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Are you seeking a reliable, affordable airline with a keen interest in comfort and perfect customer relations? Overland Airways is your surest bet.

Overland Airways is one of the top airlines in Nigeria that offers safe and comfortable flight services to customers. Their flight service is mainly between the cities of Abuja and Lagos, which are the two major economic centers in Nigeria.

The airline company has a base in Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, and a hub at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

They have also been recognized as one of the fastest-growing domestic airlines in Nigeria. Besides, Overland Air is a member of the prestigious International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Having completed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), it is on the IOSA Registry.


This implies that it is recognized for attaining global standards and reaching a benchmark that is reputed for enhancing the operational safety of airlines.

Overland Airways Destinations

Overland Airways operates scheduled domestic flight services (known as “Business Flyer”) within Nigeria and has made air transportation possible to routes such as:

AbujaNnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Hub
AkureAkure Airport
AsabaAsaba International Airport
BauchiSir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport
DutseDutse International Airport
IbadanIbadan Airport
IlorinIlorin International Airport
JalingoJalingo Airport
LagosMurtala Mohammed International Airport
MinnaMinna Airport

Moreover, Overland Airways operates charter services to other destinations in West Africa and Central Africa.

Generally speaking, Airways operates daily morning flights from Lagos to Ilorin; Ilorin to Abuja; Ibadan to Abuja; and Abuja to Akure‚ Jalingo, and Asaba.

Overland Airways Online Booking Procedure 

Like other airlines, Overland Airways has a simple online booking platform that makes it possible to book flights if there is a phone or computer, and a good internet connection.

Before interested customers book a flight online, they may decide to view flights on the following page.

The following simple instructions can be used to make a successful booking on Overland Airways’ website

  • Choose and click either “round trip” or “one-way” trip. 
  • Select destination “from”.
  • Select destination “to”.
  • Then, select “depart date”.
  • Select “return date”.
  • Select the number of passengers, either adults or kids. 
  • Click “Find flights”. 

The query will open a page with information about the price for the flight ticket which can be paid for by clicking the “cart” button located at the right side of the page and following further instructions. 

In case of difficulties arise during booking, Overland Flight Reservation Center can be contacted 24/7 via the following phone numbers:


  • +2348035355005/6
  • +23414607477-9

Overland Airways Prices

The Overland Airways prices in Nigeria vary depending on the destination, date, and class of travel. You can use the official website of Overland Airways to check the availability and fares for your desired flights. You can also use a flight booking service like Flight Scanner to compare prices and find cheap flights with Overland Airways.

Some of the popular routes and prices offered by Overland Airways are as follows:

  • Lagos to Abuja: from only N35,000 for a one-way economy flight.
  • Port Harcourt to Abuja: from only N40,000 for a one-way economy flight.
  • Abuja to Benin City: from only N50,000 for a one-way economy flight.

What are the essential things to take note of when booking online?

Customers must be fore-armed with information about what to expect before and after booking. The following information may be handy;

1. Before and after booking (during check-in), customers need any of the following documents for proper identification: a Drivers License‚ International Passport, or National Identity Card.

2. Before customers can be allowed on board any flight, their name has to be on one of the tickets; not another person’s name. However, customers need to prove ticket ownership in certain conditions. That’s why it is vital to have proper means of identification.

3. Some tickets are sold at a discount which may be partially or completely non-refundable. There is a need for customers to take a careful look at ticket rules and choose the price that they believe could satisfy their needs.

4. There is no room to revalidate tickets that expire and they are non-refundable as well. 

5. If a customer cancels a booking before the check-in deadline for a flight ‚ Overland Airways will not cancel any reservations kept for the customer’s return.

6. If a customer fails to cancel a booking before the check-in deadline for a flight and doesn’t show up on a flight‚ Overland Airways may decide to cancel any reservations kept for the customer’s return.

7. Taxes‚ charges and fees change constantly and it can lead to extra charges after the date tickets are issuance.


8. In the event that any condition occurs without notice and beyond the control of Overland Airways, and leads to cancellation‚ termination‚ diversion‚ postponement, or delay of any flight, there will be an involuntary refund.

8. In case of any misunderstanding or difficulty during online booking, customers can contact available ticket outlets and sales offices through the contact information listed under “contact Overland Airways” further below.

Extra booking services 

Overland Airways has a VIP aircraft charter service which is a premium program for customers who want exclusive and private passenger flight service.

The VIP service, which allows customers to create their flight schedule, is available for people who want private or group travel, and leisure purposes.

Contact Overland Airways 

  • Corporate Head Office: 17 Simbiat Abiola Road, P.O.Box 3165, Ikeja‚ Lagos
  • Operations Head Office: Overland Airways Limited, Local Airport, GAT Exit Rd‚ Gate 5, Ikeja‚ Lagos. 

On the other hand, Overland Airways online contacts are:

  • Flight Reservation Centre phone numbers: +2348035355005‚ +2347038225811‚ and 014607477-9.
  • Email: fly@overlandairways.com

Overland Airways contact outside Nigeria include:

  • Cotonou International Airport (Republic of Benin): phone number: +229 693 7469 6/7
  • Lome International Airport (Togo) phone number: +22870244376/7


Overland Airways is one of the best airlines that offer excellent flight services. However, there are suggestions that the airline company extends its services to northern Nigerian states.

Also, they should increase their number of routes and bookings for other routes.

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