Tecno Camon 17 Price, Spec and Review in Nigeria (2023)

How Much Is Tecno Camon 17 In Nigeria Now?

Quality camera content has been necessary for years and six years ago Tecno Mobile introduced the Camon series into the African market with the introduction of Tecno Camon c8 since then content creators in Africa have been asking for more and between 2015 and date, there has been varieties of the Camon series with your various camera-centric natures but the need for increased camera capabilities keeps increasing and the arrival of the Camon 17 meets these needs because it’s time to stand out

For those of you unfamiliar with the Tecno brand, it’s a smartphone manufacturer that’s pretty big in places like Southeast Asia, India, and Africa, and I have a feeling it’s a brand you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in the not too distant future so I will dive into a quick breakdown of what you can expect from techno mobile’s new phone, the Tecno Camon 17

Tecno Camon 17 Introduction

The Tecno Camon 17 comes with unique features, and top of the list is the camera. It’s got a 6.8 inch 1080 by 2460 full HD display, so the display is sharp with lots of detail; it has a 90-hertz refresh rate, so everything is smooth when it comes to animation, usability, and gameplay. 

The Tecno Camon 17 also comes fully loaded with Android 11, so you’re getting the latest Android operating system under the hood. When it comes to the processor engine, it’s got the Helio G85 so this mobile phone will be plenty powerful, and it’s able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.


Tecno Camon 17 Price In Nigeria

The Tecno Camon 17 price on Jumia ranges from ₦100,000 to ₦150,000, you can CLICK HERE TO ORDER ON JUMIA and get a 30% Discount

Tecno Camon 17 Battery

The battery is 5000 milliamps so it will last until the end of the day, even with constant use.

Tecno Camon 17 Storage

When it comes to storage, you’re looking at 256GB which is plenty of room for all your photos, videos, and Music. There’s 8GB of RAM as well, so the Tecno Camon 17 works nice and smooth.

Ultimately this mobile phone is a mid-range smartphone with a few features that you might find on smartphones with a higher price tag, so the first thing you notice when you take it out of the box is that it feels like a premium device; it’s nice and slim. It’s perfect for one-handed use, and the curved edges complement this stylish design. 

Tecno Camon 17 Camera

The Tecno Camon 17 comes equipped with a 48-megapixel camera complemented by telephoto and wide-angle lenses to suit all shooting conditions. 

It comes with a quad-camera array at the back. It’s nice to see a different design in the Camon 17; in the past, they had a square camera array sitting in the back of the phone, and they had a pop-up camera as well, 

The Camon 17 camera also features the magic pixel mode that ups the pixel count to 108 megapixels for gorgeous landscape photography. You can also shoot in HDR so flick it on when you want to add more detail to shadows and highlights.

When it comes to shooting after dark, The Tecno Camon 17  super night mode takes amazingly clear pictures when the lights go low, and as for the app itself, there are a lot of enjoyable features to sink your teeth into and have a bit of fun.

When you fire up the camera app, take a picture. The first thing you will notice is that the AI cam mode immediately kicks in automatically recognizes your surroundings and optimizes the settings accordingly. It helps if you’re not a professional photographer, and you’re just someone who wants to pick up your smartphone and point and shoot.

Other options include beauty mode and portrait, so adding that depth-of-field effect to your photos is an option if you want it.


After taking a pic, there are many editing options to adjust your pic. For taking those all-important selfies, you’ve got a discreet pinhole camera sitting at the top of the display now. What I’ve noticed is, as we’ve seen on the back camera, AI intelligence kicks in to automatically optimize your shooting settings so that you can take the perfect selfie. 

The Tecno Camon 17 video allows you to create an augmented reality emoji that you can make in your likeness. When you hold the camera, it superimposes that animation onto your face. You can have fun with it. You can share the animation on social media.

The Tecno Camon 17 has a more streamlined discreet design that doesn’t protrude too much out the back of the phone, so it’s pretty lovely and sensitive.

The fingerprint scanner is on the side of the phone, which also doubles up as your power button. And a user’s thumb will rest quite naturally on that fingerprint sensor, so it’s well-positioned.

Tecno Mobile says this is the most advanced version of the software yet, so it’s able to mimic your facial features quite well as you can see, and it’s just a great way to have fun on your smartphone.

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