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Slot Price List – When talking about reputable tech stores in Nigeria, You will surely mention Slot not because it is a foremost store but because of its great customer service and the best mobile phone as well as its relative accessories.

Slot Nigeria Limited is one of the leading stores and it is perhaps the largest where Nigerians get amazing phones, laptops, and other gadgets. They are rated among the mobile phone stores in the country as they offer deals that make the purchase affordable for the customers.

But with the rate at which people patronize this store, they still don’t have adequate information on the price list of their phones and gadgets. This post will spell out the price list of phones and accessories sold by Slot Nigeria.

Mobile Phone Prices in Slot Nigeria

Even though there are many tech stores in Nigeria, Slot still remains a reliable place to get gadgets and their stores are spread across major cities in the country.


Slot is available in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, FCT, Owerri, Benin, and other cities. For places without Slot stores, their e-commerce store can be accessed anytime.

Prices of mobile phones available in Slot are listed below but it should be noted that there might be changes due to the exchange rate, period of purchase, and other things but the variation won’t be that much.

Price List for Apple Phones 

Apple  iPhone 13 (512GB)₦873,200
Apple  iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)₦965,900
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB)₦972,000
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (128gb)₦935,000
Apple iPhone14 Pro (256GB)₦1,107,200
Apple iPhone 14 (128GB)₦747,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro (128GB Dual Sim)₦1,460,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 256GB Dual Sim₦1,560,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 512GB Dual Sim₦1,970,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB Dual Sim₦1,860,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB Dual Sim₦2,180,000
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB Dual Sim₦2,550,000
Apple iPhone 14 256GB Single Sim₦881,600

Price List For Blackberry Phones

Samsung S21 Plus 8GB+ 256GB 5G₦562,000
Samsung A03s 3GB+32GB₦86,800
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 512GB₦1,150,000
Samsung – Galaxy Z Flip 3 256GB₦768,000
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core 2GB+32GB₦78,900
SAMSUNG S22 Ultra 5G 12GB+512GB₦1,037,000
SAMSUNG S22 Ultra 5G 12GB+256GB₦967,000
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 8GB+128GB₦607,000
SAMSUNG galaxy A03 3GB+32GB₦79,300
Samsung Galaxy A13 4GB+64GB₦120,900
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 5G 8GB+128GB₦761,000
SAMSUNG GALAXY A53 8GB+128GB 5G₦301,000
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 8GB+256GB₦570,000
Samsung Galaxy A04S 4GB+64GB₦105,400
Samsung Galaxy A04 3GB+32GB₦98,900
Samsung Galaxy A04 4GB+64GB₦113,400
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 12GB+256GB (5G) Single SIM₦851,000
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus 8GB+256GB₦1,038,000

Price List of Nokia Phones

NOKIA C10 1GB+32GB₦59,000
Nokia G20 4GB+64gb₦120,900
NOKIA G10 4GB+64GB₦102,100
NOKIA X10 128GB, 6GB₦143,900
Nokia G10 32GB, 3GB₦113,400
Nokia C30 3GB+32GB₦80,200
NOKIA C30 3GB+64GB₦84,900
NOKIA G21 4GB+64GB₦116,600
NOKIA G21 4GB+128GB₦124,000
Nokia C21 2GB+32GB₦73,600
NOKIA C21 Plus 2GB+64GB₦80,800
NOKIA C10 2GB+32GB₦61,400
NOKIA X30 8GB+256GB₦372,600
NOKIA G60 6GB+128GB₦225,900
NOKIA G11 PLUS 3GB+64GB₦86,300
NOKIA C12 2GB+64GB Dual Sim₦70,000
NOKIA C21 Plus 3GB+32GB₦67,300
NOKIA C22 2GB+64GB₦75,400
Nokia 5310 2020₦32,800

Price List for Tecno Phones 

TECNO CAMON 19 6GB+128GB (CI6)₦139,500
TECNO SPARK 9 PRO 4GB+128GB (KH7)₦86,200
TECNO CAMON 19 PRO 8GB+256GB (CI7n) 5G₦252,800
TECNO CAMON 19 PRO 8GB + 256GB (CI8) 4G Mondrian₦211,100
TECNO PHANTOM X2 AD8 256GB+8GB₦299,000
TECNO PHANTOM X2 PRO 12GB+256GB (AD9) 5G₦399,000
TECNO POP 7 PRO 3GB+64GB (BF7)₦66,800
TECNO POP 7 PRO 4GB+64GB (BF7)₦79,800
TECNO SPARK 10C (KI5K) 128GB+4GB₦85,500
TECNO SPARK 10 PRO (KI7) 128GB+8GB₦134,300
TECNO PHANTOM V FOLD 12GB+256GB (AD10)₦820,000
TECNO POP 7 2GB+64GB (BF6)₦58,200
TECNO CAMON 20 8GB+256GB (CK6)₦177,700
Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5G 8GB+256GB₦249,500

Price List for Huawei Phones

HUAWEI MATEPAD T8 (2GB+32GB) 2022₦126,500
HUAWEI NOVA Y90 8GB+128GB₦181,800
HUAWEI NOVA Y61 4GB+64GB₦125,000
HUAWEI NOVA 11i 8GB+128GB₦215,300

