How To Add Numbers On Airtel Family and Friends

How To Remove Number From Family And Friends On Airtel

Are you looking for a way to add your family and friends on the Airtel network? Of course, wouldn’t you like to enjoy making voice calls to your loved ones, friends, and family members at discount call rates? You need to be guided and properly informed before migrating to this tariff plan.

This post is a detailed and in-depth article that will show you how to add family and friends on Airtel. In our previous post, we provided you with details on the Airtel Family and Friends tariff plan.

Airtel is one of the leading telecom network providers in and out of the African continent. They are known for their cheap data plans, promos, giveaways and awesome service.

Is there anyone in your life that you give unrivaled attention to? Or is there any special person in your life that comes into your mind often? You always feel like calling the person or thinking about that person. It could be your wife, fiance, mother, sibling, neighbor, friend, coursemate, boyfriend, girlfriend, a far-distance relative.

The Airtel Family and Friends plan was specially created for you to keep in touch with these persons. With this package, you can make phone calls to your loved ones at a low call rate.


You can migrate to the Airtel F & F plan, add the number of your relative, wife, mother, sibling, fiance, neighbour, friend, coursemate, and keep in touch with this special person.

Any number you are adding to this package must be an Airtel number. You will not be able to add the telephone numbers of those who use other networks.

Most importantly, Airtel allows you to add up to five (5) numbers for free. Any other registration of numbers incurs a fee of ₦50. Even if you don’t have up to five numbers now, you can add the ones you have for now and add up the remaining ones later.

It is evident that the Airtel Family and Friends package will keep you in close contact with your family, colleagues, loved ones, and far-distance relatives.

Perhaps, if you are schooling or working in a location that is far from home, you can use this Airtel plan to stay connected to your family and loved ones. Airtel has got you covered, hence, you do not need to worry about the high voice call rates.


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Airtel Family and Friends Tariff Plan

The Airtel Family and Friends plan is open to all Airtel subscribers on the Smart Connect Plan. With this plan, you can make phone calls to five special numbers at a discounted rate.

Every new Airtel SIM card is automatically registered on the Smart Connect Plan. So, if you are on the Smart Connect tariff plan, you’ll receive a 800% bonus on your recharges. But if you opted out of this plan, you will not be able to revert your decision to opt back in.

Therefore, if you are not subscribed to the Smart Connect Plan, you will be able to migrate to the Airtel Family and Friends Plan. Without further ado, let’s see the way to add numbers on Airtel family and friends.

How To Add Family and Friends On Airtel

Anyone can add or register numbers easily using the Airtel family and friends migration code. If you want to migrate to the Airtel Family and Friends plan, endeavour to follow the steps below.

  • Dial *311*2*phone number# on your line. For example, dial *311*2*08040007000#, if you want to add 08040007000 to your Airtel Family & Friends list.
  • After following the firsts step, confirm the number you wish to add if the network provider prompts you to do so.
  • Follow these two steps mentioned above to add any number you wish to add to your family and friends list.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Number To Family And Friends On Airtel

To start with, it is absolutely free for you to add numbers to your family and friends list for the first time. So, you will not be charged for adding 5 FAF numbers on Airtel.

But on the flip side, if you decide to remove a number from your Airtel F & F list, you will be charged ₦50 (fifty naira).

Airtel Family & Friends Call Rates

You will be billed 25k/second when you call numbers on your FAF list between 6nam and 9:59 pm. And you will be charged 21k/second when you make calls between 10 pm to 5:59 am.

These call rates apply to the credit in your main account balance only. The call costs will be higher if you’re making calls with the credit in your bonus account. For instance, if you using 800% Airtel Smart connect tariff bonus, you will be paying almost double to make calls to your FAF numbers.

The call rates may be as high as 40k/second if you are using the money in your bonus balance. You can see our post to know how to check Airtel main balance and bonus account.

Adding numbers to your FAF list is very simple. We hope this article has given you information on how to add family and friends on airtel.


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