Top 10 Best Places To Enjoy A Romantic Date In Lagos

Best Budget-Friendly Date Location In Lagos

What if I told you you could go out with your girlfriend on a budget? Yes, there are places in Lagos where you can go out with your partner on a ₦5,000 budget.

Lagos is the home of some of Nigeria’s most romantic spots and beautiful places. You can head to, relax, enjoy, and have fun in many places.

When you are in a relationship and love gets a grip on you, you are obligated to do some nice things to make your partner feel comfortable throughout the union.

Chances are that you are looking for romantic date venues in Lagos, targeting taking your spouse or partner on a casual outing. You might also be looking for the best places to go when you have no idea about going out with your significant one.

Making your partner happy is one way of the best to sustain an excellent relationship. If the female counterpart in the relationship expects you to spoil her, but your financial aspect prevents you from doing so, the relationship may crash sooner than you expect.


Going out on a romantic date with your sweetheart is one of the most exciting things to do when you’re in a good relationship. I mean, who doesn’t like going out on dates? A little jaunt in Calabar, a boat ride along the Oguta Lake, even a walk in your hometown with someone you admire—it’s all about having something unique and intimate, just the two of you. A date is a chance to regain your perspective and appreciate each other.

Such places will help you usher your feelings into action while your evening will go as planned. Of course, there will be several other things involved – from nice clothes and shoes and what you will say to how you will act – all of which will impact the success of your date.

Don’t forget to make sure that the place you are taking her/him out for dinner or lunch is not too crowded so as not to distract you from enjoying yourself with your loved one. In other words, the ambiance should be quiet enough for you two to have a good conversation without being disturbed by other people’s noise.

Also, when going on a date at an exotic restaurant or whatever location you feel is good for the occasion in Lagos City or elsewhere in Nigeria for that matter, make sure that you take your time before ordering any food or drinks because if you rush things out of impatience or anxiety before your partner has finished talking about something important with you, then she/he might feel like they are being rushed out of place by someone who doesn’t care about their feelings anymore! This can quickly ruin any possible romantic date with your partner! So please take note of this tip!

But here’s the thing, there are hundreds of places in Lagos that you can take your partner to for a romantic date without breaking the bank. These locations are budget-friendly and can help any couple creates unforgettable memories.

Top 10 Best Places To Go Out On A Date In Lagos

If you’re looking for elegant scenery where you can take your partner out for a perfect business or romantic date in Lagos, there are a lot of places that you can choose from, but these ten stand out as the best places to enjoy a romantic date in Lagos.

 1.  KFC

Nothing says closure better than deep-fried chicken from KFC. The best thing about going out on a date in KFC is that it is not just budget-friendly; the brand serves one of the most delicious fried rice and chicken in Nigeria.

KFC is an international eatery with thousands of franchises and branches worldwide. The KFC menu allows you to order any from sandwiches to chicken, sodas, pie, and fries.



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It is the perfect spot for your first date. The environment is perfect if your date is just starting to know each other. Aside from offering you the best atmosphere suitable for establishing the basis of your relationship, KFC boasts well-trained staff, some of the most delicious snacks, and outlets all across Lagos.

KFC is an ideal spot for a casual date. If it is the first time you are going out with your partner, you should order a bucket of chicken with dipping sauce and soda.

KFC chicken can conquer the hearts and taste buds of anybody. Try it and thank me later.

2. Domino’s Pizza & ColdStone Creamery

The mouth is one of the easiest ways to get to a Nigerian girl’s heart. Quote me on that. Domino’s Pizza offers one of the most delicious pizzas in Nigeria, and you can top it off with ice cream from Coldstone Creamery.

There are hundreds of Domino’s Pizza and Coldstone Creamery outlets in Lagos. A box of Pepperoni Pizza and a bucket of strawberry and vanilla ice cream are all you need to get to know your partner better.

Domino’s stores’ heavenly environment allows you to enjoy an intimate conversation while munching down delicious slices of pizza and vanilla ice cream.

You can also enjoy a romantic date is any Domino’s Pizza outlet, even if you just have ₦5,000 in your wallet. How great is that?


If you think it’s a beautiful idea, rush down to any Dominos store with your partner and give him/her the chance to make an order.

 3. New Afrika Shrine

The New Afrika Shrine is one of the best places to visit on a date. If your partner is in love with Nigerian art and culture, you will surely have a fabulous experience. There are a lot of fun things that you can do in the New Afrika Shrine.

The décor of this place is simply unique. The covers, tablecloths, linen chair covers, and chair sashes can in the New Afrika Shrine is perfect for all occasions, whether it’s a small family get-together, wedding, event, and party.

The New Afrika Shrine is an open-air entertainment getaway in Ikeja, Lagos State. It is the best place to go out on a date if you and your partner are serious about the relationship and are officially dating.

This location holds a lot of stories about Nigerian Music, Africa Arts, and Post-independence highlights. Aside from being a perfect spot for a date, it is also a top-notch tourist attraction in the heart of Lagos.

This iconic resort has been standing since the 1970s but was burnt down in 1977. The current Shrine is a better version of the old one.

Even the president of France, President Emmanuel Macron, has visited the New Afrika Shrine. What is stopping you from doing so? Rush down to the Shrine with your girlfriend and enjoy yourself.

