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10 Best Car Spare Parts Market In Nigeria

10 Best Car Spare Parts Market In Nigeria

If you’re looking for used auto parts in markets in Nigeria or like to know more about Ladipo International auto spare parts market Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place. This post contains a list of car spare parts market in Nigeria that sells Honda spare parts, Lexus spare parts, Volvo spare parts, Hyundai spare parts, Toyota spare parts, and other car accessories in Nigeria.

You won’t know how important it is knowing the location of a Car Spare Part Market or an Auto store is until you find out that your car mechanic has been cheating you since the day he laid his eyes on you. The best places to buy car spare parts in Nigeria mostly located in Lagos, There are also places that you can purchase rare and scare car spare parts online in Nigeria.

Best Places to Buy Car Spare Parts in Nigeria

The Automotive industry happens to be a leading economic sector Globally when it comes to revenue generation. The automotive industry comprises of all companies and corporations involved in inventing, designing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.

These Companies don’t just manufacture and sell cars, they also produce car spare parts like their engines, tires, doors, windscreen, batteries, and chassis along with other accessories, but you’ll have to repair or assemble them your self. These are the best car spare part market in Nigeria:

  1. Ladipo Auto Spare Part Market, Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ladipo Market is the largest auto spare parts store in Nigeria. You can find a spare part for almost every car here from bolts to engines, tires, rims, windscreen, doors, chairs, etc. Even rare BMW parts, genuine Toyota spare parts & even Honda spare parts have been found in Ladipo Market, Lagos.

There are also Nissan spare parts dealers, Toyota parts dealers, Engine retailer & whole seller, Tire retailers and other spare parts merchants that makes shopping for car spare parts very easy in this market. Ladipo market is not just the largest auto spare part market in Nigeria, it is also the biggest car spare part market in West Africa and the largest market for European used goods in Africa.

Car spare part is not the only item you will purchase in Ladipo market, you can also get second-hand cars, unwanted vehicles, smart car gadgets like an airbag, jacks, spanners, battery chargers, alarm systems, pliers, brake lock, etc.

And also virtually any kind of machine or tech can be found in any of the from bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, mobile phones, laptops, computers and accessories, motorcycles, cameras, video players and DVD sets, generator sets (Tigers & Mikanos), televisions, kitchen utensils, foodstuff, provision, decoder, home theater, fridge, electric iron, clippers, toys, clothes, shoes and so on.

Most imported goods & commodities from Europe, America, and Asia are found here. Promise Land is actually a warehouse in Ladipo market know for car spare that grew famously into a totally new landmark of its own, a spare part for your vehicle no matter how rare it can be found here.

The very flooring of this place is made of grease and industrial oil. There are over 300 active shops and 11 warehouses that deals in car spare part and car parts, tires, engine heaped in piles up to 13 meters high. I’m very sure that the spare part of your 1995 model will definitely be found here.

How to Get to Ladipo Auto Spare Part market

If you would like to visit the Ladipo market, simply take a bus heading to Oshodi, and take a stop at Toyota bus stop. You will find the Ladipo Market by your right-hand side.

  1. Owode Auto Store, Owode Onirin, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria

Unlike the Ladipo market where the goods are of international standards, the Owode scrap market deals with metals found within our sovereign borders. The Owode scrap metal is a market where damaged metals are remodeled. A damaged bicycle can be remade into a metal cabinet etc.

This amazing market is one of the oldest in Nigeria, it has been standing for over 3 decades (33 years old). The Owode scrap market is not just known for refining waste metal, there is a vehicle section where a damaged vehicle, auto spare part, used, second and third-hand cars and are piled up for sale. A lot of cars from far and near are brought to Owode auto market to be refurbished.

The Owode auto market has gained global attention due to the wide array of cars, spare parts and car-related gadgets there. The Owode auto market has a section of rare spare parts, which may be difficult to get in many parts of the country at a low cost. Spare parts here are quite cheaper than most places in Nigeria. Spare parts from Peugeot, Audi, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Ford, Honda, and even Volkswagens.

How to get to Owode Auto Spare Part market

If you would like to visit the Owode Auto market, from Mile 12 head to Ikorodu road and take a bus heading to Owode and tell the conductor to drop you at the Owode Onirin or iron Market.

