6 Signs That You’re Not Financially Stable

6 Signs That You’re Not Financially Stable

Money is only good for one thing, spending it. Even after months of saving, it would all come down to nothing. So, how can you know if you’re living a life of financial stability?

You spend more money than Chris Brown and still have no problem paying your rent or you save more money than the world bank and still have enough to feed the poor. Some people can live in poverty for years and be fine with it claiming that they have more than enough(fake life). That is just plain denial. People have differing opinions on what financial stability is.

What is Financial Stability?

Financial Stability is a state in which a  financial system is resistant to economic shocks and can smoothly fulfill its basic functions. That means when your retirement or dismissed from your place of work does not affect your financial life, you are said to be financially stable.

The state of being financially stable allows you to be in equilibrium and. resistant to changes in monetary value(economic crisis & recessions).


A lot of families worldwide have a lot of problems when it comes to making and spending money. This creates a gigantic ripple of tension within and around you. If your financial status ever kept you awake all night with worry? You have financial troubles. So, financial stability is a key attribute of a long, peaceful, and successful life.

I’ve been able to compile a list of items that shows that you are financially stable but do know that it is not completely foolproof. But if you have reoccurring symptoms of any of the detailed effects on my list then, your money/pocket/bank is in trouble.

So ask yourself “Has my financial status ever kept me awake at night with worry? These signs I’ve outlined below can help you determine the answer to that troublesome question. Plus free tips on how to solve the problem. Here are

6 Everyday Sign That You Are Not Financially Stable

1. Debts

This is the most obvious symptom of them all. Financial stability and large amounts of debt don’t go hand-in-hand. Water bill, “Nepa Bill” and other expenses seem to be a problem set, and you’re thinking of getting a loan. Then the financial troubles have just begun.

But being debt-free equals financial stability. No matter how little or big the debt is, if you have a problem paying it off, then you have/going to have a bit of a problem in your financial life.

When you’re financially stable, paying bills isn’t a problem. It’s just another everyday task you just have to complete. The easiest way to settle debts is to make a smart budget and reduced expenditure. This makes getting out of debt easier.

2. You spend more and save less

You need a new toothbrush, pay for gas, groceries, rent, etc Once money gets it within close range to you, it will just vanish. Whether spent on a debtor particular expenses. This is a key sign of financial instability and it means that you’re financially unstable.

A person with stable finances has some type of plan/fund for the unexpected i.e. Insurance and emergency fund. So in the advent of expected events or disasters(injuries, poor salary, job layoff), you’ll be able to see yourself through.


The habit of saving more money simply means that you’re working on your financial goals. Saving is much more than placing money in banks and other financial units to keep your money safe today so you can take it tomorrow. Saving is more like stacking up enough more for your retirement, the children’s academic expenditures & health & wellbeing.

Saving more money also means that you’ve conquered the habit of making too many wasteful purchases.

3. You and your spouse always fight for money.

Just because I used spouse and you’re not married means that this point is off. It could be your little brother, your partner, your roommate, your fiancee, your parent, or even your grandparents depending on the situation. The is always a scuffle or a little argument when it comes to the affair of monetary management over the rents, bills, groceries, repairs and installation, maintenance, etc.

Do you and your spouse get in money fights regularly? Or are you financially insecure? This is a strong indicator you have one of the two of you have a huge financial burden. These scuffles can occur over who gets to paid certain depts, who stole some amount of money, who are not contributing enough money, who borrows a lot and have trouble paying pack etc.

But in the absence of these questions, financial stability may have arrived. Just like I said earlier, financial stability is a key attribute of a long, peaceful, and successful life.

If you’re unsure if your spouse is not happy with the current financial situation, just ask. Some people won’t say they’re unhappy until they’re at the boiling point then all hell breaks loose or just a partner is financially independent and the other is financially challenged.

You can end these scuffles by letting them understand the grounds of the situation and come to an understanding of how to double your earnings.

4. You’re not happy with your financial situation

If the thought of your financial situation bring to make you cry or worry. Then you are financially unstable. Unstable finances breed fear and anxiety. If you are financially stable, you sleep better at night.


Work to get your money in a place that breeds peace, take extra shifts, pay off debt, build savings, invest in the small scale business, and minimize financial waste.

5. You are not prepared for the unexpected

If weddings and burials call for panic. Would losing your job put your family in tension? The instant it happens, you’re finished and think of committing suicide. Then there is something wrong with your financial life.

Financial emergencies don’t call for panic because I’ve drastically reduced my debt and increased my savings. Financial soundness means that large purchases you make or will don’t worry you. They won’t put a strain on your money situation.

For job loss, you would require a quick transfer from savings and also tamper with your emergency fund. But if you already this any of these two, you’re awesome and wouldn’t think of killing yourself.

6. Saving & Investing Money is a problem

This is one of my favorite parts of financial soundness investing and saving. If you have a problem with either saving or investing your extra cash, there is a big problem in your finance. What is your monthly grocery budget?

Benefits Of Being Financially Stable

  1. Peace of Mind: Financial stability provides a sense of security and peace of mind. It means having enough savings, manageable debt, and a reliable income to cover expenses. This peace of mind reduces stress and anxiety, allowing you to focus on your goals, personal well-being, and pursuing opportunities without constantly worrying about financial survival.
  2. Freedom and Choices: Financial stability offers freedom and choices. It enables you to make decisions based on what you want, rather than being constrained by financial constraints. You can pursue education, travel, invest, start a business, or retire comfortably. It grants you the flexibility to respond to unexpected events or emergencies with confidence.
  3. Long-Term Planning: Being financially stable allows you to plan for the future. You can save for retirement, invest in assets, and secure your family’s future. Financial stability gives you the ability to set and achieve long-term financial goals, ensuring a comfortable and secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are good quotes on Financial stability.

financially stable quotes 1

“For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.”

financially stable quotes 2

“The way to stop financial joyriding is to arrest the chauffeur, not the automobile.”

financially stable quotes 3

“If you’re saving, you’re succeeding.”

To ensure you take part in these activities. And secure a secured future for you, spouse, siblings, neighbor, roommate, etc. Financial stability depends on many things but most importantly on money management.

How to know if you are financially stable?

The opposites of the points listed above are good pointers that you’re financially stable & are the best signs of financial freedom. You can also use a financial stability quiz or a
financially stability calculator.

I hope I’ve been able to point to those confusing loopholes that live you a pool of debts. Would you like some ideas on how to settle small debts and make extra cash?

What other signs do you think to determine whether a person has unstable finance? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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