How To Check Your MTN Number In 2023 [Easiest Way]

How To Check Your MTN Number In 2023 [Easiest Way]

Usually, when we obtain a new MTN Sim, it’s hard to recall our numbers rapidly. Because of this, MTN made it feasible for us to check this number on our phones. MTN has devised straightforward techniques, such as using a brief USSD code to verify MTN numbers and utilizing their official app to make it simple for individuals who want to check their numbers over the phone.

This article will save you the stress of searching for a means to identify your MTN  number as we will be providing the different methods through which you can display your MTN number. 

How Can I Check My MTN Number?

You will probably agree that it is worthwhile to look at how you may simply show your MTN number if you have ever been in a position where you want to share your number with someone but are having trouble remembering.

These are the methods you can use to check your MTN number.


1. The MTN Mobile App

The MTN mobile app is one method of finding your MTN number. Simply download the app from the Google Play store and install it on your smartphone to get started.

Launch the app after installation, then select “Check Your Number.” Your MTN number, package, and account balance will all be displayed here.

2. The MTN USSD Code

if you don’t want to go through the stress of downloading and installing the MTN app. You can use the easiest method, which is through the USSD.

Enter the USSD code *663# or *123*1*1# to check your MTN phone number. Your number will appear on the screen of your mobile device once you simply dial one of these two USSD codes.

3. Call A Friend

You can also check your MTN number by contacting a close friend. Simply take your friend’s phone and look at the number on the screen when you dial their number.


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4. Call The Customer Care

If you’re still unable to see your mobile number after trying out all the methods mentioned above, or if they are just not suitable, you can use this method by reaching out to MTN customer care.  Simply ask for your number by dialing code 180 for MTN customer care.


5. The Sim ToolKit

The SIM Toolkit is preinstalled on any phone that accepts a SIM card. The issue is that most people are unaware that the feature even exists. The methods listed below should help you use the SIM Toolkit app to access your MTN phone number.

  • Go to Menu on your mobile device
  • From the menu, choose “My Service.”
  • Then select “My Account.”
  • A drop-down choice will appear; choose “Show My Number.” Scrolling a little bit up will reveal this option.

8. MTN Self Service

The self-care service offered by MTN is intended to assist consumers with different issues. This active service is intended for all MTN numbers, both old and new, and is accessible every day of the week, around the clock. You must log in to this service using your phone number and pin.

How Can I Check My MTN Number On An iPhone?

If you don’t know the phone number for the iPhone you’re currently using, don’t worry. Numerous techniques can be used to find the phone number. For instance, you might call someone and see what number answers. However, If you don’t have or don’t want to use that option, you can find your phone number on the phone and through iTunes. 

You can find the number on your iPhone by tapping the Settings button, and then scrolling down to the Phone tab. The next screen will have “My Number” at the top of it. The number on that line is the same as on the iPhone.

How Can I Verify My MTN Number On An Android Device?

There are a few more ways to check your phone number and the ones we’ve already mentioned. They are dependent on your smartphone. You may find your phone number, for instance, on the majority of Android devices by heading to Settings -> About phone -> Status -> My phone number. However, certain phones (especially those that support multiple SIM cards) have a “SIM status” option that appears after the “Status” menu and conceals the phone number.

On some Android devices, you can also use the Contacts app and seek the ‘My Profile or ‘Me’ contact at the top. If you click that, maybe you can find your phone number. Although not all phones have this feature, some demand you to input the data before it can be displayed.


Keeping phone numbers can be complicated, especially if you have multiple sims.  It becomes even more challenging when the SIM pack has been lost or forgotten. Additionally, it’s possible that you won’t be able to remember the number of your new SIM card once you have it.

The optimum option is to memorize your phone number, but owing to human limits, using the USSD code to check MTN numbers and other techniques, as stated above, is unavoidable, which is why they have been put in place to make things easier if you can’t recall your phone number. Check out any of the approaches above to discover the one that works perfectly for you. 

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