10 Best Affiliate Networks For Nigerians

What Is Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks for Nigerians, then you’ve come to the right place. I made this guide covers the top 10 best affiliate networks in Nigeria and how much you can make as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria.

These affiliate networks allow to make money easily and some of these networks have affiliate programs that pay daily.  When I started my first blog, I ignored Affiliate marketing but I’ve learned my lesson now, Affiliate marketing is truly one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

You can easily start your affiliate marketing business on Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Pin interest, Instagram, and even on a blog like this. Affiliate marketing is for serious investors that are willing to make more money online even on a budget.

I’ve been compiling a list of the best affiliate network in Nigeria because of the Low Cost Per Click in Nigeria, contextual ad network is not an ideal source of income for Nigerian webmasters.

Making $5 on Adsense may seem like a good deal to a lot of webmasters but this figure looks repulsive to me. With affiliate marketing, you can make three times that amount in a single day.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is online-based marketing in which a business rewards an affiliate for each customer he/she refers a product to. In affiliate marketing, you are rewarded based on sales and not performance.

Affiliate marketing is perhaps the easiest way to make money online. No registration fee is needed, it free to start, easy to set up, and offers multiple payment options.

When it comes to affiliate marketing it looks like we’re are actually the loser because you have to sell a product for another company and given a commission after each sale. This kind of business looks kind of shady right?

Well, don’t be deceived, affiliate marketing is much more than that. The thing is that you have everything to gain as an affiliate marketer.

You promote a product created by someone/company and have a share of every cent you make for the person or company using your affiliate link. How cool is that? This means that if you don’t have to spend a dime creating any product you just sell on behalf of the company and get paid for every successful sale you make.

Still interested in affiliate marketing?

If you need a complete guide to affiliate marketing then you should check out this blog post from Matt. He covered all there is know about affiliate marketing and ideas he used to make recurring income effortlessly.

How much can affiliate marketing make me rich?

Before I’ll show you the best affiliate networks in Nigeria and how to start your affiliate marketing campaign, I’d like to tell you how much you can make from affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing, you can anything between $150 and $600 in your first year. As you progress, you will begin to see outrageous products that offer recurring commissions that would allow you to earn up to $12,000 in a year.


Affiliate marketing is the easiest online income stream once you understand the concept. You can learn more about affiliate marketing on sites like Diggity Marketing, take online courses on Udemy, or watch affiliate marketing tutorials on Youtube.

Best Affiliate Programs In Nigeria

As a Nigerian webmaster, there are a lot of affiliate networks that you can choose from and most of these companies offer anything between 3% and 30% in commission.

There are also other big brands and companies like Clickfunnels, Payoneer, and the Fly Emirates that have affiliate programs that reward their affiliates.

But if you are serious about affiliate marketing in Nigeria, these affiliate programs can help kickstart your affiliate marketing journey in Nigeria. There are officially the best affiliate networks for Nigerian affiliates.

1. Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program

Nothing says sweet money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria than Jumia. Jumia is Nigeria’s number one online shopping destination. Jumia Affiliate Network is the best affiliate network for affiliate marketers in Lagos.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program is an online affiliate marketing scheme from Nigeria’s leading eCommerce website and the most trusted online marketplace on the continent, The Jumia affiliate program pays up to 13% for every successful sale from your affiliate link, this makes this platform one of the top paying affiliate programs in Nigeria.


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With a Jumia affiliate link on your site, you can make up to 50 sales in a month and make at least ₦15,000 a week. The program also provides you with everything you need to start a successful campaign from real-time statistics, to responsive banners, short links, smart email swipes, and an outstanding 90-day cookie.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program is one of the best affiliate programs to make money in Nigeria.

Although it is not as profitable as the Amazon affiliate program, it is more powerful in Nigeria because it has the trust of Nigerians making it easier to make sales on this affiliate network. Since Jumia is a Nigerian brand, it is trusted by millions of Nigerians.

