Specs, Review and Prices of Nikon Camera in Nigeria 2023/2024

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Prices of Nikon cameras – The makers of Nikon have made a name for themselves in the Nigerian market. They excel in the creation of reliable, portable, accessible, and easy-to-use cameras.

Nikon does not disappoint their customer base, and in return, the customer base has continued to patronize, whenever a new model hits the market.

Unlike some products that may depreciate in quality after some time, Nikon has remained steadfast in dishing out quality cameras that will always be with the money you spend on them.

And what about the premium standard that comes with the fact that you are using a Nikon product?

Do you know that Nikon made the very first single-lens waterproof camera, thereby paving the way for other brands to make waterproof cameras?


This is true. The Nikon RS was a waterproof camera, introduced by Nikon in 1992. Before this, no camera could function underwater, as well as the Nikon RS could.

This camera quickly became high in demand, especially by people who loved to swim or who worked underwater.

This is to let you know that Nikon is not in any way new to the game of making cameras that will wow their market base.

About NIKON Cameras 

Nikon cameras are easy to use, classy, and comfortable to hold, and they are not so heavy that you can’t move around with them comfortably. They have digital cameras, which are mainly for taking photos, and they also make camcorders that can be used for video recording.

So the decision is left to you, on what exactly you want to use a camera for, and the type of camera you need for your purpose.

Their cameras are also affordable, and this is always good news for the general market. Nikon cameras are affordable and provide the same quality of good cameras as other brands that may be considered their competition.

In this article, we will be looking at some specifications and prices of  Nikon cameras available in the Nigerian market. So if you are a lover of cameras, or if you have started considering going into photography and buying a camera, I welcome you.

Impressive Specs of the Nikon Camera

The new models of Nikon cameras come with internet access. Imagine taking a great picture and being able to share it with your friends all over social media immediately.

A hundred years ago, no man would have thought that one day, cameras would be able to access the internet like mobile phones and laptops. But today, Nikon is doing it.


They come with SDHC/SDXC memory card slots. They are dust-proof and have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility.

With the latest models of Nikon cameras, sharing your amazing photos is easier than ever—the SnapBridge function allows for you to transfer your images to a compatible smart device.

This means that you can connect your Nikon camera to your smartphone or your computer, and move files from one place to the other.

You can take shots from high and low angles, and your photos will come out perfect.

Nikon cameras give you the flexibility to produce high-quality images even in dark environments. So you are not limited to whether or not you have bright light where you are.

Above all, the physical outlook of the cameras is as sleek as ever, and the picture quality of every Nikon camera is like none other.

What are the Prices of Nikon Cameras in Nigeria?

Like all gadgets and electronics, there are grades to owning a Nikon camera. The prices of Nikon cameras vary from one type to the other.

This is because of the difference in portability, sleekness, technological advancement, and many other features that may be present in one camera, but absent in another.

For example, some of the cameras come equipped with internet access, and you definitely cannot say the price will be the same as one that does not have internet access.

And while some cameras are made solely for professionals, others are made for use by the average person. So you know that a professional camera will cost more.


So for this reason, it is crucial to study the specifications of a camera to make an informed decision based on that.

NIKON Coolpix Digital Camera Series

The Nikon Coolpix series is a set of digital compact cameras that are produced in many variants by Nikon. The cameras include a variety of functions, including superzoom function, travel-zoom, and waterproof cameras, amongst others.

Your choice of a Coolpix camera will be determined by what function you are most impressed with.

Below are the prices of some of the Nikon Coolpix digital camera series.

Nikon A100Camera₦41,800 – ₦45,600
Nikon W100 Camera₦49,500 – ₦69,500
L340 Camera₦63,800 – ₦67,800
Nikon5800C Camera₦66,000 – ₦86,000
NikonB500Camera₦156,000 – ₦176,000
52900 Camera₦176,000 – ₦206,000
P900 Camera₦292,000 – ₦352,000
Nikon B700 Camera₦222,000 – ₦272,000

NIKON Camera D Series

Below are some of the Nikon cameras D series and their prices.

Nikon D500 Camera ₦560,000 – ₦670,000
D750 SRL Digital Camera₦725,000 – ₦785,000
D610 Digital Camera₦775,000 – ₦875,000
Nikon D5300₦176,000 – ₦206,000
D5200₦246,000 – ₦316,000
D5600₦270,000 – ₦300,000

Where to Buy Nikon Cameras in Nigeria

You can purchase any Nikon product from any electronic store within the country or from legit online stores like Jumia, and Konga.


Remember that the prices vary according to different factors like location, time of purchase, place of purchase, online or offline purchase, and so on.

Also, note that the prices listed above are only to give you an idea of what to expect when you finally go into the market. Be sure you are getting your camera from an authentic and licensed distributor to avoid deficit products.

Also, ask for your receipt and warranty. They are both essential documents to have, and any legit store will have no problem will providing you with them.

All in all, I hope you will not just read this article without planning to get your Nikon camera. Nikon is no doubt one of the best in the business, and every penny you spend in purchasing a camera is a penny well spent.

What Nikon camera model are you getting?

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