Mattress Sizes In Ireland: How Big Are Beds In Ireland

What Size Is A Queen Bed In Ireland?

Mattress sizes in Ireland are pretty standard and similar to those in the UK. The most popular size is the double mattress, followed by the king size. However, it can be tricky to know what size mattress you need, especially if it’s your first time in Ireland and you’re shopping for a new bed for your home.

If you’re in Ireland and need a new mattress, you’ve come to the right place. Mattress sizes in Ireland can be pretty confusing, especially for those of us who are ordering mattresses online.

The most important thing to remember when buying a mattress is to make sure it’s the right size, both for your bed and your room. There are four main mattress sizes in Ireland: single, double, king size, and super king size.

Here’s a breakdown of the sizes of beds and mattresses in Ireland.

Various Sizes And Measurements of Mattress in Ireland

There are a few different sizes you need to be aware of when buying your mattress. I’m going to try to clarify the different mattress sizes available in Ireland. The table below shows the various measurements and dimensions of mattresses in Ireland.

Bed & Mattress SizesDimensions In InchesDimensions In CentimeterPrice
Single Mattress Sizes In The UK3′ x 6’3″90 x 190 cm£150-£400
Small Double Mattress Sizes In The UK4’7” x 6’6”140 x 200 cm£300-£700
Double Mattress Sizes In The UK4’6″ x 6’3″135 x 190 cm£250-£600
King Mattress Sizes In The UK5′ x 6’6″150 x 200 cm£350-£800
Super King Mattress Sizes In The UK6′ x 6’6″180 x 200 cm£500-£1100

Mattresses are available in a variety of different sizes, and it is important to choose the right size that will suit you and your room. In Ireland, you can find the following mattress sizes:

These are the most common mattress sizes in Ireland. To help you choose the right size, we have prepared a table below which indicates bed and mattress dimensions in cm.

Single Bed Size In Ireland

Single mattresses are designed to accommodate one person – they are the perfect solution for children’s beds or guest rooms. Single mattresses come in two different widths: 75cm or 90cm.

In general, a small single mattress (75cm) will be suitable for children up to around 12 years old, while a standard single mattress (90cm) will fit an adult of average build.

Small Double Bed Size In Ireland

Double mattresses measure 135cm by 190cm, making them suitable for one or two people. They are a popular choice for couples, as well as people who sleep alone but like extra space at night.

Note that a double mattress is slightly narrower than two single mattresses put together – this is because the extra length on a double allows for more sleeping space without encroaching on your bedroom floor space.

Double Bed Size In Ireland

The standard double mattress size is 135cm x 190cm. This is a very popular mattress size because it is large enough for couples to sleep comfortably without taking up too much space in the bedroom.

The perfect double bed should be able to accommodate two adults comfortably, with sufficient space for each of them to move around without disturbing the other. This bed size is also perfect if you have a child who climbs into your bed occasionally.

King Bed Size In Ireland

The next step up from a double bed is a king-size bed, which measures 150cm x 200cm. If you are looking for an upgrade from your double bed, but want something that can accommodate two adults and one or two children, then this is the perfect choice for you.


It has sufficient room for everyone to sleep comfortably without being too large for the bedroom. This makes it ideal for growing families or those who like to have their children with them occasionally.

Super King Bed Size In Ireland

A super king bed is a great option for those who like to sleep with a lot of extra space in their bed. It’s also ideal for people who live in cold climates and like to stay tucked up under the duvet without disturbing their partner.

The standard super king mattress in Ireland measures 180cm by 200cm. In America and Canada, a super king mattress is slightly smaller at 183cm by 213cm.

If you’re looking for something bigger than a double bed but not quite as big as a super king-size bed, then choose one of our king-size mattresses. King-size mattresses are just 5cm narrower than Super King beds but give you the same length, so they’re perfect if you prefer to have your own space when sleeping.

When it comes to shopping for a new bed, sizing is the most important aspect to consider. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that your new bed will fit in your home and bedroom.

But, you should also make sure that you have a mattress that’s the right size for both you and your partner. The last thing you want is to spend money on a mattress that’s too small or won’t work with your sleeping style.

Tips When Purchasing A Mattress in Ireland

The most common mattress we see in Ireland is an innerspring bed (which means there are coils inside). Innerspring mattresses can be made in various shapes, but the most common are rectangular and square.

When buying a new mattress for your bedroom, look for one that has coils rather than foam inside. Foam mattresses tend not to be very supportive and can cause back pain over time.

Also, consider purchasing an adjustable base for your mattress so that you can adjust yourself to fit comfortably into the right spot as well as not roll over onto your partner (who may not want to share their own space with you) while they sleep.


Bed sizes are one of those things we tend to forget about when it comes to setting up our homes. So, hopefully, knowing the standard Irish bed and mattress sizes will help you avoid this error. It’s important to think about the dimensions of a bed before purchasing, especially if you’re buying furniture that matches. Whether by design or coincidence, standard bed and mattress sizes in Ireland are roughly the same as elsewhere in the world, and a mattress that won’t fit could lead to frustration.


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