Amazon might be the most profitable but Jumia is the most favorable affiliate network for a Nigerian audience. People tend to make a judgment based on what they’re familiar with.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Jumia Affiliate Program


  1. Monthly payout

The Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program pays on the 30th of every month once you have up to ₦5,000 in your balance. The money is sent straight to your bank account.

  1. Easy approval

You must have a site or a social media platform when applying for this affiliate program, if they check out your platform and it looks good to them, you get approved instantly.

  1. Large customer & product base

Jumia is Nigeria’s #1 shopping destination and it is a trusted e-commerce platform in Africa. Jumia gets over 12 million customers every year, this means that any attractive Ad will fetch you a decent commission as a Jumia affiliate.

As a bonus, this affiliate network is available in 10 African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia, and Senegal.


  1. Low conversion & commission rates

If you’ve been on the Jumia affiliate program for a while you will know that their Payment is very small. If you make a sale worth ₦1,000,000 on Jumia, you’ll receive only ₦20,000 in commission. This is not looking good at all.

  1. Disabled accounts

Unlike Amazon that disables the account of most affiliate vendors if they don’t make a sale within 180 days, Jumia will disable your affiliate backend if you do not log in within a 180 days period.

  1. Rejected Orders

Jumia delivery system is not up to standard especially for those outside Lagos, half of the orders made on their website do not get to the destinations on time. This sometimes causes a lot of returned orders and commission loss.

  1. App discount

Any purchase made on the Jumia Mobile app get discounts and benefits, this is bad for all affiliate. If someone clicks on your affiliate link but makes a purchase on the Jumia app, you won’t get a commission.

2. Amazon Associates

The Amazon Affiliate program popularly known as Amazon Associates is a free online affiliate marketing program for website owners and bloggers that pays them for every successful sale made completed using their affiliate link.

Amazon Associates is another favorable affiliate program for Nigerian affiliates. Since Amazon is one of the biggest online stores in the world, you should have to the problem making sales since it is available worldwide.

Amazon Associates program is one of the most profitable affiliate networks for a Nigerian publisher. with up to 7% commission per sale, you can earn up to $10 from every sale and as low as $600 every month.

If you don’t like affiliate marketing, I know that the Amazon affiliate program will definitely change your mind. Amazon is listed as number 2 because there is only a handful of people that can successfully shop from Amazon and get their goods safely and their doorstep in Nigeria.

About 57% of the Nigerian audience purchase goods online annually but only 16% can successfully purchase a product from Amazon. If you want an affiliate program that will make you a decent annual income, then you should look up the Amazon affiliate program.


  1. Easy to set up

The Amazon affiliate program is probably the easiest affiliate network to sign up for. Once you sign up, you gain full access to all the tools, banners, advertising code, native ads, and reports. This way you can track your progress and replicate that success

  1. Reliable reporting tool

The Amazon associates reporting tools give in-depth analysis and provide a good amount of information on your campaigns and overall performance. Amazon has one of the most advanced tracking tools of any affiliate network listed in this article.

  1. Thousand of Products & Good commission rates

There are tens of thousands of products available on Amazon on sale that can appeal to everybody regardless of their age or demographics. Each of these products comes with their commission rate that is sure to make you smile.


  1. Poor Support

Amazon Associates have a terrible support system especially when your account was a ban or if there’s a technical issue is affecting your links. Their customer support takes times to respond to messages even when they do, you only get a link to an FAQ.

  1. Terrible payment system

The payment threshold for Amazon associates is $20 which is paid after 60 days of requesting payment. This means if you request payment on the 1st of January, your account will be credited on the 4th of March.

As if that’s not bad enough, you can only receive payment via cheque, gift card, or bank deposit to your USA bank account.

3. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International Group. Established in 2003, it is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world and houses more than two million websites.