  1. Onitire International Modern Market & Iyana Tire Garage, Auto Spare Part Market, Iyana – Itire, Lagos

This is another auto market filled with rare and diverse cars and spare parts. There is no end to the spare part of the various brand found here. The retailers in the Onitire International Modern Market & Iyana – Tire Garage, Auto Spare Part Market, Iyana – Itire, Lagos trade both imported part mostly from Malaysia & Japan and local parts mainly from Lagos.

Onitire International Modern Market and the Iyana – Itire Garage Auto Market is one of the best places to seek out car spare parts in Lagos. A visit here will surely put an end to the journey seeking for car spare parts. To meet up to demand scares spare parts, these retailers but parts from old cars, cars involved in accidents, auctioned parts and imported parts to promote their dominance as a recognized auto market in Lagos. This is one of the best places to get Mercedes Doors and Windscreen.

How to Get to Onitire International Modern Market & Iyana – Itire Garage, Auto Spare Part Market 

If you would like to visit the Onitire International Modern Market & Iyana – Itire Garage, Auto Spare Part Market simply take a bus from Oshodi heading to Apapa and stop at Iyana Itire. You can easily access this market from Surulere.

You can also source for your car spare parts at Oyinbo, Ikeja, Iyana-Iba, Trade fair, and Ojo Alaba just a stone throw after each bus stop. These are some of my best places to buy car spare parts in Lagos.

If you have a faulty shock absorber, bad brake pad, damaged engine or broken silencer, these problems can be a major pain when they need to be fixed. Now that you know these places, ensure this burden would be lighter. Have you visited any of these places? Do share your experience.

Other Auto Spare Parts Market in Nigeria Are:

  • Mgbuka Spare Parts Market, Onitsha, Anambra State.
  • Nigeria New Motor Spare Parts Market, Zuba, Abuja
  • Nigeria BEWAC Spare Part Market, Trans-Amadi Rd, Nkpogu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Good Car Spare Part Dealers In Lagos

  • ELIZADE Nigeria Limited – Elizade Toyota Plaza, 322A, Ikorodu Road, Anthony Village, Maryland, Lagos.
  • OMOREGIE Motors – 45, Alhaji Tokan Street, Alaka Estate Surulere, Lagos
  • GERMAINE AUTO CENTER – 2nd Roundabout Lekki Expressway, Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • METROPOLITAN MOTORS – 1/3, Akilo Road, Off Oba Akaran Avenue, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos

Best Places to Buy Car Spare Parts Online 

There has also been a rapid growth in online sale of automotive spare parts From tires, steering wheels, Engine, and other car parts like Lexus spare parts to Toyota spare parts, Mercedes bunnet, chassis, and spare parts and other cars like BMW, Honda and Audi can be purchased online on sites like boodmo –#1 Online Marketplace to Sell or Buy Genuine Car Parts, Amazon, Jiji, Olx, AuctionExports & Flipkart. This growing trend is expected to display huge development and growth through online channels in India and other developing countries.

How are Car Spare Parts Gotten?

Salvage cars carry high risk but they can also turn out to be a profitable deal. When a vehicle gets damaged and the insurance company considers it unfit for repair, then it is termed as ‘salvage’. It can be sold as salvage or junk or it can be dismantled. The companies figure out that it would be foolish to try to repair the car since the cost involved would be higher than the value derived thereafter.

However, the modern trend is to sell spare parts to potential buyers. This can be a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller. While the seller gets some money from the different parts of the vehicle, the buyer can use these parts for his other automobiles or may even try fixing the car, if he has a workshop or enjoys expertise on these vehicles.

There are good auction websites that sell salvage cars at really attractive prices. These sites pick up these vehicles from an auction at a low price and then offer them for reselling to potential buyers at almost the same price, albeit after adding a nominal profit percent.

So, you can pick up these cars at very low prices from these auction sites. However, you must be prepared to shed some money on the repairs, since most of these vehicles will require massive repairing. If you are ready to pay for such expenses, then after repairing the salvage cars, you can resale them to another customer at a good price or use it for your own use.

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