Best Fashion Schools in Lagos, Nigeria: The Top 7

What Are The Top 10 Best Schools In Lagos?

A whole lot surrounds fashion schools than the regular ‘cut and join’ that is associated with tailors in Nigeria today.

Being a tailor entails possessing skills and techniques that require a proper learning environment. And someone who is a professional in that field, and this is where fashion schools come into play.

There is always a difference between someone who invested in themselves by going to a fashion school and someone who merely attaches themselves to a tailor so they can learn how to sew.

The difference is usually in the uniqueness of their finished products!

Yes, you are a tailor, but do you understand all the techniques that fashion entails? Some people feel that it is a waste of time and money, to go to a fashion school.


However, one thing these people fail to realize is that nothing comes easy. And to become a professional in any art, you have to make investments!

There are those people who realize the importance of such investments and do not mind at all.

However, one dilemma they face is the decision-making process of choosing a fashion school that would deliver on its promise to you.

Nigeria has evolved from times when there was nothing like fashion schools. Now we have so many, which makes the decision-making process a bit cumbersome.

Why You Should Go to a Fashion School

If your dream has always been to create unique styles that would be of recognition both far and wide, then it is best to pursue this dream with professional consultation in a suitable environment.

Anything void of this will surely kill your dreams and hinder your aspirations!

It is so sad that despite how the world has evolved, there are still some parents who discourage their children from going into this professional line.

Some people see it as a profession that is not profitable, which comes off as hilarious as clothing is an essential of life, and one begins to wonder if they do walk around naked.

The mentality of such individuals who discourage others from going into fashion needs to change so they can see the light and flee from their darkness.


Now to the question(s) of ‘why should I go to a fashion school?’ ‘Can’t I learn from a random tailor?’

Did you know that people would rather patronize someone with certification in fashion design than a regular random tailor?

This is to avoid all sorts of disappointments that are associated with regular tailors such as failure to deliver on time or deliver on style chosen.

What sort of reputation do you want to be associated with? Do you want to be one who copies the styles of others or one who uniquely creates outstanding pieces?

Going to a fashion challenges your creative side for you to be a unique designer and above your peers.

The competitiveness while in a fashion school challenges you to push yourself further, and become the best version that you can ever be!

Top 7 Fashion Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

There are tons of fashion schools across states in Nigeria. However, this article limits itself to fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria.

If your dream is to become an outstanding fashion professional, then allow this article to take you through a walk on top fashion schools, specifically in Lagos that can aid you in making this dream a reality.

Also, this article is set to lighten the burden on you when you have to make a choice on a fashion school in Lagos. Besides,  we will talk about 5 top fashion schools in Lagos, and give reasons why they make a list.

In no particular order, the top 5 fashion schools in Lagos, Nigeria are:


Rhoda Michaels Fashion Institute

The Rhoda Michaels Fashion Institute is located in the capital of Lagos state- Ikeja. Its primary goal is to help its students become fashionpreneurs.

Their curriculum covers a wide range of everything in fashion. They include color manipulation, drafting of patterns, forecasting trends, and how to manage a fashion business successfully!

All these surely cannot be gotten if you decide to learn with a random tailor! No tailor would want their apprentice to surpass them, and as such, they would never disclose the little knowledge they have.

However, with Rhoda Michaels, you are taught the techniques of handling a fashion business. And this is something you would have paid extra for if you decided to elude the idea of this fashion school.

Depending on your choice, this school has a program curriculum that spans from 3 months to 12 months. This is to ensure that their students do it at a pace that is best suitable to them.

They also have amazing features, such as home classes and night classes!!! Now, where else would you find such a fantastic offer?

If you decide to train with a random tailor, you will never have this much comfort during your course of training!

If you also decide to take any of their programs, you get a free sewing machine at the end of the program.

Their three-month programs go for about ₦250,000, the one for six months goes for about ₦450,000 while the one for a year goes for about ₦850,000.

This school also has a branch at Abule-Egba. You can contact them via:

  • Website:
  • Address: 2nd floor, Chemline House, 7 Obasa Road, Oba Akran, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • 1st and 2nd floor, Jerobet Plaza. 15, Charity Road, New Oko-Oba, opposite Ritas Hotel, Abule-Egba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Your time at Rhoda Michaels will forever be memorable!

Zaris Fashion & Style Academy

After being in existence for over eight years, Zaris Academy has stood strong and proven its worth among the list of fashion schools in Lagos.

This academy sets out not only to train its students but to also expose them and familiarise them with opportunities that can be found in the world of fashion.

In its way, Zaris Academy has been able to find a perfect way to create a balance between practical and theoretical classes. This is to create a synergy that makes the course curriculum fun and interesting for its students.

