How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends Tariff Plan

How Do I Register Family And Friends On Airtel Smart Connect?

The Airtel Family and Friends tariff is the right plan for every active Airtel customer. This is because you get to make calls at a cheap cost. If you are looking for information about the Airtel Family and Friends service, this post is the best page to be on the internet.

For many years, Airtel has been the top-choice network provider of many Nigerians. Obviously, this is due to its cheap data and voice calls rates. In this article, we will provide you with the steps to migrate to Airtel family and friends, how to check, add, remove and delete numbers from your Airtel F & F list.

People spend more than hundreds of naira calling their loves ones weekly. Airtel has created a tariff plan called “Airtel Family and Friends” to allow help people like you spend less when making calls to frequently dialled numbers. If you are on this tariff plan, you will get to make phone calls to these often dialled numbers at a discount and cheaper rate.

About Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) Plan

The Airtel Family and Friends, also known as FAF, is a service package that is open to all Airtel prepaid customers. It has been designed to reduce the call costs of calling your frequently dialled numbers of which may belong to your best friend, spouse, family, relations, and loved ones.


With this tariff service, you get to build a better relationship with the people you value, love, and cherish in your life. High call costs may weaken your connection with your loved ones but the Airtel F & F plan guarantees you of making voice calls at low rates.

This tariff plan is beneficial to those who make calls frequently to their family members, siblings, mother, father, boss, coursemate, colleagues, etc. When you register these numbers on your Family and Friends list, you will not be charged at the regular call rates.

Rather, you will enjoy a whopping discount whenever you call them. Therefore, this allows you to spend more time talking with them.


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How Does Airtel FAF Work?

Airtel allows you to add five (5) people to your Family and Friends list for free. Subsequent number registrations after the initial five come will cost ₦50 per number. You cannot just add any random number to your list, instead, add those numbers you call often.

The awesome factor about this package is that you have complete power to add and delete any number on your Family and Friends list.

Pros of Airtel FAFs.

Airtel Family and Friends Plan is an ideal plan for the whole family in Nigeria. With this plan, you can stay connected with your loved ones for an affordable price. In addition, the plan gives you the convenience of additional benefits such as:

  • Calling and sending SMS on any network across Nigeria at a flat rate.
  • Calling any network in Nigeria at standard local/STD calling rates even if you are roaming in another city or state.
  • Unlimited free voice (Local+STD) calls to Airtel numbers across Nigeria throughout the plan validity period.
  • Unlimited free voice (Local+STD) calls to other networks between 2 am-8 am and on all Sundays.
  • Customers subscribing to this plan shall be eligible for unlimited access to exciting deals and offers from partner websites of Airtel during the entire plan

How To Migrate To Airtel Family And Friends

A lot of people are asking for the airtel family and friends migration code. Well, there is no special code to migrate to the family and friends service on Airtel, unlike the MTN Family and Friends.

All you need to enjoy this service is to add or register a number with a simple code. There are special codes for you to check, add and remove a number on your family and friends list.

How To Register Family & Friends On Airtel

If you want to register family and friends on your Airtel SIM, all that you need to do is to dial the F & F registration code: ‘ *311*2*Phone Number# ‘. For instance, if 08040007000 is the number you want to register, simply dial *311*2*08040007000# and the number will be added to your F & F list.

After dialing, you will get a confirmation message from Airtel that a number was successfully registered on your Family and Friends list. This will enable you to make calls to that number at a low rate.

How To Delete & Remove A Number From Airtel FAF

At times, you may have to modify your list by removing a number from it. Maybe, the owner of the number misplaced or changed his number, if this happens, you may have to remove the old number from your FAF list.

If you want to remove a number from your Airtel F & F list, all you need to do is to dial the code: ‘ *311*3*Phone Number# ‘. For instance, if 08040007000 is the number you want to remove, simply dial *311*3*08040007000# and the number will be successfully removed.

You will send you a message telling you that a number has been deleted from your Family and Friends list.

How To Check Or View Airtel Family And Friends Numbers

There is a code to view all numbers in your FAF list. Here is what you need to do to check the registered numbers on your FAF list.

  • Dial *311*4#.

When you dial this code, you will get a message containing a list of all the numbers that are registered in your Airtel FAF.

Airtel Family And Friends Call Rates

There are special call rates for numbers on your Airtel FAF list, however, these call rates vary depending on the hour of the day. Calls made from 6 AM to 9:59 PM (Peak Periods) are charged at the rate of 25k/second. On the contrary, calls made from 10 PM to 6 AM are charged at the rate of 21k/second.


So, you will have enough time to spend with your loved ones. However, remember that you can only use this plan if you are a prepaid Airtel customer.

If you are on the Airtel Smart Connect Plan, the call rate will be as high as 40k/second, which is apparently ₦24/minute irrespective of the period of time you made the call.

It is important to note that you get discounts only when you make calls; there is no discount on SMS sent to Airtel family and friends numbers. In case you are facing problems in using this service, you can contact the Airtel customer care service line by dialing 111, the call is for free.

That sums up our article on the Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) service. We have given you all the information you need to know and how you can get to use it. Keep reading other posts on this website and share them with your friends.

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