Spectranet Data Plans, Prices, Validity

Spectranet Data Plans And Prices

Spectranet 4G LTE is one of the best and fastest internet providers in Nigeria. This company has been providing cheap and quality internet service to Nigerians for more than 10 years [Since 2009].

With the Spectra-cular data plans, Spectranet users and valid customers are going to be bombarded with even better internet access, internet connectivity, unlimited bandwidth, and better internet receptions.

If you are a student, businessman, entrepreneur, an affiliate marketer, Youtuber, influencer, blogger, or agency looking to opt to Spectranet, you should know more about their data plans, validities, bonuses, and offers.

I have made my research and come up with an easy to understand article that covers all you need to know about the latest Spectranet data plans & offers to new subscribers. If you are interested in knowing more about Spectranet data bundles, then keep reading.

Founded in 2000, Spectranet has been giving Nigerians some of the best and cheapest data offers that comes with super-fast internet connections and connects up to 8 devices simultaneously without an Ethernet cable.

I was a Spectranet user at one point in my career. I used them to the point that I was tired of browsing. I bought excess data and didn’t know what to browse anymore just download.

It is obvious that if you are looking for the best data plans in Nigeria, you either opt for MTN, Airtel, or Spectranet, Smile, Swift, and Ntel. 9Mobile offers amazingly fast internet connections, and massive bonuses by their data plans need adjustment.

While Glo, the grandmasters of data have good data plans but very terrible network reception.

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This extraordinary internet company has amazingly structured plans that suit the needs of both basic and heavy internet users using easy-to-understand data plans to meet such needs.

Subscribers can choose any plan from the Unified Value plan, Mega Value plan, or the Always On plan.

With the Spectra-cular data plans, you get more value and data. This data plan is available in all Spectranet coverage areas including Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

These are the best Spectranet data bundles I’ve available right now.


The Spectranet Unified Value Plans allows all valid and active subscribers to any data bundle of their choice with a free night bonus.

This data plan is specially designed for low-end data users like small agencies, students, online gamers, and small startup that require a decent priced data plan for 30 days of internet service.

 All unified data plans are valid for just 30 days after subscription and you can check your data balance from your Spectranet dashboard. Here are the available Spectranet unified data bundles for both existing and new customers.

Spectranet Data PlanBonusPrice
Spectranet 8GB Unified Data Plans4GB data + 4GB Night Bonus₦3,070 
Spectranet 10GB Unified Data Plans5GB data + 5GB Night Bonus₦3,580 
Spectranet 14GB Unified Data Plans7GB data + 7GB Night Bonus₦5,115 
Spectranet 24GB Unified Data Plans12GB data + 12GB Night Bonus₦6,140 
Spectranet 30GB Unified Data Plans15GB data + 15GB Night Bonus₦7,165 


More data means more internet time. The Spectra-cular mega value data plans is another A-rated data bundle that allows the subscriber to get massive data offers and enjoy unlimited night browsing.

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These data bundles are specially made for high-end internet users that require/need more data and internet time.

Most professionals that use this plan are SMEs, advertisers, affiliate marketers, programmers, Youtubers, Whatsapp TV admin, Social influencers, sport betting outlets, and other growing agencies.

All the Spectranet data plans listed below are valid for just 30 days. If you would like to see all the available Spectranet Mega bundles new & existing subscribers, they have been properly listed below.

Spectranet Data PlanBonusPrice
Spectranet 25GB Mega Data Plans25GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦10,235
Spectranet 40GB Mega Data Plans40GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦12,795
Spectranet 60GB Mega Data Plans60GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦15,355


With Always-On Plans, you will almost never run out of data. You will get tired of using the internet. You get to enjoy over 100GB for a month, with super-fast 512kbps for browsing and up to 5mbps when downloading large files or programs.

This data bundle is especially people, families, and agencies that need longer internet time. The best thing about this plan is that it comes with FREE UNLIMITED NIGHT BROWSING, giving you longer internet access. Interested in purchasing any of the Spectranet always-on data plans? These are the offer available for you.

Spectranet Data PlanBonusPrice
Spectranet 50GB Always-On Data Plans50GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦13,305
Spectranet 100GB Always On Data Plans100GB data₦10,235
Spectranet 100GB Always On Data Plans100GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦19,960
Spectranet 200GB Always On Data Plans200GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦38,390
Spectranet 300GB Always On Data Plans300GB data + Free Unlimited Night Browsing₦56,820


Spectranet Unified Value Nite plans are very special night browsing data plans that are valid only from 7 pm – 7 am. That is 7’o clock in the evening till 7’o clock in the morning for 30 days.

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There are only two of these plans available and they both come in super affordable packages.

All Spectranet Nite Plans can be used throughout the day on weekends and public holidays. They all have 24-hour access only on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s a list of night browsing data plans for Spectranet users.

Spectranet Data PlanBonusPrice
Spectranet 20GB Unified Value Nite20GB Night data from 7 pm – 7 am₦7,675 
Spectranet 40GB Unified Value Nite20GB Night data from 7 pm – 7 am₦11,260 


If you feel your data is not enough, you can top it up with any of these smaller data plans with the small pocket change you have left. They expire only when your active plan expires.

Here’s a list of Spectra-cular Top-Up plans for Spectranet subscribers.

  • Spectranet 1GB Booster – ₦500
  • Spectranet 2GB Booster – ₦1,000
  • Spectranet 5GB Booster – ₦2,500
  • Spectranet 10GB Booster – ₦4,000


Spectranet weekly plans are great data offers provided by Spectranet to her subscribers for a cheap price. There’s only one weekly plan currently provided by Spectranet and it is a valid form just 7 days.

Unused data can be renewed and rollover while the bonus data expires at once and cannot be rolled over. This is the only currently available Spectranet weekly data.

Spectranet Data PlanBonusPrice
Spectranet 15GB weekly data plan6GB Data + 9GB Bonus₦4,000 


Spectranet offers different means to her subscribers to allow them to pay for their preferred data plans. You can purchase your favorite data bundle via bank payment, recharge voucher, online payment, or physical subscription at any Spectranet store near you.


As you can see, Spectranet data plans are currently one of the finest in Nigeria. The internet speed provided by this company is extraordinary even in areas with poor internet receptions.

Spectranet has been able to provide Nigerians with affordable, fast, and reliable Internet connections in homes, schools, and offices. If you are interested in purchasing any Spectranet modem or Mifi, these are the available ones.

Spectranet ModemBonusPrice
Ace MifiFree 60GB₦22,575
Blue Freedom MifiFree 40GB₦16,125
Evo MifiFree 40GB₦20,425
Flyt CPEUnlimited data₦25,263
Spectra Outdoor ModemUnlimited data₦70,000

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