University of Ibadan School Fees For Fresh & Returning Students (2023/2024)

University of Ibadan School Fees

The University of Ibadan is the Premier University in Nigeria. It was the first to be established in the country in 1932. This is why it is regarded as the Premier University.

The University currently ranks the second-best university in Nigeria, according to Higher Times Education with over 10,000 students. Being a leading university in Nigeria, it is one of the most sought after schools in the country. UI  has every necessary equipment students need during their university education.

Is it the ultra-modern library (manual and electronic)? The serene environment? Beautiful halls of residence? Professors? Research centers? A full-blown post-graduate school? Just name it! UI has it in full stock.

In 2018, over 20,000 students sat for the post UTME of UI, a school that can admit less than 5,000. This proves the fact that UI is one of the most picked universities in Nigeria. Therefore, knowing the correct University of Ibadan School fees is essential. This is especially true for those who aim to study in the institution.

It is as essential as every other piece of information to have an idea of the school fees. Even returning students should be adequately informed. The first thing to know is that the school fees vary across the faculty. For instance, the school fees of Agriculture is different from that of social sciences and so on.


Current School Fees of the University of Ibadan

The Social Science Faculty

The fees for social geography, economics, psychology, and sociology are listed below:

  • For Social geography, the accommodation, Student Union due and GES levy is ₦34,300.
  • Economics students are also paying ₦34,300 for accommodation, Student Union due, and GES.
  • Students in the Psychology department, pay ₦34,300 for accommodation, GES levy, and Student Union due.
  • While for Sociology students, the accommodation, GES levy, and Student Union due goes for ₦34,300.

The Agriculture and Forestry Faculty

This faculty entails all departments related to agricultural practices and development. Departments here include Fishery, Management of Wild Nature and Ecotourism, Forestry, and Aquaculture.

  • For Fishery, the accommodation, GES, levy, and the Student Union due is ₦36,800.
  • Then, the Management of wild nature and ecotourism department pay ₦36,800 for accommodation, GES levy, and Student Union due
  • Forestry students pay ₦36,800 for accommodation, GES levy with the Student Union due.
  • In this department of Aquaculture, the accommodation, GES levy with the Student Union due is ₦36,800.

The Education Faculty

The departments under this faculty are Pedagogic education, library, archive researching, informational search, etc.

  • Pedagogic education: in this department, they pay ₦34,300 for accommodation, GES levy and Student Union due.
  • Library, archive researching, informational search also pay ₦34,300 for accommodation, GES levy, and the SU due
  • Students in the Management of education department pay N34,300 for accommodation, GES levy, and the SU due.
  • For Adult education, they pay ₦34,300 as well for accommodation, GES levy and Student Union due.
  • For the Special Education department, it’s ₦34,300 for all.
  • Teaching education (based on sciences) pay ₦36,800 for all.
  • While the total amount for the Health education and human kinetics department is N34,300.

The Law Faculty

Their fee is N35,300, and it entails the accommodation, GES levy, and the student union due.

The Sciences faculty

Under this faculty, the department there are Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Geography, Microbiology. They also have Computer sciences, Archeology, and anthropology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Statistics, and geology in the faculty.

All the departments in this faculty pay a total sum of ₦36,800. This fee includes that of GES, accommodation, and Student Union.

The Clinical Science Faculty

The departments under this faculty are Dentistry and dental surgery, Nursing, Surgery and laboratory research. The faculty also houses Biochemistry, Veterinary care, Physical therapy, Nutrition, and Physiology.

The accommodation, GES levy, and the Student Union due is ₦36,800 across all the departments.

The Technology faculty

Departments under this faculty include agricultural and ecological engineering, Electrical and electronic appliances, Food technology, Oil Engineering department, Machine Building, Wood Processing, Industrial and Manufactural Engineering, and Civil Engineering.


Including the GES fee, SU due, and accommodation, the entire fee for all departments in the faculty is ₦36,800.

The Art faculty

This faculty house departments like Classical and language arts, Theology, Music, Philosophy, Theatric Studies, Archeology, and anthropology (related to arts). Also in the faculty is Linguistics of African languages, Arabic and Islamic researching, English, and History.

Apart from the Archeology and Anthropology department, every other department pays ₦34,300 in total. While the Archeology and anthropology department pays ₦36,800 in all.

You can check out their website for more info.


The University of Ibadan (UI), Nigeria’s premier university, boasts a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1932. Ranked as the second-best university in Nigeria by Higher Times Education, UI is a highly sought-after institution with over 10,000 students.

UI’s stems from its well-equipped campus, featuring modern libraries, quiet surroundings, comfortable accommodation, renowned professors, and research centers. In 2018, over 20,000 applicants vied for fewer than 5,000 admission slots, highlighting its popularity.


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