How To Borrow Airtime from MTN: Step-by-Step Guide

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A mobile phone’s airtime is one of its most significant components. Without it, you might be unable to keep in touch with friends and family. However, you can save time and money if you know a few tricks for borrowing MTN airtime.

When you run out of airtime,  XtraTime is a service from MTN that gives you more airtime, which you then pay for on the subsequent bill. The MTN borrowed airtime will remain active until your subsequent recharge or airtime top-up bundle. This airtime can be utilized to make business calls, make online purchases, and catch up with friends and family.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Borrow Airtime from MTN

MTN offers airtime loans through its app or a USSD code. Although the USSD code works on all types of mobile devices, the app is not compatible with all mobile devices but can be installed and used by Android and iPhone users. 

Below are the guides to follow when attempting to borrow airtime from MTN using either the mobile app or the USSD code


Method One: Borrowing Airtime Through The USSD Code

  • On your mobile device, dial *303# and select Borrow Airtime
  • You will be given a list of the loanable sums. Choose the amount that you prefer
  • Afterward, you will receive a notification from MTN that details the loan you requested and the 15% service charge that will be debited from your airtime. You’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction. Validate the transaction to proceed. 

Following your transaction, MTN will deduct the service fee from each amount you borrow before crediting your XtraTime account with the remaining airtime balance. This implies that if you borrow 100 naira airtime, MTN will keep 15 naira and only let you use 85 naira of the airtime.

The 100 nairas you borrowed will be immediately repaid to MTN when you top up your credit the next time. The full recharge will pay off your loan if you borrow less airtime when you reload, and MTN will automatically take the difference from your subsequent recharge.

It is also important to note that the USSD (*303#) is only for Nigeria MTN customers. You can use *136*2# in South Africa, *506# in Ghana, and *146# in Uganda. 

Method Two: Borrowing Airtime Through the MTN Mobile App

You can download the MyMTN app from the MTN website or the Google Play Store. You can use it to access several MTN services, including managing subscriptions and tariff plans, buying, lending, and transferring airtime, as well as data bundles.

Follow these procedures to borrow MTN airtime via the app:

  • Open the app on your mobile device.
  • Select Recharge from the navigation bar at the bottom of the app launch screen.
  • Click on Borrow from the grid-based menu.
  • A list of XtraTime loan alternatives will be displayed. Select the XtraTime option you feel is best for you.
  • A notification to authenticate your loan will appear. Select continue, and you will be credited. 

Who Is Eligible To Borrow Airtime From MTN?

Only if you are eligible can you borrow airtime from MTN. To be qualified for the XtraTime service, you will be required to. 

– Be A Prepaid User

Both postpaid and prepaid options are available from MTN. With the postpaid plan, customers can utilize any MTN service and pay the full month’s balance at the end of the month.

With a longer expiration date, prepaid plans let customers purchase only the data and airtime they anticipate using. Because it enables customers to use MTN services by purchasing power, most individuals choose the prepaid plan to control their finances.

Complete Your Phone Number Registration

Registration often takes place at the time an MTN line is purchased. The SIM card is registered with the SIM owner’s biodata. 

Active For Three Months

Try not to borrow from MTN if your SIM is brand new, as you will be required to have actively made use of your mobile number for at least three months before you’ll be eligible for a loan. Millions of people would borrow and discard SIM cards more frequently if this rule weren’t in place.


– Spend The Minimum Of N200 Monthly For Three Months

You must have a minimum of 200 in monthly recharge and have been a member of the network for three months before attempting to borrow airtime from MTN. Consider this service to be a loyalty system. Your access to MTN’s loans increases as you purchase more airtime from them.

Have Nothing Higher Than N75 In Your Account

Noting this is crucial. This MTN XtraTime loan will not be available to you if you are attempting to acquire additional airtime so you can purchase 100 or more in data. Only accounts with less than N75 are eligible to borrow airtime from MTN.

Repay Any Due XtraTime Loans

You might not be permitted to borrow until you have paid off any outstanding MTN airtime debt. The remaining portion of your borrowing limit may be requested if your prior loan does not exceed the maximum loan amount that the MTN permits you to borrow.

As an illustration, if MTN allows you to borrow a maximum of #500 and previously borrowed N100, MTN will still let you borrow another N400 even if you haven’t paid off your prior debt. 

You can always find out how much you can borrow from the MTN XtraTime notification.


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What Is The Minimum Airtime Amount I Can Borrow From MTN?

The lowest amount of airtime you can borrow is N50, while you may be able to borrow up to N1000 or even more depending on your recharge history. Because the system is adaptable, N25 is occasionally available, but N50 is the bare minimum.

Are There Extra Charges Attached To Borrowing?

There are. You should be aware that 10% of the airtime you want to borrow will be taken out as a service fee by MTN Nigeria. As a result, you would only get 90% of the money you asked for.

More specifically, because MTN deducts N20, borrowing N200 would result in receiving N180 rather than N200. However, they frequently reduce the percentage borrowed at specific periods, such as during the COVID shutdown.


Can I Use Borrowed Airtime To Buy Data On MTN?

Like standard airtime, borrowed MTN airtime, sometimes referred to as MTN XtraTime, can be used to purchase data bundles. On the MTN network, borrowed airtime may be used for any activity that accepts regular airtime.

Can I Transfer Borrowed Airtime On MTN?

While browsing the internet, making calls, and sending SMS with borrowed airtime, it is important to note that borrowed airtime cannot be transferred to other MTN customers. 

How Do I Check My Borrowed Airtime On MTN?

Few people knew how to check their remaining balance on MTN borrowed airtime, even though lots of mobile users knew how to borrow airtime from MTN.  When a user dials *310# to check their account balance, just the borrowed amount is displayed. 

Follow these simple steps to check the balance of your MTN borrowed airtime. 

  • Dial *303# on your mobile device
  • Select 5 (My Account)
  • Select 2 (Account balance) to check your balance
  • An onscreen message with your balance details will be shown to you

Is There A Cheat To Cancel The Borrowed MTN Credit?

MTN might be tricked into paying the debt with a gesture of merely 50 Naira. Even though some people claim that this hack no longer works, you should still give it a shot because it might just work for you.

To clear off your borrowed airtime obligations on MTN, follow these procedures.

  • Dial *344*1# to switch to MTN MPULSE.
  • Once you have an MTN MPULSE PIN, dial *344#, choose option 5, choose option 8, and enter your SIM details (name, date of birth, etc.).
  • Next, dial *344*5*2*1*1#, add CHILD NUMBER (the number used to borrow the airtime), the self-care pin, and gift N50 to the owing SIM. Additionally, that line must be on MPULSE.
  • Please make sure you dial *344*5*8# and enter the precise information you need to register your SIM Card to obtain your secure self-care PIN code from MTN. Your PIN would then be delivered immediately. Or make several attempts till you succeed.

If you’re a Nigerian using MTN, this is another chance to pay off your airtime loan. MTN users in Nigeria utilize this strategy to collect as much airtime as possible and pay off their outstanding airtime debt.


There are a few considerations if you’re trying to figure out how to borrow airtime from MTN. First and foremost, ensure the airtime you request is sufficient for the time you intend to use it.

Before submitting your request, check with the network to confirm the airtime. Also, remember that not all requests are met immediately and that it could take some time before you get credited.

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