If you follow affiliate marketing threads on Google or Nairaland, It obvious that Nigerian webmasters have risen by 73% in the past decade, and by now most of them have discovered that Blogspot hosted blogs are not a smart decision at all.

Bluehost allows you to start your own WordPress site at a very affordable price. With the Bluehost affiliate program, you can send your affiliate links to other webmasters and receive a commission every time they pay for a hosting plan.

Earning commissions through the Bluehost Affiliate Program is very easy. Anytime you refer a customer to Bluehost by using your unique affiliate links, you get $65 for every customer that signs up and purchase a web hosting package. You get $65 no matter the hosting plan the customer purchases.


  1. Easy to use

You don’t need any special skill to start as an affiliate, you only need a website with decent traffic to start earning.

  1. The most profitable affiliate program

Bluehost Affiliate Program has a minimum of $100 threshold for all funds to be withdrawn. All payouts are then paid directly to an active PayPal account. Plus you get $65 per sale, no matter the package or plan your referrals orders using your affiliate link.

  1. Best Deals

Bluehost offers some of the best, attractive, and mouth-watering deals when it comes to web hosting.  Discounts and offers given by Bluehost are attractive to most webmasters. Some of the outrageous offers given by the Bluehost affiliate program include:

  • Domain Name for 1st Year FREE
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  1. Just one customer

Your audience is just a targeted segment of people who are website owners, bloggers, and webmasters. Webmasters are your number one and only customers when it comes to promoting this product.

4. Travelstart Affiliate Program

Travelstart is Africa’s largest online travel agency and a reliable Nigerian brand. They have been providing access to more than 500 airlines and over 11,000 destinations. This Company also processes flight ticket and also help travelers book hotels, vacation packages, rental cars, and book flights.

Travelstart Affiliate Program is one of the highest paying affiliates networks in Nigeria. You get up to 70% commission per referral. This affiliate network is perfect for travel and lifestyle bloggers. But if you travel a lot, you can refer to some of your friends to TravelStart using your affiliate link.

With the introduction of the Travelstart blog, the Travelstart company has gained major attention and has created more awareness about the beauty of Nigeria. In other words, making it easy for you as an affiliate to run a smooth campaign, make sales, earn an outrageous commission.



1. Up to 70% Commission
2. Unlimited array of customers
3. Easy signup
4. Fast payout

1. Limited to travel activities in Africa

5. Bet9ja Affiliate Program

The Bet9ja affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in Nigeria. It’s no news that Bet9ja is the biggest sport bookmarker in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa. In addition to sports soccer betting, it also offers virtual league online betting and casino.

Bet9ja has a very rewarding affiliate program for its affiliates even new customers have the chance to enjoy some of the biggest bonuses any sports betting company can offer. With more than 100 active customers, there are a lot of people willing to join Bet9ja using your unique affiliate link.

When you refer a customer to Bet9ja, you get a 20% commission on accumulators and real-time cashout from the customer. If your referral makes money, you make money. If he loses you make money. How great is that? This is a win-win situation for both affiliates and customers.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a webmaster to make money from this affiliate program. You just have to sign up and get your affiliate links out there for people to see.



1. You make money every day as long as a customer you referred to keeps booking.
2. You get paid when he wins and loses a game.
3. Super easy to get started.

1. They are very strict when it comes to accepting affiliates
2. Promoting sports betting may cause a bad reputation for your business. 

6. Konga Affiliate Network

As an average Nigerian all things being equal, I’ll pick to shop at Jumia or Konga over Aliexpress and Amazon. This means that I have a higher trust for Konga than I have for Amazon.

Konga Affiliate Network is also a profitable affiliate network for Nigerian affiliates looking to make money from every product ordered via their affiliate links. This affiliate program allows you to enjoy up to 10% commission per sale and make up to ₦20,000 every month.

7. Aliexpress Affiliate Program

Just like Amazon, Aliexpress is an international company that has always dominated the eCommerce scene even here in Nigeria. AliExpress online retail service founded in 2010, the superb brand has its headquarters in China but have a global reputation.

