How To Get Free Data In MTN[3 Methods]

How To Get Free Data In MTN[3 Methods]

Regarding MTN, one thing you can always enjoy, apart from the fast internet speed and coverage, is the free data available on this network. Apart from the usual calls and free data they randomly give customers,  there are means by which you can always access free data for yourself.

You might wonder what these means are, how you can go about it, and much more. We will discuss everything you need to know about getting free MTN data below.

Does MTN Give Free Data?

You may be surprised that MTN gives out free data to random people. Apart from giving out free data to random people, there are some things you can do that will allow you to get free data from MTN. Do not wrongly assume it is the cheat codes we are talking about here. 

While cheat codes exist for almost every network, you should know there are legit things you can do to get free data from MTN.  Let’s get down to the methods to get free data from MTN.

How to Get Free Data in MTN

There are different things you can do to get free data in MTN. The free data could be daily, weekly, or even monthly. Below are methods to get free data from MTN.

1. Download MTN myapp to get 500MB

This is one of the legit methods you can use to get free data from MTN. When you download MTN myapp and register, you will be given free 500Mb to browse and do anything you like on the internet. 

Imagine having 5 MTN sims and registering on MTN myapp on the five sims. That is a cumulative 2.5 gig of free data. This free data from MTN myapp is valid for 30 days.


However, you must know that once you get the free data, you will not be eligible to get another one on MTN myapp. You have to use a new sim to be able to access another free 500MB.

Steps to Getting Free Data on MTN myapp

Below are steps to getting free data on MTN myapp.

  • Download the app on Android and ios store
  • Open the app and input your number and country
  • You will get an OTP from MTN once you input your number. Enter the OTP in the space provided and claim the free data available on the app
  • Mtn will notify you instantly that you have been awarded free 500MB. 
  • You can dial *312*4# to check or confirm

2. By Upgrading to 4G

While downloading and registering on MTN myapp is one way to get free data, another way you can get free data is by upgrading your MTN sim from 3g to 4g.  When you upgrade your sim to 4G, MTN will gift you 4GB of data for one month.

While you might find this difficult to believe, I have seen countless people who get this free data. This offer has been on since MTN started 4G, and it is still on to date. You can always get free data by walking to any MTN store and upgrading your SIM from 3G to 4G.

Steps to Getting the Free 4g Data

There are two things you must do if you want to enjoy free 4GB of data from upgrading to 4G. You must upgrade your sim to 4G and your phone to 4G. Upgrading your sim to 4g is pretty easy.

 Simply take your sim with your nin slip or ID card to any MTN office near you. Tell them you would like to upgrade your sim to 4G, which will be done for you within minutes. Once done, you must upgrade your phone browsing to 4G to enjoy the free data.  Below are methods to upgrade your phone’s internet connection to 4G.

For Infinix, techno, and Itel phones, simply go to your phone settings and click on <network and internet>. Once you have done this, click on <mobile network> and change your preferred network to 4G.

The process is pretty much similar for Samsung phones. Go to your settings and click on <connections>. Click on <mobile network>, then click on <network mode> and choose LTE. Once you do this, you should be able to browse on 4G with your free 4GB smoothly.

If you use an iPhone, go to your settings and click on <mobile data>. Proceed to your <mobile data options> and click on voice and data. Then select the LTE, and you are good to go.

Other phones, from Gionee to Oppo and many more, have similar settings. Simply go to the settings and check their preferred network. Choose the 4G networks, and you are good to go.



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3. By Using 3rd Party Software like Dent App

Some apps will award you with free data across different networks. These apps are mainly used for transactions, payments of utility bills, and a lot more. DENT is one of those apps. 

With Dent, you will not just be able to buy mobile data, but you will be able to buy airtime and a lot more. You get accumulated points for using the app, and these points can be transformed into free data for your MTN network or any other network.  

Steps to Getting Free Data from Dent

  • Download the Dent app on Playstore and sign up using your email address or Facebook profile.
  • You will get 175 dents, equal to 1GB, the moment you register.
  • Perform more transactions or invite more people using your link to get more free dent
  • You can use this dent to buy free data on MTN anytime, any day.

How Do I Know If I Have Free Data on MTN?

You can use different things to confirm your free data on MTN. You can easily check your data balance by dialing *323#. You will see your data balance the moment you do this.


While MTN gives free data, it isn’t everyone that is eligible for it. There are different things you can do to get free data on MTN without even using cheat codes.

Some of these methods and more have already been discussed in this article. You can also easily check your data balance by dialing *323#.  Read through to get all the details you need about free data from MTN.

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