4. The Place

The Place is the best restaurant in Ikeja and another iconic place to go out on an epic date with your partner. It offers one of the best vegetarian meals in the country and has a reliable staff eager to assist you throughout your stay.

Aside from giving you and your date one of the best experiences, they have one of the most iconic bars, lounge, clubs, and reception. They offer a lot of options that will make your visit memorable.

 5. Silverbird Cinema

Going out on a date to watch an epic movie and filling your mouth with popcorn is not such a bad idea, right? If it’s not, you’ll be excited to know that the Silverbird Cinemas are one of the best places to enjoy a quick getaway with your partner.

You can purchase a movie ticket with popcorn and drink for two for just ₦3,000. Besides, there are epic movies in Silverbird’s playlist that can be played at the couple’s request. They can even personalize the cinema to make your experience even perfect.

Silverbird Cinemas also have a child brand, Big Mama. BIG Mama allows you to enjoy the best local and international food, drinks, and services at a very affordable price. The child brand was established to recreate a homely feel for moviegoers.

6. Club Quilox

Club Quilox is one of the biggest clubs in Nigeria, and the experience you get is just one of a kind. The best thing about Quilox is that many Nigerian celebrities hang around their bar. If you are lucky, you might run into Davido or Tiwa Savage during your stay.

Just in case you don’t know, Club Quilox is a luxurious nightclub, restaurant, and bar in Victoria Island, Lagos.  Established in 2013 by Shina Peller, Club Quilox is an exciting venue to party with your date and her friends if necessary.

Aside from the fact that Club Quilox offers one of the most unforgettable party experiences, it has a very attractive and impeccable interior design and finishing. Its beauty is complemented by stunning lighting, 5 stars customer service, hospitality, and an over-the-roof sound system.

7. Elegushi Beach

Elegushi may sound like local cuisine, but your experience in this venue is just splendid. Elegushi Beach is not just an iconic tourist destination in Nigeria and one of the best places to go out on a date in Nigeria.

There are a lot of fun games and events that you can enjoy on a date at Elegushi beach. This water world is famous for its emerald clear shine, warm cozy sands, and romantic scenery.

You can get a gate pass for you and your date for just ₦1,000. Once you are in, the real fun begins. If you do get hungry during your stay, don’t be afraid; hundreds of restaurants and kiosks close to the beachfront sell delicious snacks and food.

I also know a place close to Elegushi Beach that serves the best Amala and Ewedu in Lagos. It seems like they used the best mortar and pestle to pound the Yam bark because the whole thing comes out fine and smooth.

All that is left is for you to enjoy your date with your partner.


8. Barcelos

If you like fancy food, you should rush down to Barcelos for a date. You get to taste so many amazing things in this breathtaking restaurant. Barcelos is a famous eatery on the Lagos mainland because they serve some of the most delicious exotic foods in Lagos.

If you want to taste something new and surprisingly unique, head down to Barcelos and take your girlfriend with you so you can make the experience one to remember.

Aside from serving some of the most delicious exotic dishes in Lagos, they also serve some of the healthiest local and international meals, and they all come at a budget-friendly price.

9. Nigerian National Museum

This iconic museum was founded in 1957 by the English archaeologist Kenneth Murray. It is one of the best places to hang out with your date if you want to spend quiet time together.

The Nigerian National Museum in Onikan, Lagos, holds some of the most historical segments of Nigeria’s history. The museum has a notable collection of Nigerian arts, archaeological pieces, and ethnographic exhibits.

Sure there won’t be many fun things to do, but the experience would be memorable. A tour around the museum would reveal how little you knew about Nigeria. If you want to leave your date speechless, take her to the national museum and leave her amazed.

10. Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is a 190-acre natural resource conservation area in Lekki, Lagos State. If you want to go out with a lady and don’t want it to look like a date, the Lekki Conservation center is the perfect spot for you.

This all-natural park is one of the best places to have fun for a date, picnic, and get-together. When you get to the reserve, you’ll be welcomed with a  boulevard of coconut trees, an abundance of plant life, animal sanctuaries, elegant hiking trails, tree houses, and the iconic canopy walk.

If you’ve not tried the canopy walk, I implore you to try it. It’s Awesome. Every bit of it is fantastic. The Lekki Conservation Centre ranks as one of the best Recreational parks In Lagos and the perfect date getaway with your partner. A journey to this sanctuary will give you and your girlfriend the best experience.

Some Perfect Date Ideas That aren’t Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie is the most common date. There are other, better ideas for a date that isn’t dinner and a movie. You can have a fabulous time with your significant other without dulling your brain with the same old story that has been told hundreds of times. Let’s take a break from dinner and a movie as an entire meal, and explore other options that can be pretty fun!

  • f you’re stuck on what you and your date could do, this post will be a Godsend. Don’t believe me? Okay, I understand you might be going through that point of either feeling anxious or overly excited (or both), so let’s take a look at some perfect date ideas that don’t include those boring dinner and movie plans.
  • Take a long walk in the park.
  • Meet for breakfast.
  • Browse a bookstore.
  • Take a cooking class.
  • Visit an outdoor market or a shopping mall.
  • Plan a day trip.
  • Go for a picnic.
  • Turn it up at karaoke.
  • Visit an art museum.
  • Take a city tour.
  • Check out a live music concert.
  • Cheer on your favorite sports team.
  • Play tourist.

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