The Aliexpress affiliate system gives you a commission of up to 16% and it has longer cookies than those of Amazon. The 30-days cookies ensure that you get your commission even a user orders a product 29 days after clicking your affiliate link.

8. Wakanow Affiliate Program

The Wakanow affiliate program is also another affiliate network that will profit you as an affiliate. Like Travelstart, Wakanow is an agency that gives discounted fees on travel services, flights, hotels, airport pick up tools, and vacations to their customers.

Wakanow is indigenous to Nigeria which makes it kind of a super brand when it comes to vacations and travel in Nigeria. As an affiliate, you earn a commission for every referral you give to the company.


As a Wakanow travel agent, you also have the power to control pricing. You can increase or decrease the price of different travel products based on your conclusion with a customer. This means that you are not just an affiliate, you are a Wakanow partner business.

9. Whogohost Affiliate Program

Whogohost is a web solution company providing services within and outside Nigeria. It is the preferred hosting company for giant companies like GT bank, Jumia… This affiliate program promises a strong and favorable partnership with Whogohost.

You can make a lot of money easily since they pay up to 15% on all sales made via your affiliate link. They also credit your account with ₦500 upon sign up. I think this web hosting company offers one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

10. MarketHealth Affiliate Program

MarketHealth affiliate network is another profitable affiliate program for all aspiring Nigerian affiliates looking for a well-paying network. The Market Health Affiliate Program allows you to market and promotes health and beauty offer online.

MarketHealth is one of the highest paying affiliate programs and best tracking software in its niche. With up to 40% commission for every sale, you are bound to make at least ₦40,000 a month if you promote products on this eCommerce site.

You would be paid once you have at least $20 in your account balance. Payments are sent on the 1st and 16th of every month. MarketHealth affiliate network is one of the few affiliate networks that pay every day.

Top Affiliate Programs For Nigerians

There are still thousands of affiliate networks that you can sign up for and start making money as a Nigerian. There are out there waiting for you to sign up and start making money. There are hundreds of affiliate networks that pay very well. I know that these affiliate programs pays very well.

  • ClickBank Affiliate Program
  • Luno Referral Program
  • TransferWise Affiliate Programs
  • CoinBase Affiliate Network
  • Commission Junction
  • Payoneer Affiliate Program
  • Builderall Affiliate Section
  • NameCheap Affiliate Program

There are tons of affiliates Network that you can benefit from as a Nigerian but these 10 will definitely make you a lot of money. If you do not like the affiliate networks we recommended, you can share the one you are using with us using our comment section.

What To Consider Before Choosing An Affiliate Networks In Nigeria

1. Product Relevance and Niche: Before selecting an affiliate network in Nigeria, consider your niche or the industry you want to promote. Ensure that the network offers products or services that are relevant to your target audience. Matching the products to your niche will increase the likelihood of conversions and success in your affiliate marketing efforts.

2. Commission Structure and Payouts: Investigate the commission structure and payout terms of the affiliate network. Different networks may offer varying commission rates, payment schedules, and minimum payout thresholds. Look for networks that provide competitive commissions and timely payments to maximize your earnings.


3. Tracking and Reporting Tools: A robust tracking and reporting system is essential for monitoring the performance of your affiliate marketing campaigns. Choose a network that offers reliable tracking tools and detailed reports. This data will help you assess the effectiveness of your promotions and make informed decisions.

4. Reputation and Trustworthiness: Research the reputation and trustworthiness of the affiliate network. Check for reviews and testimonials from other affiliates to gauge the network’s reliability. A reputable network is more likely to provide a secure and transparent affiliate marketing environment.

5. Support and Resources: Consider the level of support and resources offered by the network. Reliable affiliate networks often provide affiliates with marketing materials, training, and dedicated support to help them succeed. Assess the network’s commitment to assisting its affiliates in achieving their goals.

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