The CONHESS Salary Structure: Nurse’s Salary In Nigeria 2023/2024

What Is The Salary Of Conhess?

CONHESS salary structure-Nurses are indispensable parts of the healthcare system of any country, Nigeria inclusive. It is not surprising that the nursing profession is one that many people in Nigeria are part of and wants to be part of.

Nurses enjoy a fair rate of engagement by the government and private medical institutions as well.

While the salaries of Nurses in Nigeria may not match up to the level of their counterparts in developed countries of the world, it is still fair pay by Nigerian standard.

This post will take you through the salaries that nurses at various levels in Nigeria receive. Also, factors that influence this pay will be detailed to you in this article.

The Role of Nurses

Nurses are professionals in charge of taking care of the sick or those who sustain injuries. Their primary role is to save lives. And this usually happens under the guidance or supervision of a medical doctor.

Other functions of a nurse include;

  • Recording medical history and symptoms
  • Collaborating with teams to plan for patient care
  • Advocating for health and well being of patients
  • Monitoring patient health and record signs
  • Administering medications and treatments
  • Operating medical equipment
  • Performing diagnostic tests
  • Educating patients about the management of illnesses
  • Providing support and advice to patients

Generally, Nurses perform their roles in hospitals, clinics, homes, or any other medical facilities.

The CONHESS Salary Structure in Nigeria

Nurses in Nigeria’s salary is based on the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS). The federal government introduced this structure in 2009. It came to full effect in 2010.

Also, the salaries of other healthcare professionals such as Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Medical Laboratory Scientists, and Radiographers are also based on this structure. But the doctors have a different salary structure-the CONMESS.

An entry-level nurse can not be placed lower than CONHESS 07 on the salary structure. However, as the nurse’s years of experience increase so also will he or she rise on the salary structure accumulating more pay in the process.

The approximations of the basic monthly salary from CONHESS 07 upwards is right here for you.

StructureMonthly Pay
1CONHESS 07₦80,000
2CONHESS 08₦90,000
3CONHESS 09₦100,000
4CONHESS 10₦120,000
5CONHESS 11₦150,000
7CONHESS 13₦230,000
8CONHESS 14₦280,000
9CONHESS 15₦350,000

Allowances For Nurses in Nigeria

Various working allowances add to the take-home pay of nurses in Nigeria making nursing as a profession all the more attractive if you have an interest in it.

Some of these allowances are monthly- pay while annual- pay. These allowances include;

  1. Shift Duty Allowance: This allowance is for nurses as compensation for the shift duty they undertake. The shift in duty allowance is usually monthly.
  2. Teaching Allowance: This allowance is for nurses who engage in teaching at various federal medical centers nationwide. The pay is usually on an annual basis.
  3. Hazard Allowance: This is a general allowance paid to both nurses and all other healthcare professionals in Nigeria by the federal government. Also, its pay is annual.
  4. Rural Posting Allowance: This is an allowance is for nurses who have posted to rural areas by the federal government. Nurses who are not in rural areas do not have entitlement to this allowance. The rural posting allowance often on an annual basis.

The CONHESS versus Private Hospitals

The CONHESS is the standard by which the federal government of Nigeria operates with. You should note that nurses working for various state governments may earn lesser than what is obtainable in the CONHESS.


Also, nurses working in private hospitals may not earn as much as they pay in the CONHESS. Their pay is subject to the capacity of the private hospital they work with.

How to Become a Nurse in Nigeria

  1. Passion: As with all things, becoming a nurse in Nigeria starts with you having a passion for the nursing profession. Passion for care-giving drives you into turning your nursing profession dream into reality.
  2. Good O’level Result: Start in the right direction at the Ordinary level of education(SSCE)by obtaining five credit passes in English language, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry in one sitting. This qualifies you to proceed to the next level.
  3. Application to School of Nursing or the University: There are various schools of nursing nationwide that you can apply to. The School of nursing program usually runs for about three years with the awarding of an Associate Degree in Nursing at the end. Nursing in the University runs for five years (inclusive of internship) with a Bachelor in Nursing awarded at the end.
  4. National Youth Service Corp (NYSC): You need to complete the mandatory one-year national youth service Corp program. The certificate obtained from the NYSC is a prerequisite for securing employment in both the private and public sectors in Nigeria.
  5. Apply for Nursing Vacancies: You need to apply for nursing vacancies to become employed as a nurse in Nigeria. As against other professions in Nigeria, the demand for nurses in both private and government-owned medical centres is high, giving Nursing graduates excellent leverage.


Nurses play an indispensable role in Nigeria’s healthcare system, and their profession is highly sought after. While their salaries may not match those in developed countries, it remains fair by Nigerian standards. This article has provided insights into the salaries of nurses at various levels in Nigeria, with a focus on the Consolidated Health Salary Structure (CONHESS). Additionally, we’ve discussed the essential functions of nurses and the allowances they receive, including shift duty, teaching, hazard, and rural posting allowances.

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