10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria And Their Price [2020]

Did you know that there are cars that you can buy with less than a million Naira in Nigeria? No? in this article, I’ll be showing you the cheapest cars in Nigeria. You’ll also get to see the prices of popular cars in Nigeria from Mercedes to Lexus, Toyota cars, Ford, Honda and of course Range rovers.

A lot of people are afraid to go to car dealers because they fear that buying a new car will break all their bank account. But that is just a false belief. “cars are too expensive” is a fallacy that you have scummed to. There are so many cars out there that you can buy and still have enough for its upkeep, maintenance, and insurance.

Cheap Cars In Nigeria

There are so many cars in Nigeria that do not need millions to buy or maintain. If you are a Nigerian looking for cheap cars, these 10 cars won’t cost you much.

  1. Toyota Camry

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Toyota Camry 2014

The Toyota Camry series is one of the most popular cars in Nigeria and the king of cheap cars. Toyota Camry series is one of the highest-selling compact cars in Nigeria. This car has a comfy cabin, big boot,  spacious interior and safety features making it a perfect car for a new family.

The Toyota Camry can brag of strong & durable engine, durable tires that allow you to drive smoothly in tarred and bumpy roads without trouble. This car model will suit the needs of any owner. You can get a good Toyota Camry for less than 1 million Naira.


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Prices of Toyota Camry in Nigeria

  • 2015 – 2017 Toyota Camry N1,500,000 – N3,500,000
  • 2010 – 2014 Toyota Camry –  N1,200,000 – N2,500,000
  • 2003 – 2009 Toyota Camry – N900,000 – N1,100,000
  • 1996 – 2002 Toyota Camry – N400,000 – N1,100,000
  • 1992 – 1995 Toyota Camry – N400,000 – N800,000

The average market price ranges of Toyota Camry in Nigeria range from N1,200,000 to N3,000,000.

  1. Mercedes Benz C200 2000-2007

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Mercedes Benz C200 2007

The Mercedes Benz C200 is another cheap car in Nigeria that you can purchase for less than a million Naira. This car comes with the sweet Mercedes Benz design and usual functions that you are sure to love.

The Mercedes Benz has already established itself as the King of automobiles worldwide. This German brand of automobiles is known for precise manufacturing of their cars that make their vehicles extremely durable and almost indestructible.

This makes people believe the fallacy that there is no cheap Benz in Nigeria. Mercedes Benz is known for making top-notch cars that are  luxurious, strong, durable  and exquisite

Price of Mercedes Benz C200 2005 in Nigeria

  • The average market price for a Mercedes Benz C200 2006 Model in Nigeria ranges from N800,000 and  N1,200,000 (Tokunbo/Foreign used).
  1. Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Volkswagen Golf 4 2003

The Volkswagen Golfs Series is perhaps the cheapest car models in Nigeria. This car is also another durable model of cars capable of going long distances and having little wear and tear.

This was what made this model extremely popular in Nigeria in the late 90s. The Volkswagen Golf MK3 & MK4 series is a small compact car [4,074mm tall] but surprisingly capable of carrying a family of 7 and a load of up to 150kg.


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Price of Volkswagen Golf 3 & 4 in Nigeria

  • The average market price for a Volkswagen Golf 3 in Nigeria ranges from N350,000 and N700,000.
  • The market price for a Volkswagen Golf 4 in Nigeria ranges from N500,000 and N800,000.
  1. Honda CR-V

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Honda CR-V 2004

Honda CR-V is another popular compact car that can be compared with the Toyota Camry and Corolla models. The Honda CR-V is another Japanese Car Series known for its impressive fuel economy, reliable safety features, and small but spacious design.

Price of Honda CR-V in Nigeria

  • The market price ranges of a second-hand Honda CR-V is between N800,000 to N2,000,000.
  1. Toyota Corolla

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Toyota Corolla 2005

The twin brother of the Toyota Camry also made this list. This is another ideal car for a bachelor in Nigeria. Toyota Corolla Model is the second best-selling car in Nigeria and the top-selling car model around the world.

This is famous for its durability and strength. It is very hard to find a Toyota Corolla is a car mechanic workshop. This car rarely breaks down, develops engine failure, oil leaks or brake troubles.

Toyota Corolla has first launched over five decades ago [1966] and has been redesigned and remodeled to fit the taste of several customers.

Price of Toyota Corolla in Nigeria

  • The market price ranges of a Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2001 is between N500,000 to N800,000.
  • The market price ranges of a Tokunbo Toyota Corolla 2005 is between N800,000 to N1,200,000.
  1. Toyota Sienna 2001

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Toyota Sienna 2001

The Toyota Sienna series can also stand as one of the cheapest SUV cars in Nigeria.  This car is one of Nigerian 1st choice when purchasing SUV because Siennas can drive easily on bad roads without any worries at all.

First released in 1997, the Toyota Sienna stands as one of the most purchased SUV cars in Nigeria. This car also the 1st choice car for a big family in Nigeria. Siennas are not as elegant as highlanders or 4runners but there are cheap.

Price of Toyota Sienna in Nigeria

  • The price of a Second hand Toyota Sienna 2001 model in Nigeria is N1,000,000 flat. Don’t argue.


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  1. Lexus RX300

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Lexus RX300 2001

Speaking of SUVs, this is another cheap car that you should consider buying in Nigeria. This car comes with a boss sized interior and a very neat design that will surely leave you stunned.

Lexus RX300 brings premium comfort to their owners. The Lexus RX350 is also one of the most popular SUVs in Nigeria and can boast of reliability, durability, and affordability.

