How To Stop Auto Renewal On Glo Using USSD

How To Stop Auto Renewal On Glo Using USSD

The primary aim of the auto-renewal feature of any network provider is to make their users enjoy the continuation of their favorite plans without having to subscribe manually again. However, auto-renewal can be a pain for users as you might be unaware that you have a running plan, or you just might want to try out another offer without knowing how to cancel your current auto-renewal plan. 

Numerous Glo users are going through this situation and have been unable to cancel the auto-renewal process just because they don’t know how to go about it. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to worry anymore, as this article will provide you with the needed information that will assist you in getting rid of an auto-renewal plan. 

How To Stop Auto Renewal On Glo

Every Glo subscriber is meant to learn the process of turning off auto-renewal. Knowing this allows you to pause subscriptions anytime you aren’t using them and resume them as required. 

When a plan is auto-renewed, it will continue for the next period as long as sufficient funds are in your account. The credit or airtime for your selected plan is automatically taken out of your account.


However, you may instantly cancel your subscription through SMS, online, or a USSD code.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Through USSD Code

If you’ve been wondering how to cancel every subscription with Glo, simply dial the USSD number *777#. After that, go as instructed to turn off auto-renewal services. You must use this unique code to control every aspect of your Glo line. This code works on all devices and does not require an internet connection to access services.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Through SMS

Here’s what to do if you want to cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal function via SMS after activating it.

  • Navigate to the messaging (SMS) app on your smartphone.
  • Send the word CANCEL to 127 

Your subscriptions won’t all renew themselves without your involvement. A text message verifying your successful opt-out of the auto-renewal option will be sent to you. All smartphone models and data plans the Glo mobile network provides are compatible.

How To Stop Glo Auto Renewal Online

You may remove all of your auto-renewable subscriptions by going to the official Glo website. To finish the procedure, adhere to the procedures listed below.

  • Click Sign In on the website.
  • To log into your account, input your login information.
  • Activate the My Account menu.
  • Decide to discontinue your subscription plan.

How To Subscribe To Glo Data Plans

Customers of Glo can sign up for any GLO data plan through the following channels:

  • Choose your desired data plan when you dial *777#
  • Visit the Glocafe app.
  • SMS menu keyword to 127

Can I Share My Glo Data Plan?

You may add up to 5 Glo network users to your data plan to share the love, and they will receive quick, fast broadband access. Following the procedures outlined below, you can share data with your loved ones.

  •  *777# or 127*01*MSISDN to add a number
  • Send an SMS  share (Space) MSISDN to 312
  • Visit the Glocafe app


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How Can I Check My Glo Data Balance?

You may check the remaining balance of your Glo data bundle through the following methods:

  • SMS info to 127
  •  Dialing *777# or *127*0#

Glo Data Plans Using USSD

Whether you use a lot or a little data, Glo’s collection of data bundles is the right option for you, whether you utilize a smartphone, PC modem, or any other internet-capable gadget. For you, Glo offers the ideal solution.

Data Plan & PriceDataValiditySMS TO 127USSD Code
2510 MB + 2.5 MB Bonus1 Day32*312*32#
5022 MB + 5.5 MB Bonus1 Day14*312*14#
10080 MB + 20 MB Bonus1 Day51*312*51#
200210 MB + 52 MB Bonus5 Days56*312*56#
N500800 MB + 200 MB Bonus14 Days57*312*57#
N1,0001.6 GB + 400 MB Bonus30 Days53*312*53#
N2,0003.65 GB + 900 MB Bonus30 Days55*312*55#
N2,5005.75 GB + 1.5 GB Bonus30 Days58*312*58#
N3,0007 GB + 1.75 GB Bonus30 Days54*312*54#
N4,00010 GB + 2.5 GB Bonus30 30 Days59*312*59#
N5,00012.5 GB + 3 GB Bonus30 Days11*312*11#
N8,00020 GB + 5 GB Bonus30 Days12*312*12#
N10,00026 GB + 6.5 GB Bonus30 Days15*312*15#
N15,00042 GB + 10.5 GB Bonus30 Days16*312*16#
N18,00050 GB + 12.5 GB Bonus30 Days17*312*17#
N20,00063 GB + 16.75 GB Bonus30 Days33*312*33#


To relieve their clients’ frustration of having to call many numbers repeatedly, Glo launched the auto-renewal option. Therefore, the auto-renewal option is, by default, enabled as soon as you dial the code *777# and sign up for a data plan.

However, some customers don’t want the auto-renewal service to continue for personal reasons. Simply text “CANCEL” to 312 to cancel Glo’s auto-renewal. To avoid having your existing data plan automatically renewed and having your money forfeited, this message must be delivered before your data plan expires or gets used up.

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