10 Places To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria

Getting a cheap car in good working condition is not easy at all. Many people have been swindled when trying to purchase a car in Nigeria. But where can I buy a fairly used car or good Tokunbo car [imported, foreign, London used cars] in Nigeria?

This is what most people with “small money” ask before searching online for a car. What you should know is that you can buy a car even with little cash in Nigeria. Some cars sell for as low as N800,000 and still work perfectly. You can see the best places to buy a car in Nigeria here.

Before I give you the list of places where you can purchase new or fairly used cars for a good price, let me show you how to buy a good car.

How To Purchase A Good Cheap Car in Nigeria?

63% of the cars driven in Nigeria are second-hand cars. But it is still hard to find a good car for a cheap price in Nigeria. Yes,  Tokunbo cars cannot be compared to brand new cars but there are ways you can ensure that you get the best deal for a good price when buying a car in Nigeria

If you are ready to buy a car in Nigeria, these are some of the things that should be marked in your shopping checklist. I have made it easy to remember in two easy steps.

  1. Getting Prepared

One of the reasons why many people get duped when shopping for cars in Nigeria is because you want to drive the latest whip but still have a poor budget. You want to buy a 2018 Toyota Highlander with a budget not even to 2 million Naira. But end up purchasing a crapy car.

You should picture what you are getting, read articles about it and also prepare to break the bank for it.  Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a new or used car in Nigeria.

  • What is the car for?

This is a very important decision you have to take before purchasing a car in Nigeria. Are you a family man that needs a big car [i.e. Nissan Pathfinder] to take his family to church?  Or do you want a car that has more fuel economy [consumes less fuel]?

Maybe you need a car with affordable spare parts and easy to maintain? A car with big tires that can drive properly on any bad road? You may also want a car that is even built for speed to beat traffic.

Once you create a flowchart starting your needs for a car, buying one becomes easier than you think.

  • How much can I spend on this car?

Once you’ve been able to identify the car you need, you can proceed to check the price, so you can plan your budget to but this car. With 1 to 2 million Naira, you can buy a quality car in Calabar, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, and even Lagos.

Also put other factors like extra cost and maintenance, clearance and paperwork into the budget so that you can get a nearly precise cost of the entire process.

  1. Buying The Car

When buying used cars in Nigeria, it is best to buy from friends and family where you can easily get easy information and a short history of the car. Plus you also get good discounts when purchasing from them. You can even pay to install mentally when purchasing a car from a close associate.

If you can’t buy from close associates, you can also buy online or import your preferred car yourself. This will allow you to see a wide variety of cars and also save you a lot of time that could have been spent going from one car store to the other looking for a cheap car.

  1. Getting Insurance For The Car

Insurance is usually left out by most Nigerian when they want to by a car but I assure you, if you don’t get your car insured, you’d end up losing a lot of money sooner than you think. You should get a good and reputable insurance company to get your car insured.

You must take a trusted car mechanic and a relative with you when buying a car in Nigeria. This saves you a lot of trouble especially if you do not have any experience with cars.

  • Do not pay for a car you’ve not seen, paying for a car seen only in pictures is a bad idea
  • Do not give your bank detail to the seller for any reason at all.
  • You can negotiate with the seller online but do not pay without inspecting the vehicle
  • Beware of Auto Fraud!


  1. Jiji

At the moment, Jiji has over 75,000 cars on sale. Jiji is Nigeria’s biggest classified ads site where registered users can place a free advertisement site. Most people use Jiji to advertise their cars. Jiji is also the fastest way to sell your car in Nigeria.

If you car looking for a chap Toyota car jut Jiji it. If you are looking for cheap cars, then cheap cars. Jiji allows you to view a wide variety of cars and meet a buyer/seller anywhere in Nigeria.

  1. Cheki

Cheki also tops the list as one of the best places to get cheap cars in Nigeria. Cheki boasts of being Nigeria’s #1 car website. You can buy a used car from cheki.com and you can also sell your car on Cheki once you’ve registered.

  1. Jumia

You can also buy cars from Jumia, Nigeria’s biggest online store. Simply head to cars.jumia.com.ng to start shopping. Jumia starting selling cars after they acquired carmudi.com.ng. Now you can place an order for used, new, fairly used and Tokunbo cars for great prices.

  1. Nigeriacarmart

NigeriaCarMart is also one of the best places to purchase a car online in Nigeria. The Nigerian car Mart is a new online used car trading website in Nigeria where buyers and sellers can meet and do all their transactions.

  1. Nairaland

Although not official, you can get a good car for a good price on Nairaland. Nairaland is the biggest online forum in Africa and one of the most visited sites in the world. The Nairaland Autos section allows people interested in cars to interact and close deals concerning car sales.

  1. AuctionExport

Auction Export is a Canada based website that allows you to buy cars for surprisingly cheap prices. Although most of the cars on Auction Export are damaged sites, you can get a good car for a good price on this website.

  1. Sellyourcar

If you’re still looking for where to sell your car fast in Nigeria? Then look no further because, on sellyourcar.com, your car is sold ASAP.  Sellyourcar is Nigeria’s Online Auto Market that allows users to purchase used cars, new cars, trucks, Okada, Keke, and other vehicle accessories in Nigeria.

  1. Carnotautomart

Carnotautomart is one of the best websites to go to if you are looking for a cheap car. Both new or used cars are available for sale on this site. You can easily browse through the gallery and pick a car of your choice.

  1. Car45

Cars45 is another amazing Nigerian website made for Nigerians by Nigerians to allow car vendors and buyers to meet in an online and physical environment and do businesses concerning their auto.

  1. Tokunbocars

Tokunbocars is another amazing online community where buyers and sellers meet to sell and buy vehicles for a cheap price. You can get a good working vehicle on this site for a good price if you search well.

Popular Car Brands in Nigeria

We’ve also done you the favor of compiling a list of popular car brands in Nigeria. This is the best we could find.

  • Toyota cars
  • Lexus cars
  • Nissan cars
  • Acura cars
  • Audi cars
  • Opel cars
  • BAW cars
  • BMW cars
  • Bentley cars
  • Hyundai cars
  • Peugeot cars
  • Kia cars
  • Volkswagen golf cars
  • Volvo cars
  • Honda cars
  • Mercedes cars
  • Mitsubishi cars
  • Chevrolet cars
  • Chrysler cars
  • Dodge cars
  • Ford cars
  • Infiniti cars
  • Isuzu cars
  • Jaguar cars
  • Jeeps
  • Land Rovers
  • Range Rovers

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