Price of Lexus RX300 in Nigeria

  • You can buy a Lexus RX300 for N1,500,000 to N1,800,000 in Nigeria.
  1. Honda Accord

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Honda Accord 2004

The list of cheapest cars in Nigeria won’t be complete without a Honda Accord in the list. There are over 500 thousand Honda Accord cars purchased annually in Nigeria. Accords models also rank as one of the most purchased cars in Nigeria.

Honda Accord cars are easy to drive, have good fuel economy, compact-sized and easy/cheap to maintenance. This compact car is cheap but doesn’t perform too well on bad roads.

Price of Honda Accord in Nigeria

You can get your own Honda Accord from N1,000,000 to N1,800,000 in Nigeria.

  1. Nissan Xterra

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Nissan Xterra 2002

Nissan Xterra 2002 model is another SUV car that can go for Chikini money in Nigeria. This car can make any owner look like a boss. The Nissan Xterra model is a compact Suv born in the heart of Japan. First introduced in 1999, this automobile has now become a household name in Nigeria.


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Price of Nissan Xterra 2002 in Nigeria

You can get your own Nissan Xterra 2002 for anything less than N1.5millon Naira in Nigeria.

  1. Volkswagen Beetle

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Volkswagen Beetle 2015

Yes, the Volkswagen Beetle is also one of the cheapest cars in Nigeria. The Volkswagen Beetle nicknamed the “Tortoise car” is another popular car model that can be bought at a giveaway price in Nigeria.

Although the Volkswagen beetle is not a fancy car, it can be regarded as the classics and a collectible. The German Automobile Giants, Volkswagen announced earlier this year that they would stop the production of the beetle model. This car can still be bought for a good price.

 Price of Volkswagen Beetle in Nigeria

Depending on the year and model, you can get a good Volkswagen beetle for N300,000.

  1. Kia Soul

Top 10 Cheapest Cars In Nigeria

Kia Soul 2010

Finally, the breathtaking Kia Soul. This is a hybrid car that blends compact cars and SUV cars to bring this small powerhouse. Despite its small size the Kia Soul is capable of going long distances and carry extra weight without even straining the car.

Price of Kia Soul in Nigeria

  • The average market price ranges of a Kia Soul range from N850,000 to N1, 500,000.

Price Of Popular Cars In Nigeria

There is no fixed price for any car. The price of cars is determined by the model, car store and dealer, location, features, and even size. But when buying cars in Nigeria, you can get any of these cars for these prices in Nigeria.

  • Acura MDX – 1,200,000
  • Acura TL – 900,000+
  • Acura ZDX – 1,300,000+
  • Audi A4 – 900,000+
  • Audi A6 – 800,000+
  • BMW 3-Series – 1,250,000+
  • BMW 5-Series – 1,400,000+
  • BMW X5 – 1,300,000+
  • BMW X6 – 1,200,000+
  • Ford Escape – 1,300,000+
  • Ford Explorer – 1,500,000+
  • Honda City –  800,000+
  • Honda Civic – 800,000+
  • Honda Crosstour – 1,050,000+
  • Honda Odyssey – 950,000+
  • Honda Pilot – 850,000+
  • Hyundai Accent – 850,000+
  • Hyundai Elantra – 800,000+
  • Infiniti FX45 – 1,300,000+
  • Infiniti QX4 – 950,000+
  • Isuzu Trooper – 1,200,000+
  • Jaguar S-Type – 950,000+
  • Jeep Liberty price in Nigeria 2,000,000+
  • Kia Sorento – 850,000+
  • Land Rover Discovery 1,800,000+
  • Land Rover Freelander price in Nigeria 1,750,000+
  • Land Rover LR3 – 1,300,000+
  • Land Rover LR4 1,500,000+
  • Range Rover Sport – 2,600,000+
  • Land Rover Vogue – 1,800,000
  • Lexus GS – 5Million
  • Lexus GX460 – 1,500,000+
  • Lexus RX 300 – 1,200,000+
  • Lexus RX 330 – 1,200,000+
  • Lexus RX 350 – 1,500,000+
  • Mazda 6 – 1,000,000+
  • Mazda 626 – 1,200,000+
  • Mazda MPV – 1,200,000
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class1,250,000+
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 1,200,000+
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class – 1,550,000+
  • Mercedes-Benz GLK – 750,000
  • Mercedes-Benz ML – 2,000,000+
  • Mitsubishi Endeavour – 750,000+
  • Nissan Altima – 1,250,000+
  • Nissan Armada – 1,500,000+
  • Nissan Maxima – 1,350,000+
  • Nissan Murano – 1,300,000+
  • Nissan Pathfinderprice in Nigeria – 1,500,000+
  • Nissan Primera – 1,200,000+
  • Peugeot 406 – 730,000+
  • Peugeot 407 price in Nigeria 900,000+
  • Peugeot 607 – 850,000
  • Toyota 4Runner – 1,500,000+
  • Toyota Avalon – 1,200,000+
  • Toyota Avensis – 1,350,000+
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser price in Nigeria – 1,350,000+
  • Toyota Hiace price in Nigeria – 1,200,000+
  • Toyota Highlander – 1,500,000+
  • Toyota Hilux – 1,800,000+
  • Toyota Matrix – 1,000,000+
  • Toyota Prado – 1,500,000+
  • Toyota Rav4 price in Nigeria 1,300,000+
  • Toyota Sequoia – 1,000,000+
  • Toyota Tundra price in Nigeria 1,400,000+
  • Toyota Venza price in Nigeria 1,600,000+
  • Toyota Yaris – 900,000+
  • Volkswagen Jetta – 800,000+

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