabar houses places of relaxation, parks, gardens, restaurants, clubs, eateries and other places of comfort. The famous Tinapa Resort, the international Museum as well as the live music scene.

If you come to Nigeria, endeavour to step your feet in the city of Calabar as the experience you will have is a lifetime one.

4) Kaduna

The lovely city of Kaduna is the most beautiful city in Northern Nigeria and it is the capital of Kaduna State. The city was the centre of administration in the north during British Colonial administration.


The city is great for cultural immersion, business, and tourism. As Kaduna host major places like Kamuku national park, Kajuru castle, Gamji park, fifth chukker polo resort, Kaduna National museum.

Kaduna city comprises of both Muslims and Christians. The city is full of relaxation centres, hotels, bars, inns, lounge among other places to spend your leisure.

Kaduna can easily be accessed through Kaduna airport as well as the good roads in the city.

5) Abuja

Abuja houses the political power of the country. The Federal Capital Territory is a beautiful place with breathtaking landscape, top of the world facilities, and serene as well as conducive environment.

The city hosts the presidential house, the Aso rock villa, the national assembly, the national mosques among other powerhouses of the nation. It is full of embassies, ministries and other government parastatals.

Abuja boast of beautiful and luxurious places like the Millenium park, Maitama Amusement park, Magic land and many more. The city also houses five stars hotels that will dazzle you with their facilities as well as shopping malls.

The city homes with people from different part of the country and it is a commercial city. The famous Zuma Rock stands gallantly in the entrance of Abuja while Aso rock sits prettily in the centre of the city with the presidential Villa.

With all these, you will think the city is for the rich alone but it has the blend of both the rich and the poor but Abuja is a very organized city. Abuja is a city you will surely love and it hosts thousands of people yearly.

6) Port Harcourt

PH City as popularly called is the seat of oil in Nigeria. Port Harcourt is the third most developed city in Nigeria and it is one of the most vibrant cities in the country.

The city is the capital 0f Rivers state and it is situated on a beautiful landscape, calm and conducive environment. Port Harcourt was the port city where the British use to export coal and later used to export crude oil which was discovered in 1958.

The presence of crude oil makes the city a hub for multinational companies, hotels and numerous recreational centres. This makes Port Harcourt a business and leisure city.

The presence of the artificial beach along Kolabi Creek makes the city a must go. The tourist beach has bars, pubs, lodge and other places to spend your time.

If you are coming to Port Harcourt from other states you can get through using the Port Harcourt airport. There are good roads in the city for easy networking.

So if you want to check out the oil producing states in Nigeria and you still want to enjoy your visit in a relaxed environment then PH city is the perfect place for you.

7) Kano

Kano is the largest city in the north and it happens to be the capital of Kano State. It is a beautiful ancient city housing mostly Hausas and Fulanis. It is in the north-west.

Kano is the commercial centre in the north as it homes different markets patronised by people from within and outside Nigeria. Kano portrays the Hausa beautiful culture.

The Durban festival which takes place twice a year brings in thousands of people from far and wide. The city is the pride of the Hausa people and the great wall of Kano stands gallantly in the city.

The city has a number of historical monuments and places to visit when in Kano, they include Audu Bako Zoo, Bagauda Lake/Tiga Lake Resort Man-made, Gidan Makama Museum, Kofar Mata Dyeing Pit, and Tourist Camp among other places.

Also in the city is the Palace of the Emir of Kano and the great Kano mosque. Kano city features relaxation centres, restaurants, eateries, bars and other places to spend your leisure time.


8) Warri

Warri is one of the largest cities in Delta state. It is in the lower Niger-Delta coastline. warri is the most popular city in Delta State has it has produced a good number of Nigerian celebrities.

History has it that Warri was very rich in oil and steel mining. The cultural event and the historical background of Warri crown it all.

Warri like every other oil producing city is a business and leisure place. you can run your business during the day and enjoy the cool and luxurious life at night.


The city attracts a good number of tourists yearly due to the presence of the business and leisure lifestyle. Warri host places like Warri City Stadium, Abraka Golf Course, Effurun Garden Park, Delta Ports, Nana Living History Museum, Main Warri Market, Red Mangrove swamp, Udu Bridge, as well as the Ovie palace.

9) Benin

Benin city is one of the loved cities in Nigeria. The city is rich in culture and has a strong historical background in civilisation which makes people troop into the city yearly.

The city is one of the most popular as well as beautiful cities in Nigeria with good road network, beautiful architectural designs, and lovely landscape.

Benin host one of Africa’s oldest empire, the Benin Empire, the famous Palace of the Oba of Benin, the famous King’s Square, the Ogiamen House, Benin Moat, Igun Street, Benin City National Museum, Emotan Statue and Ughotan Village.

Also in the city is the Okomu national park, Gele Gele Seaport, Egedege N’Okaro and  Oba Akenzua Cultural Center. The city bustles at night with clubs, lounges, bars and other relaxation centres with people trooping in and out.

10) Enugu

Enugu is also known as the coal city. The city is in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. It is full of life both in the day and at night.

Enugu is the oldest urban region in the south-east and people of the city are into agriculture as well as mining. The city boast of tourism which invites people yearly into the country. Places like Nike Holiday Resort, the famous Nmanwu Cultural Festival and Iva Valley (coal mine).

The city is one of the places you will visit and you won’t want to leave. The hospitality is topnotch and the hotels are for all budget. The city is dominated by Christians.


Nigeria as a whole is a loved country where thousands of people troop into yearly. People from different countries and continent come into Nigeria for business, tourism, tour, vacation and many things.

There is no city you will visit in Nigeria that you won’t enjoy. Nigerian cities are full of life both during the day and night with relaxation centres, commercial centres, hospitals and every other thing you need during your visit.

So if you have been thinking of which Nigerian cities to visit, those are the most loved cities, in fact, you can always visit any Nigerian city.

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