How To Check Glo Data Using USSD and SMS

How To Check Glo Data Using USSD and SMS

Glo is one of the leading telecommunications providers in Nigeria. It has attained this height majorly because of the cheap data plans available on its platform, and that’s why more people keep acquiring new GLO Sims every day.

Are you a Globacom user and you are finding it hard or impossible to check your Glo data balance and/or you are finding it hard to purchase data bundles? You’re in luck.

This article will explain different ways to check your data balance as well as your account balance.

How To Check Glo Data

There are several ways data balance can be checked on Glo. You can either use the USSD method or simply send an SMS to a Glo-programmed number which will automatically reply to you with your data balance.


I’ll be giving a step-by-step analysis of how to use any of the methods.

1. Using USSD

Using USSD to check data balance works on all devices. The USSD works on any Android, iPhone, or Windows device. Simply dial *310# or *323# to view your data balance. This same code can also be used to check your data plan’s status and expiry date.

Here’s how to use the USSD to check your data balance on Glo

  • Open the dialer app on your phone. 
  • Dial *310# or *323# and click send
  • You’ll receive a message containing your data balance, expiry date, and status.

2. Checking Online

This method is not very popular and isn’t known by many. It’s also very straightforward. All you need to do is go to Glo’s official website and check your data balance.

However, before using this method, you must have a data subscription and a smartphone.

  • Put on your mobile data and launch the browser app on your smartphone
  • Go to 
  • Use the website’s template to check your data balance.

3. Using Glo Mobile App

You can also use the Glo mobile app to check your data balance. However, you need to install the app, sign in, and have an internet connection.

Here’s how to use the mobile app to check your Glo data balance

  • Download the “Glo Cafe App” on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.
  • Launch the app
  • If you don’t have an account already, do so by signing up
  • Enter your phone number and request for OTP
  • Once the OTP is entered, enter it on the app to verify your phone number.
  • Create a pin 
  • You’ll see your account balance and data balance once you’ve signed in.

How To Check Glo Data Bonus

Glo gives customers a data bonus when they subscribe to a certain data bundle or when they recharge airtime. However, the USSD code to check the data bonus differs from the one you’ll use to check the data balance.

The USSD code to check your data bonus balance is *310# or *323#. You’ll get a pop-up notification containing your data bonus balance.

How To Check Glo Account Balance

There are several methods for checking your Glo account balance. You can check it with your USSD or the Glo mobile app“Glo Cafe App.”


1. Using USSD

The USSD code for checking your Glo account balance is *310#. This is one of the simplest ways to check your account balance. All you have to do is call *310#, click send, and wait for the network to display your Glo account balance

2. Using Mobile App

Another option to check your account balance is to use the Glo app. However, unlike the USSD method, you must have an internet connection and a data subscription. The app is known as the ig9ite app.

Here’s how to check your account balance with the Glo app:

  • Download the “Glo Cafe App” mobile app through the Google Play Store or the app store.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Sign up for the app with your Glo phone number.
  • After signing up, they’ll send an OTP to verify the number.
  • After signing in, you’ll see your Glo account balance on the dashboard. 

List Of Glo Data Bundles, USSD Codes, and Validity Period

Glo offers cheaper data bundles than other network providers in Nigeria. Here is a list of their data bundles and their activation code

Data planpriceActivation codesValidity Duration 
50MB₦50*312*14#1 day24 Hours
100MB₦100*312*51#1 day 24 Hours
350MB₦200*312*56#2 days 48 hours
1GB₦500*312*57#14 days
2GB₦1000*312*53#30 days
4.5GB₦2,000*312*55#30 days
7GB₦2,500*312*58#30 days
8.75Gb₦3,000*312*54#30 days
12.5GB₦4,000*312*59#30 days
15.5GB₦5,000*312*2#30 days
25GB₦8,000*312*1#30 days
32.5Gb₦10,000*312*11#30 days
52.5GB₦15,000*312*12#30 days
62.5GB₦18,000*312*13#30 days 
78.75GB₦20,000*312*33#30 days

Glo Campus Booster Data Plans

These data bundles are for students at no extra charge. However, the data bundles you’ll receive depend on your location. If you’re at any Nigerian university campus, you’ll get more for a lower price. But if you’re elsewhere, you get the data normally.

Price Off campusOn campus Glo to Glo Bonus Free data bonus Validity 
₦100100MB225MB₦10025MB2 days
₦200200MB450MB₦20050MB4 days
₦500500MB1.12GB₦500125MB7 days
₦10001GB2.25GB₦1000250MB15 days
₦20002GB4.5GB₦2000500MB30 days 
₦50005GB11.2GB₦50001250MB30 days


You can check your Glo data balance by dialing *310# or *323#. You can also try other methods, like using the Glo app, or website, to check your data balance. 

You can use the Glo mobile app or send an SMS to a Glo number. Also included in this article are ways to check your account balance and a list of Glo data plans and activation codes. Ultimately, following the instructions in this article, you should be able to check your Glo data balance with ease.

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