Which Airtel Plan Is Best For Calls and USSD Codes?

How Do I Migrate To Smartconnect On Airtel?

Finding the finest tariff plans for calls on the Airtel network might be difficult if you’re new to it because there are so many incredible pricing options available. Choosing the ideal tariff plan for you may be frightening. These tariff plans offer fantastic features, like low call rates, affordable SMS, and even data incentives.

It is also typical for Airtel users to switch tariff plans, particularly if they are dissatisfied with the services provided by their current tariff plans or the network has just introduced a new tariff plan that is superior to the one they are currently on.

To cut the long process short, this article will provide you with the best Airtel tariff plans for calls. Read along to find out. 

What Are Airtel Tariff Plans?

Tariffs are a way of pricing for a supply of services that are often billed. Prepaid and postpaid service plans, known as Airtel Tariffs, were developed by the Airtel mobile communications network to meet the demands of its users.


The rationale for introducing tariff plans was that since human capacities and wants are not universal, the system may benefit greatly from developing multiple plans for varied populations.

The Airtel pricing plan is a list of prices that the Airtel network may charge for calls by the second, messages by SMS, and data by the MB.

In other words, an Airtel tariff is a plan you have when connected to the Airtel network that permits you to access the service at its prices, rewards you with incentives, and also rewards you with exclusive offers.

What Is The Best Airtel Tariff Plans For Calls?

There are many of the finest tariff plans available on Airtel, each of which has its advantages for calls, SMS, data, and bonuses (both for calls and data). Choosing the ideal one for you may be very challenging.

While many other Airtel Nigeria rate options are available, these are the best. The fact that you have the cash to purchase sufficient airtime does not require you to spend it on tariff plans with expensive call rates. The best Airtel call plans are shown below.

1. The Airtel Smart Premier

After an Airtel user has made calls totaling 40 kobo per second throughout the day, Airtel Smart Premier provides call rates as low as 11 kobos per second. All local calls made in Nigeria are subject to this call rate.

Additionally, calls to some foreign locations are priced incredibly low. Also included in this plan is a data bonus that can be used to browse the internet, go through social media, watch videos online, and more. You only need to dial *318# or text YES to 318 to switch to SmartPremier.

2. The Airtel Smart Trybe Plan

Clients using the Smart Trybe pricing plan may send texts for just N4 each, receive very low rates of 11 kobo per second, and have access to Airtel’s night data plan.

Additionally, when purchasing a data bundle, customers receive a bonus of 30% additional data. Simply dial *312# or text YES to 312 to switch to the SmartTrybe tariff plan.

3. The Airtel Smart Value Plan

Airtel SmartValue is an additional top Airtel call rate plan. With this tariff plan, customers may contact any local network for just 15 kobo per second without paying an access charge. To migrate, simply dial *314#.


4. The Airtel Smart Connect Plan

Airtel SmartCONNECT is a tariff plan that delivers an 800% or 8x bonus on every recharge and is one of the most popular and finest Airtel tariff plans for calls. Additionally, subscribers of this plan receive an immediate 100% bonus on any data bundle they buy. SMS YES to 311 or enter *311*1# to switch to SmartConnect.


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5. The Airtel Smart Premier Plan

Another top Airtel prepaid tariff package, Smart Premier, provides a reasonable call rate on Airtel after the initial minute-long call fee. All calls to Nigerian networks are made at 11 kb/ps speed.

Additionally, calls to some foreign locations are priced incredibly low. Also included in this plan is a data bonus that can be used to browse the internet, go through social media, watch online videos, and much more. You only need to dial *318# or text YES to 318 to switch to SmartPremier.

6. The Airtel Smart Talk Plan

As the name suggests, this plan is ideal for you if you prefer more call time to talk rather than utilize data for surfing. For calls to all Nigerian telecommunication networks under this plan, you are charged 11 kobos per second starting at first. After migration, this low-cost call plan must be activated by paying a daily access fee of N5, which is only charged on your morning call.

Users of Airtel Smart Talk can also call landlines in the USA, Canada, China, India, and the UK at a rate of 20k per second. Additionally, SMS messages sent using this tariff plan cost N4 each. Dial *315# or text YES to 315 on Airtel to migrate to the SmartTalk pricing plan.

7. The Airtel Freedom Plan

Do you want another call-related Airtel plan? We have the Airtel Freedom Plan available to you. The Airtel network has introduced a new price plan called the “Airtel Freedom Plan” that enables users to contact any Nigerian network for just 12 kobos per second. There are no entrance or rental fees. To migrate, please dial *152#.


8. The Airtel 6X Recharge

The Airtel 6X Recharge Package comes in last place in this list of the top Airtel pricing plans for calls. This plan provides a 600% bonus on every recharge for calls, SMS, and internet to all prepaid Airtel users, both old and new. This indicates that when you use the 6X recharge code to add N100 to your Airtel line, you will automatically receive N600.

Simply purchase a recharge card and load it with *311*Recharge Card PIN# to activate this plan.

Which Tariff Plan Is The Best For Calls On Airtel?

Airtel SmartTalk offers the best call rates on the network, allowing you to make local calls to any local network for only 11 kobo per second.

Which Airtel Plan Is Best For Calls In Nigeria?

The finest calling plan on Airtel is the 6X recharge, which offers a 600% bonus on each recharge and allows you to contact all networks in Nigeria at a rate of about 11k/sec.

Which Airtel Tariff Plan Is Best For Data?

Given that you receive a free data bonus with every recharge and twice the data when you purchase data bundles, Airtel Smart Connect is presently the greatest data pricing plan available.


Selecting one tariff plan might be overwhelming when there are so many tariff plans on the Airtel network. This is especially true if you also seek the cheapest Airtel tariff plan for calls.

This article has solved the problem of choosing a reasonable Airtel call pricing package, as we have provided you with different options for the best Airtel tariff plans for calls. 

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