Review and Current Prices of Lexus ES300, ES330 & ES350 in Nigeria

How Much Is Lexus Es 300 In Nigeria Money?

The popular automobile brand has been able to stamp its ground in the marketplace as one of the most dependable and reliable automobile firms in the world today.

This fact is evident in the numerous Lexus models manufactured in recent years. Lexus automobile has an excellent reputation for class and creativity. Meanwhile, these are the factors that Nigerians are looking for.

The development and manufacture of the ES series only ascertain the quality and inventiveness of the brand. Since the introduction of the first model into the marketplace in 1989, the Lexus ES has never stopped delivering quality services.

Many Nigerians and residents of other countries have this automobile in their domain. Although there are constant evolution and improvement in these Lexus series automobiles, it is still a yardstick for other midsize sedans of the same class up to this moment.

Lexus ES300, ES330 & ES350

The Lexus ES300 was introduced to the marketplace in 1992 after the previous sets of ES models. This Lexus model was popular in different parts of the world.

Due to its compact design, this vehicle comes with a V6 engine that ensures proper handling, efficiency, and smooth operation.

Although the production was stopped in 2003, it didn’t stop the production of the ES series. We had another model, the Lexus ES330 which took its place and made giant strides.

Although they both came with the V6 engine, the ES330 offers an overall better performance and is more powerful.

The manufacture of this automobile lasted for about four years before its replacement by another superb car, ES350 in 2007.

In the Nigerian automobile market, the Lexus ES family has proven to be a leading automobile. Therefore, it is important to discuss the current prices of the ES family in the Nigerian marketplace today.

We will explore the different prices of the Lexus Es series in Nigeria, both foreign, brand new, and locally used versions.

Price of Lexus ES series in Nigeria

Below is the price list of the Lexus ES series in Nigeria; specifically Lexus ES300, ES330 and ES350

Price of Lexus ES300 in Nigeria

All Lexus products come with quality parts, and this particular model doesn’t fall short of the Lexus features. Ever since its launch in 1992, Lexus ES300 has proven to be a success, even though its halt in production in 2003.

The sedan continued with the production of top-class vehicles. Although it does not come with the best designs, the model occupied a vital position in the Lexus ES series.

While Lexus produced three generations of this model, the initial impressions remained impeccable durability, maintaining top quality and consistency.

Pick any year, and I assure you that you will find a room, well-designed standard, midsize sedan with class and elegance for its affordable price.

This sedan showcases the dynamism and has built a reputation for flexibility and reliability.

  • The Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Lexus ES300 costs between  ₦2 million and  ₦2.5 million
  • The Nigerian Used (Locally) Lexus ES300 costs between  ₦1.2 million and  ₦2 million

Price of Lexus ES330 in Nigeria

The fact is that the manufacturing of another Lexus automobile was never going to be easy, especially coming up with a better version of the previous model (Lexus ES300).

However, Lexus ES330 defied all odds and showcased the constant creativity of Lexus. ES330 shows the commitment of Lexus to delivering superb automobiles.

Many people termed the ES300 as “soft”, but the ES330 came out with a more commanding and aggressive outlook. The first model was launched in 2004 and has since taken its rightful place in the Nigerian market.

Against the previous model of the ES series, the ES330 is designed with new features that deliver a better general safety.

The features include; a tire pressure monitor, larger side airbags, and curtain airbags. The manufacture of this model was halted in 2006, with its last model delivering power model support for the passenger sitting in the front seat whilst maintaining its overall quality and superb performance.

Keep in mind that the production of this model was halted in 2006, so, don’t expect to get a brand new model although there is still the possibility of getting the foreign used versions.

The prices and market value of these Lexus models are not the same due to several certain factors which include the year of production, the current exchange rate, the condition of the car, and other similar factors.

The Foreign Used (Tokunbo)Lexus ES300 costs between  ₦2.3 million and  ₦3.2 million.

The Nigerian Used (Locally) Lexus ES300 costs between  ₦1.6 million and  ₦2.4 million.

Price of Lexus ES350 in Nigeria

Lexus ES350 is undoubtedly the most reliable and most complete version amongst all the ES series. Ever since its launch more than ten years ago, it has been the choice of many people.

All thanks to its durability, reliability, spacious interior, comfortable ride, user-friendly features, and flexibility.

This comfortable luxury midsize automobile, like its previous versions, is rugged, comfortable, roomy, and highly efficient on the road.

The latest ES350 model launched in 2016 came with newer and better designs as well as advanced features. The riding and operation of the car are standard and generally smooth.

Despite the fact this car comes with a lovely powerful engine, the vehicle does not generate loud sound, and it offers comfort.

The exterior design is superb and has been embraced by lots of car lovers all around the globe. Till date, this model is among the most sold and most successful Lexus vehicles.

Lexus RX350 comes with a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine coupled with 248 pound-feet and 268 hp paired with front-wheel drive as well as a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Unlike the previous versions, the production of this model continues after making its debut. If you want to get the brand new version of the latest model, it cost between  ₦25 million –  ₦30 million.

The Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Lexus ES300 costs between  ₦7 million and  ₦13 million.

The Nigerian Used (Locally) Lexus ES300 sells between  ₦5 million and  ₦10 million.

Note the prices vary due to certain factors which include custom clearance charges, currency exchange rate, year of production, and the condition of the automobile (locally used versions).

Where to Buy Lexus ES300, ES330, and ES350 in Nigeria

The foreign and locally-used Lexus ES300, ES330, and ES350 are available on Car45, Jiji. You can as well get your Lexus car from other automobile dealers across the country.

6 Things you don’t know about Lexus Products

  • Lexus products are durable and reliable
  • They come with a lovely and powerful engine
  • They are classy, luxurious, and comfortable rides
  • Lexus cars are flexible and have user-friendly features
  • Moreover, they are pocket-friendly


What makes the Lexus stand out in the automobile marketplace are the durability, class, functionality, and uniqueness.

Besides, their price is affordable, thanks to the abundance of locally and foreign used Lexus. However, you must be ready to splash some cash to get a brand new Lexus.

So, have you made a decision yet? Hit the market, get this dream car, and let’s pop the champagne!

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