Airtel Data Plans For 2020 [Subscription Codes & Prices]

Being one of the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria, Airtel has some of the best data plans for all Airtel customers to enjoy. Airtel also has some of the best tariff plans for Nigerians who want to enjoy more talk time or data at a low cost.

More than 40% of Nigerian smartphone users opt for Airtel because of the fast internet connection, special offers, unrestricted bandwidth, bonus, and AWUFs. Airtel just makes you enjoy your time on the internet.

Airtel data plans are pocket friendly and come in a variety of packages. There are daily, weekly, monthly, and mega plans depending on your need and preference.

If you are looking for an accurate list of Airtel Data Plan, internet Bundles, Airtel subscription prices, subscription codes, and validity, we’ve got you covered. Team Informationngr took time to ensure that we keep you up to date with Airtel data trends so you know which plan you are purchasing.


Day in day out, Airtel keeps releasing smart data plans for its customers, and these plans have attracted a lot of MTN and Glo users to drop MTN and Glo for Airtel.

Airtel can easily compete with Glo for the “grandmaster of data” title because they are one of the best data providers for android and smartphone users. If you are interested in knowing more about Airtel data plans, here are the best ones yet.


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Airtel daily data plans are special data bundles that allow valid Airtel subscribers and users to buy low-cost data for basic internet needs. Airtel daily bundles don’t last very long, they are valid for 3 days at most.

If you are interested in subscribing to any Airtel daily data bundle, here’s a list of available data plans for you.

  • Airtel 40MB daily plan – ₦50 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 100MB daily plan – ₦100 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 1GB daily plan – ₦300 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 200MB daily plan – ₦200 [3 days validity].
  • Airtel 2GB daily plan – ₦500 [2 days validity].
  • Airtel ₦25 night plan – 250MB [valid only from 12am – 5am].
  • Airtel ₦50 night plan – 500MB [valid only from 12am – 5am].


Airtel weekly internet data are special plans that are fast, affordable, and allows the beneficiary to enjoy longer internet time. This plan is for Airtel users willing to pay more for their internet needs.

Here’s a list of weekly data bundle provided by the smartphone network.

  • Airtel 350MB weekly plan – ₦300 [7 days validity].
  • Airtel 1GB weekly plan – ₦500 [7 days validity].
  • Airtel 750MB weekly plan – ₦500 [14 days validity].
  • Airtel 6GB daily plan – ₦1,500 [7 days validity].
  • Airtel 200MB daily plan – ₦200 [3 days validity].


The Airtel monthly and mega plans are designed for profound internet users. This plan allows valid Airtel users to enjoy limitless streaming, downloads, uploading, and browsing across multiple websites and devices.

This data bundle also lasts longer than weekly and daily plans combined. These are the available monthly subscription on Airtel.

  • Airtel 1.5GB monthly plan – ₦1,000 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 2GB Airtel monthly plan – ₦1,200 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 3GB monthly plan – ₦1,500 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 4.5GB monthly plan – ₦2,000 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 6GB monthly plan – ₦2,500 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 11GB monthly plan – ₦4,000 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 15GB monthly plan – ₦5,000 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 40GB monthly plan – ₦10,000 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 75GB monthly plan – ₦15,000 [60 days validity].
  • Airtel 110GB monthly plan – ₦20,000 [60 days validity].



Imagine getting more data at cheaper rates. Yes, it is very possible. Airtel top-up bundles are special Airtel data bundles that allow Airtel customers with postpaid SIM cards to stay connected after they have their monthly data bundles.

If you are interested in knowing more about Airtel postpaid plans, these are the best ones yet.

  • Airtel 1GB monthly plan – ₦500 [month end].
  • Airtel 2GB monthly plan – ₦1,000 [month end].
  • Airtel 4GB monthly plan – ₦2,000 [month end].
  • Airtel 10GB monthly plan – ₦4,000 [month end].


Airtel social plans are special plans that allow you to enjoy maximum social life for as long as you want at a very cheap and affordable rate. Yes, you can enjoy weekly access to Facebook, Whatsapp, or Instagram for as low as ₦50.

