How To Buy Data On MTN [Stupid Simple Guide]

How Does MTN Data Bundle Work

One of the leading telecom companies in the nation is MTN Nigeria. It is well-known since it provides a selection of reasonably priced and enticing tariff plans that give its consumers access to the internet.

Purchasing an MTN data bundle is among the finest ways to get a reliable and quick internet connection in Nigeria, and customers of MTN now have easy access to inexpensive data plans that provide quick internet access. 

This article will help you understand how to buy an MTN data bundle using your smartphone, an MTN SIM card, and the MyMTNApp.

6 of The Methods on How To Buy Data On MTN Explained

The various data bundle plans offered by MTN Nigeria each have a unique subscription process. All MTN Nigeria data subscription plans are listed in this section, along with information on how to buy each. Check out the table below.


1. The MTN Daily Data Plan

Data PlanPriceSubscription Via USSD CodeSubscription Via SMS (312)

To sign up for the MTN 1-day plan, dial the number corresponding to the data plan you want to buy or send the relevant text message to 312. You should also note that the 200MB and 2GB data bundle plans are valid for 48 hours over two days.

2. The MTN Weekly Data Plan

Data PlanPriceSubscription Via USSD CodeSubscription Via SMS (312)

Dial the code for the data plan you want to buy, or send the appropriate text message to 131 to buy the data plan to sign up for the MTN weekly plan.  The two-week, 750MB data package is effective for 14 days.

3. The MTN Monthly Data Plan

Data PlanPriceSubscription Via SMS (312)

Send the matching text message for the data bundle you want to buy to 131 to sign up for the MTN monthly plan.

4. The MTN 2-3 Months Data Plan

Data PlanPriceSubscription Via USSD CodeSubscription Via SMS (312)
30GB/60 Days#8,000*312*119#119
160GB/60 Days#33,000*312*138#138
400GB/90 Days#55,000*312*133#133
600GB/90 Days#75,000*312*134#134

To buy the data plan, dial the code for the data plan you want, or send the appropriate text message to 312 to buy the data plan to sign up for the MTN 2-3 month plan.

5. The MTN 1-Year Data Plan

Data PlanPriceSubscription Via USSD CodeSubscription Via SMS (312)

Dial the code for the data plan you want to buy, or send the appropriate text message to 312 to buy the data plan to sign up for the MTN 1-year data plan.

6. MTN Data Via MyMTN App

Downloading the MyMTN App is another method of obtaining a data bundle from MTN Nigeria. See the steps below.

  • Visit the app store on your mobile device
  • Look for the MyMTN App
  • To download, tap on the app’s icon.
  • Launch the app on your phone after installation.
  • Activate the app with your MTN phone number.
  • Click the data subscriptions tab in the app. The page contains all the different data subscription options, ranging from the 1-day plan to the yearly plan.
  • Choose the data plan you want to buy.


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Can I Gift MTN Data To Someone Else?

Yes, you can. With MTN, customers have great access to purchasing, requesting, and sharing data with their relatives, friends, and loved ones. This service is known as MTN Data Gifting.

You can share your data with individuals through the myMTN app, SMS, and USSD. Dial *321# to sign up for the MTN Data Share program. Additionally, you can do this by texting the word REG to 321. After doing that, you will be given a special registration security PIN.

Additionally, you will need to update the security PIN required to access the system. By dialing *321*2*5#, you can do that. You can update your outdated PIN in another way as well. Simply send the message to 321 with the word “CHANGE” and your old PIN code typed directly in front of the word “change,” followed by your new PIN. For example, “CHANGE 8888 9999,” where “8888” is your old PIN and “9999” is your new PIN for data sharing.

The MTN Data Share account can now have beneficiaries added once you change the PIN! MTN data transfer code *312*2*3# can be used to accomplish this. MTN transfer codes make it easy for all users to share or send MB to friends, family, and other loved ones. 

It is also possible to text 312 the phone numbers of your recipients. They are the beneficiaries, and you are the sponsor under these circumstances. Remember that there is a five-beneficiary limit and that you may always remove beneficiaries.

What Happens If I Exhaust My Data Bundle Before the Renewal Date?

Your data access will be suspended, and you won’t be able to browse once you use up all of your data before it expires. You can purchase a new data plan by dialing *312# to keep browsing.

You can also borrow data from MTN if you are eligible by dialing *303#. There is also a pay-as-you-go browsing feature for MTN customers where you can continue browsing with your airtime at N3.07 per megabyte. To opt for this service, dial *312*200#.

How Do I Check My MTN Data Bundle Balance?

Checking your data balance on MTN is easy. The following methods will allow you to verify your data bundle balance:

  • You can get to know your MTN data bundle balance by texting 2 to 312 through SMS
  • You can also use the USSD code to know your data bundle balance. Dial *310# or *323# to check your remaining data balance.
  • The MTN mobile app, also known as myMTN app, is another option to check your data balance. 

Who Can Subscribe To MTN Data Bundle?

Every MTN customer has the option to purchase any MTN Data bundle. MTN is a notable telecommunications company in Nigeria. This multimillion-dollar business impacts nearly every Nigerian family.

Android and iPhone device users seeking a cheap data bundle can choose from some of their exciting plans. They also offer the most inexpensive flat rates in Africa.



Out of the data plans stated above, you can select the one that best meets your needs. When trying to purchase a data plan, it is crucial to remember that there are a few things to consider. These elements include your mobile devices, how long you spend online, and your income.

For a salaried person, you might not want to go overboard to purchase a data bundle from MTN Nigeria, given that there are other expenses, such as providing food, clothing, and housing.

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