Video Camera Prices in Nigeria 2022/2023 (Different Brands)

Which Brand Is Best For Video Camera?

For advanced and quality video recordings, a professional or semi-professional video recorder also known as a camera is the right tool. Here’s our selection of quality professional and semi-professional video cameras that will deliver exceptional performance.

There was a time when only a few individuals could afford video cameras. They were so costly that you have to expend a lot of cash to purchase one. Those times, we don’t have lots of video cameras and it was extremely easy to acquire one, so long you have your cash.

Although video cameras have increased massively in value and importance at this present moment, the fact is that technology has made things a lot better. However, with the plethora of video camera options available in the marketplace, it is no longer easy to opt for a particular video camera.

Video cameras have evolved over the years and the outcome has been astonishing. From the days whereby boxes attached to a lightning source have been used to capture images via the revelation of camcorders, the progress made so far has been remarkable.


Away from the basic cameras, do you know that those special moments with your friends, family and loved ones can now be recorded without any difficulties, capturing both sounds and motion pictures?

In this article, we will discuss the various types and brands of video cameras available. We will also explore the basic factors to consider when purchasing one. Read on.

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Video Cameras in Nigeria

Video cameras have become an essential part of the gadget market, and for several reasons, they are constantly in the race to become one of the most popular gadgets in the industry.

Although a lot of people purchase this device for professional use, some others acquire it for personal use. Regardless of the motive, the market for cameras is expanding on a daily basis.

Video cameras come in different sizes and types. They vary in prices, features, qualities, functionality, and sizes. Due to the success of these devices on the marketplace, it has motivated the manufacturers to produce more and they ensure that each new model is better than the previous one.

Although the functionality of these video cameras is not the same, the fact is that they will enable you to record these amazing moments and relive the memories. The good thing is that you don’t need to have huge cash before you can purchase a video camera.   

Different Sizes of Video Camera Available in Nigeria

Just as other gadgets, video cameras come in various sizes, there are large video cameras as well as smaller ones which can fit perfectly in your pocket.

The most popular type of video camera available in the marketplace is the camcorder. The camcorder is simply a device for recording videos. They come in different designs, memory capacities, and sizes.

These camcorders have the capability to record for a long time depending on the memory capacity. In fact, the latest camcorders can actively connect to the internet and Wi-Fi. This implies that you can record a video and link it up directly to your social media.

You can also add various effects to the video and edit it to your taste. Apart from camcorder, there are other sizes of cameras and their prices vary as to size, models, and features.

Video Camera Prices in Nigeria

Video cameras can be purchased from several manufacturers or local distributors in different parts of the country. They are readily available in the market and can be acquired in gadget stores across the country.

For convenience, you can make your purchase online with numerous e-commerce websites boasting of different kinds of video cameras like Jumia, Konga and many more.

We will highlight the prices of the most popular video cameras available in the market today.

Sony Video Cameras in Nigeria

ModelPrice Range (₦)
FDR-AXI Digital 4K Camcorder₦1700000 – ₦1900000
HXR–NX5 Professional Camcorder₦1300000 – ₦1700000
HDR-CX405 Handy Camcorder₦85000 – ₦120000
HC-V160 Camcorder₦80000 – ₦90000
MHS-FS2 Bloggie Due Camcorder₦73000 – ₦76000
Digital Camera Video Camcorder₦20000 – ₦26000
PWX-Z10 Camcorder₦1600000 – ₦1800000
HVR-Z5 Professional HDV Camcorder₦1300000 – ₦1400000
HXR-MC2500 Camcorder₦520000 – ₦550000
Action Camera (HDR-AS30V)₦90000 – ₦100000
PXW-X160 Full HD Handheld Camcorder₦1800000 – ₦2000000

Canon Video Camera in Nigeria

Coming in the table below is canon video camera prices in Nigeria.

Model Price Range(₦)
LEGRIA HF R706 Camcorder₦125000 – ₦133000
LEGRIA HF R606 Camcorder₦150000 – ₦170000
LEGRIA HF R806 Camcorder₦150000 – ₦160000
VIVIA HF R800 Camcorder₦120000 – ₦125000
XA11 Compact HD Camcorder₦560000 – ₦600000
XA10 Pro Camcorder₦420000 – ₦450000
XF205 HD Professional Camcorder₦1000000 – ₦1200000
XA30 Professional Camcorder₦480000 – ₦520000

Panasonic Video Camera in Nigeria

The table below reflects the Panasonic video camera prices in Nigeria.

ModelPrice Range (₦)
MDH2 HD Professional Camcorder₦330000 – ₦360000
HC-V180 Camcorder₦90000 – ₦130000
AG-AC130EN Camcorder₦1300000 – ₦1400000
HC V100 Camcorder₦80000 – ₦90000
HC V160 Camcorder₦115000 – ₦120000
HC-X1000 DCI Camcorder₦900000 -₦ 920000

Boblov Video Camera in Nigeria

Model Price Range (₦)
ORDRO HDV-D395 HD Camcorder₦45000 – ₦50000
WN9 1296P Full HD Camcorder₦28000 – ₦30000
AEE HD60 Sport dash car camcorder₦70000 – ₦80000

Nikon Video Camera in Nigeria

ModelPrice Range (₦)
CoolPix A100 Digital Camera:₦40, 000 – ₦45, 000
CoolPix P900 Digital Camera:₦260, 000 –₦300, 000
CoolPix L340 Digital Camera:₦90, 000 – ₦100, 000
D750 SRL Digital Camera:₦ 750, 000 – ₦800, 000
D5300 HDSLR Digital Camera:₦350, 000 – ₦400, 000
D5600 Digital Camera: N₦240, 00 – ₦280, 000
D810 DSLR Digital Camera:₦1,000,000 – ₦1,300, 000
D5200 Digital Camera: N₦230,000 – ₦270, 000

Factors to consider before purchasing a Video Camera

For whatever reason you are purchasing a video camera, it is important to know the features you are looking for. Due to the numerous features available on the marketplace today, it has made it extremely difficult to select some random video camera.

In this post, we will discuss some factors to consider when purchasing a video camera. These guides will help you narrow your options and eventually select the best video camera for you.

  • Budget:  How much you are willing to spare for this device is a factor in this case. Note that cameras come in various classes and are made of different qualities.
  • Lens Quality: Lens quality is not the same. You are advised to consider the quality and type of lens that perfectly suit your video camera before you purchase one.
  • Memory Capacity: Video cameras have different memory capacity. While some give room for the extra external memory card slot, others have limited internal memory storage.
  • Size: Size matters. Regardless of the purpose for purchasing the video camera, you should opt for a size that aligns with your purpose of purchase. If you desire to use it for personal use, I advise that you opt for the compact model.


Before you storm the market with your hard-earned money or savings to make a purchase, it is highly recommended that you utilize the guides and tips highlighted in this article. Consider the factors and other features of the video camera.

I hope you find this post useful, feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, and comments in the box below. Thanks for reading.


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