There are also more plans from Airtel for you. Interested? These are the Airtel best social plan yet:

  • Airtel Whatapp 10MB daily plan – ₦25 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 40MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter daily plan – ₦50 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 80MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter daily plan – ₦100 [5 days validity].
  • Airtel 600MB Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter daily plan – ₦300 [25 days validity].
  • Airtel 60MB Whatapp + Facebook daily plan – ₦25 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 200MB Whatapp + Facebook weekly plan – ₦50 [7 days validity].
  • Airtel 500MB Whatapp + Facebook monthly plan – ₦100 [30 days validity].
  • Airtel 250MB Instagram bundle – ₦100 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel 1GB Instagram bundle – ₦200 [24 hours validity].


With this special plan, you get to enjoy unrestricted access to Opera mini news feed or any news app of your choice. If you are interested in knowing more about the Airtel Opera Mini plan, these are the ones currently available on the smartphone network.

  • Airtel Opera mini & news daily plan – ₦20 [24 hours validity].
  • Airtel Opera mini & newsweekly plan – ₦50 [7 days validity].
  • Airtel Opera mini & news monthly plan – ₦100 [30 days validity].


Airtel rollover has the same application as those of MTN, Glo, and 9Mobile. This happens when your data validity is about to expire but you still have unused data on your line.

If you renew your data before your data expires, your old data will roll-over to the new one giving you extra data and allowing you to used your unused one.


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You don’t understand? Ok, let me break it down. When you buy a 2GB plan that is valid for 7 days, but you only used like 700MB with about 1.3GB balance and there are only two hours left before it expires.

You can still use your remaining 1.3GB if you buy the same 2GB plan. So instead of you having 2GB data, your balance would be 3.3GB. How cool is that?

All Airtel data bundles are automatically renewed by the system after you have subscribed to a data plan. Most of these plans need your permission before it is renewed.

There is usually an auto-renewal prompt notice displayed after you purchased your data and before your data expires. If you allow automatic renewal of your Airtel subscription, you will be notified of your choice via SMS. You can also cancel automatic data renewal by dialing the opt-out codes for that plan.


Airtel PAYU is a special offer that is valid to Airtel subscribers. This allows Airtel subscribers to still stay connected online without an active data subscription on their line.

Instead of using data to surf the internet, you will be charged ₦3/MB. If you want to browse without data on Airtel, you’ll have to make use of the PAGU. Simply dial *400# to get started.


If you have a friend or family member that are low on data, Airtel Me2U allows you to share the data on with any of your friends or family member on the smartphone network. Data gifting allows you to buy data from your own airtime balance for another Airtel customer.


Checking your Airtel data balance is super easy, simply dial *140# or *123*1# on your Airtel account balance and your Airtel data balance will be displayed on a popup screen.


Airtel 4G bundles are special data plans that give you access to a super-fast internet experience anywhere you are. You have to be in an Airtel 4G coverage area before you can enjoy 4G service on the Airtel network.


Airtel Credit Loan Service is a special service that allows you to borrow data when you’ve exhausted all the data on your data balance. You can borrow enough data to do whatever you want online but will be charged a 15% service charge.

Your debt will automatically be paid on your next recharge. Simply dial *500# and enter “3” to borrow data on Airtel.

Data Loan (MB)Bundle PriceValidity (Day)Amount You Pay Back (NGN)


If your phone didn’t receive an automatic internet configuration, you can request one by sending “Internet”  “phone model” to 232. For example, to activate internet settings on your iPhone 6, simply text “Internet iPhone 6” to 232, and you will instantly receive your phone internet configuration.

If this method fails, you can edit your phone APN settings with these ones, so it can start browsing.

  • Airtel Manual GPRS/3G/4G Settings
  • Port: 8080 (May not be required)
  • Username: wap
  • Password: wap
  • Access point name (APN):
  • Authentication: Normal (May not be required)


Purchasing a data subscription on Airtel can be difficult for some people, but I’ll try to simplify the whole process for you. You can purchase data from the Airtel smart store by dialing *141# to enter, you can also purchase any Airtel data plan using Airtel provided USSD codes, the Airtel app, from your bank or other online vendors.


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