Zaris Fashion & Style Academy has multiple programs as it offers a regular program option and also the weekend class option.

The regular program option runs on Mondays and Tuesdays for three months, while the weekend class option holds only on Saturdays for six months.

Their fees depend on the specific course you are offering and the program option. Their prices range from ₦70,000 to  ₦400,000 depending on the particular course you desire.

Zaris Academy seeks to uncover the individual strengths of its students and ensure that its students highly maximize these strengths.

More information about Zaris Fashion & Style Academy can be gotten via their:

  • Website:
  • Address: 2nd floor, Centage Plaza, 14 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Email:

Ginani Fashion Training

With a selfless aim to ensure that society never lacks fashion professionals, Ginani Fashion Training strives hard to provide thorough and in-depth knowledge to its students. This is to help them become the best among others.


The training at Ginani Fashion has a way of pushing you to unleash your potential, and they never relent on their goal of making their students become experts.

This school has been in existence since 2001, thus, making it over 18 years. Among the numerous fantastic things offered by this school, one that stands out is its online training.

Ginani Fashion Training also offers online training that allows you to learn on the go, and at your comfort. Some might feel that this would not be as effective as physical training; however, you are wrong!

They employ equal efforts to both, and it is in your court to choose your preference and the one that works better for you.

Which random tailor or regular fashion school would have the time and dedication to do the online training for you?

The price range of Ginani is between ₦45,000 to ₦450,000, depending on your training plan.

You can reach Ginani Fashion Training  via their:

  • Website:
  • Address: 11 Bank Olemoh Close, off Bank Olemoh Street, Akerele, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Martwayne Fashion School

With dedicated, patient, and ever-handy tutors, Martwayne safely secures its place among the top 5 fashion schools in Lagos. It offers its courses in such a way that the least fashion-inclined person would understand.

They are also among those with a flexible curriculum as they have online as well as physical classes. Their courses border on both the creative and business angle as they want their pieces done by their students to be outstanding.

Moreover, they want them to know how to manage their fashion businesses in the competitive fashion world. This school was founded due to the fatal experiences of disappointment that were suffered by its owner in the hands of tailors.

This prompted her to tour the fashion path and establish her school where she can effect a change to what has become a norm.

Are you a beginner? Professional? Someone who wants to have a general idea of fashion? This school is the perfect place for you!

Unlike some people who have a selfish interest when teaching, this school has your best interest at heart and does not mind you growing and establishing your fashion line.

The price range for this school is between  ₦50,000 to  ₦325,000.

You can contact the Martwayne Fashion School via:

  • Website:
  • Address: SholeyeCrescnt, AyindeGiwa Street, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

Valisimo Fashion School

Unfortunately, this school does not offer a full-time online learning system, but it has an incredible physical teaching system. Thus, securing its spot among the top 5 fashion schools in Lagos.

They have two learning methods, which are the Haute Couture/ Bespoke Method and the Pattern Drafting Method.

The Bespoke approach teaches you to sew to a client’s specification, while the Pattern drafting method teaches sewing for mass production.

This school also offers hostel facilities and that is one of its unique selling points. Their classes are usually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and they also have a branch in Abuja.

Concerning their online classes, they give free online classes sometimes on Nairaland.

Prices here range between  ₦100,000 –  ₦400,000.

To contact Valisimo Fashion School, you can reach them via:

  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Akinwale Street, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • House 56, 21 Road, Second Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate close to Laropa Hotel, Abuja, Nigeria.

Zapron Fashion Academy

This is another top fashion school in Lagos, known for its full expanse of fashion outfits, with dealerships and partnerships with major textile companies like Daviva. They offer courses in pattern drafting, pattern illustration, general sewing skills, and online classes. The tuition cost range for their courses is between ₦100,000 and ₦500,000.

Address: 11, Osapa London, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria12
Phone Number: +2348037764827 or +234905369967512
Email: info@zapronfashions.com2

House of Henri Fashion & Art Academy

This is the vocational skills training and empowerment arm of House of Henri Limited, a fashion and art company. They offer courses in fashion design, production, illustration, styling, photography, makeup artistry, and entrepreneurship. The tuition cost range for their courses is between ₦150,000 and ₦600,000


Address: No. 1, Akin Osiyemi Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria1
Phone Number: +2348033012829 or +23480230573251
Email: info@houseofhenri.com1


There is no reason why you shouldn’t be on the registration process of any of these schools after reading through this article if you truly want to pursue a path in fashion.

These schools are best to skyrocket you to your peak, and there is no reason to hold yourself back by not registering in any of them.

Take that bold step now and get on these moving trains! The time to take action is now, and you have to be swift about it!! Remember, time waits for no man!!!

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