Easiest Way to Migrate to Canada From Nigeria?

Easiest Way to Migrate to Canada From Nigeria?

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world – and all you need is a plan to get you there. 

Whether it’s for work purposes or to pursue higher studies – there are many different ways you can migrate to Canada from Nigeria. Now, you can take your chances and settle in the land of the Great White North too! 

Best Ways Nigerians Can Migrate to Canada

There’s no need to stay in Nigeria and hope things will get better over time. With its excellent healthcare system, high quality of life, and diverse landscapes, Canada is an excellent place for any immigrant to make a new home. 

You may be wondering what the best and easiest way is to shift to Canada. The good news is that this North American country has a range of programs and pathways to citizenship for immigrants from all over the world, including Nigerians. 

  1. Express Entry

One of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada is through Express Entry. The Canadian government set this system in place, helping labourers settle in the country through economic programs. 


However, only skilled and qualified individuals are usually selected for the Express Entry pathway. 

This is to make sure only the most likely workers are able to shift to Canada. The program is open to those with college or university degrees and professional jobs. Applicants also have to be moderately proficient in English and French. 

On top of that, the government will prioritize those between the ideal age range of 20 and 29 years. 

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program 

The Express Entry management system also manages this pathway. In general, the FSWP is ideal for candidates hoping to secure permanent residency in Canada within six months. 

However, the criteria ranking is done in the same way as the Express Entry, with consideration given to age, education, skills, work experience, and language proficiency. 

The Canadian government invites only those with the highest Comprehensive Ranking System (CSR) scores. All of the chosen immigrants can expect a permanent residency status under six months before shifting to Canada. 

  1. Provincial Nominee Program 

This migration pathway is for immigrant workers who have the education, work experience, and skills to contribute to a specific territory or province in Canada. 

Applicants have to agree to live in the stated province until they receive permanent residency status from the government. 

The provinces and territories can have their own immigration programs, targeting groups of individuals such as:

  • Skilled workers
  • Semi-skilled labourers
  • Students 
  • Business people 

Interested candidates can apply to the PNP through Express Entry as well. All applicants have to undergo police/medical checks and pass them too. 


  1. Family Sponsorship  

Nigerians with relatives in Canada can apply for family sponsorship programs for immigration purposes. However, for this, the relatives have to be directly related to the candidate and also have the financial means to sponsor the dependent. 

All Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or those registered under the Canadian Indian Act can sponsor certain relatives to study, work, or live in Canada. 

Nigerians already residing in Canada can sponsor dependents back home if they are:

  • Your legally married spouse.
  • Your conjugal partner. 
  • Your dependent children. 
  1. Canada’s Start-up Visa Program (SUV)

Nigerian business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to settle in Canada can apply through the SUV program. The Canadian government is always on the lookout for talented individuals, which is why this pathway is so beneficial to start-up owners. 

However, there are a few eligibility criteria that business owners have to meet too. Accepted immigrants can easily shift to Canada after demonstrating their professional skills and original business plans. 

Candidates applying for the Start-up Visa program must meet the following requirements:

  • Already have a qualifying business in the applicant’s home country. 
  • Secure a letter of support from the organizations willing to fund the start-up. 
  • Meet all of the language proficiency requirements stated by the government. 
  • Provide updated proof of funds, showing the applicants have enough money to support themselves financially. 

Nigerian immigrants applying for this visa program also have to pitch their business ideas to the designated organizations listed on the Canadian Immigration (Canadim) portal. 

Immigrating to Canada From Nigeria – What Are the Costs?

According to Canadim, the total cost for a single Nigerian applicant is approximately CAD 2,300. Couples have to pay around CAD 4,500 instead. However, the expenses will vary depending on the application pathway you choose. 

On top of that, the total cost listed doesn’t include the settlement funds most applicants have to show the government for approval. The amount you have to show evidence for might be as high as CAD 13,000 for a single candidate. However, the family size will also impact the costs here. 


Do Nigerian Applicants Need the IELTS to Immigrate to Canada?

Yes, all Nigerian candidates must sit for the IELTS or CELPIP exams and show proof of minimum proficiency. Applicants also have to provide French proficiency results from authorized language centers. 

It’s recommended that you begin preparing for the IELTS test as soon as you can. The results are valid for two years, so you’ll need to renew your certificate before applying to any Canadian visa program.

Final Words 

From its booming economy to its diverse culture and lively cities, Canada is a place that is becoming more and more attractive to people from all around the world – and Nigeria is no exception.

Navigating the complex process of migrating to Canada from Nigeria can take time and effort. However, with a bit of research on the available options, you can have a successful and smooth transition. 

Going through the pathways alone can be pretty daunting to many. In this case, why not have experienced consultants guide you toward success instead?

Canada Visa Expert can help Nigerian immigrants discover what visa programs they are eligible for and how to take the next step when it comes to providing documentation. Working with authorized immigration consultants can greatly increase your chances of being accepted as a candidate. 

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