Price List for Huawei Phones

INFINIX HOT 12 PLAY 128GB+4GB (X6816)₦112,500
INFINIX SMART 6 2GB+32GB 4G₦61,600
INFINIX NOTE 12 X670 128GB+8GB₦168,000
INFINIX NOTE 12 PRO 5G X671B 128GB+8GB₦197,400
Infinix Zero Ultra 8gb+256gb₦260,000
INFINIX ZERO 20 (8GB+256GB) X6821₦184,600
INFINIX HOT 20 I X665C (3GB+64GB)₦78,800
INFINIX X6517 SMART 7 PLUS 64GB+4GB (4G)₦82,900
INFINIX NOTE 30 X6711 4GB+128GB 5G₦192,300
Infinix Zero Ultra 8GB/256GB₦405,500

Price List of Itel Phones

ITEL S18 2GB+64GB₦53,400
ITEL P17 PRO 2GB+32GB 3G₦42,300
ITEL A60 2GB+32GB₦52,900
ITEL P40 4GB+64GB₦59,900
ITEL S23 8GB+128GB₦99,100
ITEL A04 2GB+32GB₦50,500
ITEL S23 8GB+256GB₦106,700
Itel P40 Plus 4GB+128GB₦94,000
ITEL S23 PLUS 8GB+256GB₦155,500
ITEL A18 1GB+32GB₦38,300
Itel Pad 1 4GB+128GB₦102,900
Itel Pad 1 4GB+128GB₦87,900
ITEL S23 4GB+128GB₦69,900

Price List for Oppo Phones

OPPO A57 4GB+64GB₦129,900
OPPO A77 128GB+4GB₦156,000
OPPO A17K 3GB+64GB₦94,900
OPPO A17 4GB+64GB₦109,900
OPPO RENO 8T 8GB+256GB 4G₦270,000
Oppo A58 6GB+128GB₦145,900

Price List for Vivo Phones

VIVO V25 8GB+256GB₦299,900
VIVO Y22 4GB+64GB₦120,900
VIVO Y02S 3GB+32GB₦90,800
VIVO Y16 4GB+64GB₦104,000
OPPO RENO 8T 8GB+256GB 5G₦355,000
VIVO Y22 4GB+128GB₦139,900
Vivo V27 5G 8GB+256GB₦359,900
VIVO V27e 8GB+256GB₦266,000
Vivo Y36 8GB+128GB₦189,800

Price List for Xiaomi Phones

XIAOMI POCO M4 PRO 6GB+128GB₦140,000
XIAOMI POCO C40 3GB+32GB₦85,000
XIAOMI POCO M5 4GB+64GB₦109,000
XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 12 4GB+128GB 4G₦145,400
XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 12 6GB+128GB 4G₦150,400
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12S 8GB+256GB 4G₦187,900
XIAOMI REDMI 12C 4GB+128GB₦75,900

Price List for Honor Phones

Honor X5 2GB+32GB₦66,200
Honor X6 4GB+64GB₦106,300
Honor X7a 4GB+128GB₦140,900
Honor X8a 8GB+128GB₦187,700
Honor X9A 8GB+256GB₦293,600
Honor 70 8GB+256GB₦459,200

Price List for Feature Phones

Nokia 5310 2020₦32,800
Nokia 110 4G₦22,000
Nokia 105 Dual 4G₦18,400
NOKIA 6310₦46,200
Nokia 110₦10,480

Price List For Laptops in Slot Nigeria

As we highlighted earlier, Slot sells a variety of Phones, laptops, and many other gadgets. Let’s highlight the prices of Laptops Slot Nigeria Sells

HP 15-DW1128NIA LAPTOP (PENTIUM SILVER N5030/4GB/1TB/15.6₦235,000
HP SPECTRE X360 14-EA0133NA LAPTOP₦1,331,000
HP Laptop – 15-gw0021nia, AMD Ryzen™ 3 3250U,4GB RAM,1TB HDD₦271,000
HP 15-DW1210NIA LAPTOP (CEL-N4020/4GB/1TB/15.6 HD/DOS)₦198,000
HP PROBOOK 430 Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7,8GB RAM,512GB SSD,13.3 INC₦682,000
Apple MacBook Air-13.3 Gold/8C CPU/7C₦863,000
Apple MacBook Air-13.3 SPG/8C CPU/8GB/256B- M1 Processor₦863,000
Apple MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro Chip, 16GB unified memory, 512GB SSD,₦1,571,000
ASUS F15 FX506LH-HN004T Notebook 39.6 cm (15.6″) Full HD 10th gen Intel₦495,900
Dell Vostro 3510 Laptop: Intel Core i7-1165G7, 8GB₦510,400


Slot Nigeria is not just any store, it is a reputable store that provides Nigerians with a wide range of phones, gadgets, laptops, and other tech accessories. The store gives reasonable discounts that make Nigerians want to buy more and the stores are located in main cities in Nigeria.

For slot accurate price list you can also check out the official website of Slot Nigeria Limited

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