How To Get Free Data In Glo Using USSD and VPN

Glo Data Plans In Nigeria

Glo is one of Nigeria’s leading mobile service providers, offering a wide range of data plans to suit every need. Everything revolves around using the internet. Data is an expensive commodity in Nigeria, and the country’s financial state isn’t helping. 

You can get free data on Glo if you’re on a tight budget. You can take advantage of Glo’s data bonuses, download GLO mobile app, or use a cheat code.

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How To Get Free Data In Glo

There are different ways you can get free data on Glo. However, most of them are gotten through what we know as “cheat codes.” Cheat codes are a series of USSD codes that can be used to get free data from Glo. 


I’ll be listing Glo cheat codes that can be used to get unlimited data. However, remember that not all of them will work for you. Some may require eligibility criteria, and the network may have blocked some when reading this blog post.

1. Glo Free Data Cheat Code For ₦200

This free data allows you to use a small portion of your data unlimited over and over. Most people call this cheat code the “Glo Unlimited data.” 


  • 2 Glo sim cards
  • An android or iOS device
  • 3G/4G supported device
  • Minimum of ₦200 airtime balance 

How To Activate

Once you have all the requirements, the next step is knowing how to activate them.

  • Insert the two Glo sims inside your phone
  • One of the sims must be on the Glo Yakata Tariff plan, while the other can be on a different tariff plan.
  • Recharge the sim on Glo Yakata with ₦200 and subscribe to a ₦200 data plan (Glo Yakata gives 200MB on the 1st recharge)
  • Wait until you get the 200MB once Glo gives you the free data. Please share it with the other Glo sim card (dial *127*01*friend phone number#) to share. 
  • Once you share the data with the other sim, you can enjoy the data on the other sim card unlimited. The 200MB on the Glo yakata sim will not be touched. 

Please do not buy a daily plan with that ₦200. If you buy a daily plan, the cheat will stop working once the data expires. You can purchase weekly data to enjoy it longer. 

2. Glo Free Data Cheat Code For ₦100

Another way to get free data on our list is this one. However, this one is different as it only works at night. It works from 12 AM to 5 AM. 

Gow to activate Glo free cheat for ₦100

  • Get a registered Glo sim (Old or New)
  • Recharge the sim card with a minimum of ₦100
  • Open the dialer app on your phone and dial *777#
  • Click the “data” option 
  • Select the “buy data” option 
  • Reply with “1” or “2” for auto-renewal or one-off plan.
  • Select the “Night and weekend” plan option
  • Select the “₦100 = 1GB 5 days” plan

Please note that this plan can only be used from 12 AM to 5 AM at night.

3. Glo Berekete 10x Plan

Another way to get free data is by migrating to the Glo berekete 10X tariff plan. Once you migrate to the tariff plan, recharge your sim with ₦100 or above. Recharging ₦100 or above can get you 200MB to 5GB of free data.

You are eligible for the free data for up to 6 months. The free data, however, is only given on the first recharge of every month. 

4. Using Vpn

This method requires you to download a VPN to bypass restrictions. I’ll give you a step-by-step analysis of how to do it.


  • Glo sim card on Yakata tariff plan
  • Android phone (It doesn’t work on iOS)
  • 3G or 4G devices
  • EC Tunnel Vpn
  • EC tunnel V2ray
  • ₦200 airtime

How to activate 

  • Recharge the Glo sim card with ₦200
  • You’ll receive free 200MB if it’s on yakata. Dial *127*0# or *230*1# to check the data bonus
  •  Launch the EC tunnel Vpn app
  • Click on “servers” and select any country 
  • Click on “tweaks” and select NG GLO Yakata Unlimited.
  • Click on the green circle to connect and wait for some seconds before it connects.


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How To Get GLO 300MB Daily Browsing Cheat

You’d need to have some stuff to get this 300MB daily free data.

  • An active GLO sim card without data or airtime
  • Strong internet connection. (Preferably 3G or 4G network)
  • Stark VPN. (The latest version)

Here’s how to activate the daily 300Mb free data

Step 1: Download The Stark Vpn

Go to your google play store and download the latest version of stark VPN. Make sure the app is installed before trying to launch the app.

Step 2: Launch The App

Launch the stark VPN and check the top of the app’s homepage. You will see different tweaks you can choose from. But for this cheat code, you’ll select “GLO 200MB daily 2021”.

Step 3: Connect The App

After selecting the tweak, it takes you back to the homepage. Click on the red button and wait for a few seconds. Once the app is connected, the red button will turn green. You can start using the free daily 300MB data.

Furthermore, there are certain loopholes you can use to increase your daily limit from 300MB. You can get about 2 to 3 sim cards, and once you exhaust the 300Mb from the one, you can remove the sim card and insert another one into your phone. This can increase your limit from 300MB to 600Mb or even 900MB.


There are many ways to get free data on Glo. You can get it by VPN or migrating to a specific tariff plan on Glo. We hope this article has educated you on how to get free data.

Following the instructions left in this article, you should be able to get free data on Glo without breaking the bank.


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