Prices, Review and Specs of Gas Cookers with Oven

Which Type Of Gas Oven Is Best?

We are all aware of kitchen appliances gas cookers, blenders, rice cookers, ovens and many more. One of the most important is the gas cooker which comes in varieties, in fact, we now have gas cookers with oven.

The gas cooker is arguably an essential kitchen appliance in the home. What’s a kitchen, without some cooking appliances like the gas hobs, egg cooker or gas range cooker? And how else do we cook without gas cookers?

The oven is another vital kitchen appliance, especially if you are into grilling and baking, or if you are interested in learning.

The combination of these two appliances in your kitchen, make you do exploits. While it is possible to buy your gas cooker and your oven as two separate appliances, this may not be the best plan for everybody.

The Nigerian kitchen appliances market is not wanting of diverse types of appliances and electronics. From the smallest water heaters to the biggest industrial ovens, there is nothing you cannot find.

It was a relief when the market started producing gas cookers with ovens together, and it did not take long at all before people started purchasing these appliances.

In this article, I will be talking about the prices and specs of gas cookers with oven, from some of the most common brands in Nigeria.

These brands are not the only ones that make this particular appliance in the country, but for the sake of this article, we will be using them as our focus.

Why Should Consider Purchasing a Gas Cooker with Oven 

1. Space: 

The best type of kitchens is the ones where there is enough space to move around and even gist with a friend while something delicious is cooking in the pot.

This purpose is defeated when you have both a gas cooker and an oven, taking up space in the kitchen, keeping in mind that most gas cookers will also come with a separate gas cylinder.

Moreover, there are so many other appliances in the kitchen. But now, you can buy your gas cooker/oven together in one big package, saving you a lot of space.

2. Efficiency:

Imagine you already have your oven/gas cooker appliance on. This means that you can be using one device to do several things at the same time. So while your chicken is roasting in the oven, your jollof rice is cooking on the gas cooker.

3. Saves Time:

The combination of these two appliances in one allows you to save time. You don’t need to waste time operating two differing devices, because all you need to do, can be done with one.

4. Easier to Maintain:

Since you have just one appliance doing both tasks, it makes it easy for you to maintain. You can clean and service this appliance, and if it needs repairs, you do not have to spend so much. Unlike if you have to repair two devices at the same time.

5. Affordability:

You may not believe it, but you save more money buying a gas cooker/ oven than if you were purchasing the appliances separately. And to reiterate the point above, you also save money on repair and maintenance.

Furthermore, this appliance has also been known to add a touch of class and taste to the kitchen area. And so you have something to feel proud about, whenever you walk into your kitchen.

Which is the best Gas Cooker in Nigeria?

You cannot specifically choose and select the best gas cooker in Nigeria. This is because the gas cookers range from one feature to another, and this also affects the cost.

So what works for A may not work for B. What I consider to be the best, may not be what you believe to be the best. So you should only choose your gas cooker based on the features that you want.

Also, budget is a significant factor in the type of appliance you can get. If you have a limited budget, then you may not get something as good as a person whose budget is not limited.

Today, there are even gas cookers that will come equipped with an oven, a grill, and a dish warmer, so really, your budget is the main factor here.

Prices, Review, and Specs of Gas Cookers With Oven

There are dozens of gas cookers with different manufacturers in Nigeria. In this article, we will be highlighting top gas cooker brands in Nigeria alongside their prices.

Scanfrost Gas Cookers with Oven

Scanfrost is one of the most popular brands in the Nigerian market today. Their appliances are tested, trusted, as well as affordable.

For a Scanfrost gas cooker with oven, the price ranges from as low as ₦45,000 for a simple gas cooker oven to as high as ₦280,000.

The difference between the prices is because some gas cookers come with ovens are while some other gas cookers come with ovens and extra features like the auto ignition, three to six burners, electric hot plate, size, capacity, and so on.

Therefore the prices of one Scanfrost appliance vary from one feature to the other. Your budget will also determine which you are likely to go for.

Scanfrost cookers are affordable, classy, efficient, easy to use, and give you your money’s worth because you can use them for a very long time.

LG MAXI Gas Cookers

People may say that appliances from LG are a bit pricey, but you very well know that the authenticity of the devices is guaranteed. LG has been in the business for long, and so they know the game.

Just like Scanfrost above, LG MAXI gas cooker with oven ranges from one feature to the other. So you could say, the more functionality it has, the higher it costs.

The price of LG gas cooker with ovens ranges from as low as ₦38,000 for a simple gas cooker oven, to as high as ₦150,000.

The difference between prices is because some of the gas cookers have as many as six burners, meaning you can cook so many things at a time. Some others have three, four, and even sometimes a single burner with an oven.

Other features may include the electric hot plate, as well. The price may also be determined by the size of the appliance, the power capacity, and so on.

Like I said before, your budget is always a good determinant on which appliance you are likely to go for. LG cookers are classy, efficient, and easy to use or maintain. You can never go wrong with the brand.

Thermocool Gas Cookers with Oven

Thermocool is in the business of delivering standard appliances to the Nigerian market, day in and day out. They have become a household name for electronics and kitchen appliances, and one can never go wrong with them.

Thermocool is one of the best in the business of gas cookers with ovens. Products from Thermocool are considered to be durable, efficient, classy, and to top it off, affordable to the average Nigerian person.

For a Thermoccol gas cooker with oven, the price ranges from as low as ₦50,000 for a simple gas cooker oven to as high ₦120,000.

Some of the burners come with 2-6 burners, electric hot plate, and they are stainless steel. You don’t need me to tell you that this is a classy gas cooker.

PolyStar Gas Cookers 

Another famous brand in Nigeria is Polystar. Their gas cookers with oven range from four to six burners, some even come with an additional electric hot plate.

This makes for really efficient use because even when you suddenly run out of gas without notice, you can turn to the option of the electric burner, pending the time you refill your gas.

The prices of Polystar gas cooker with oven varies from its properties. The one with six burners will be more expensive than the one with four burners. So take note of this before making your choice.

You can get a Polystar gas cooker with an oven for as low as ₦60,000 and for as high as ₦210,000. Remember that these are just price ranges, and you will know the exact amount at the point of pricing or purchase.

Nexus Gas Cookers

These are arguably the cheapest makers of gas cookers with ovens in Nigeria. You can get a Nexus gas cooker with oven(s) from ₦40,000 to ₦72,000. Apart from being affordable, they are efficient and easy to use so anybody can operate them.

Where to Purchase Gas Cookers with Oven?

Gas Cookers with ovens are readily available and accessible in Nigeria. You can either walk into an electronics store or get them from legit online stores like Jumia or Konga.

Final Thoughts

There you go, gas cooker with ovens in Nigeria, you can never go wrong with this appliance. It helps your kitchen work easier and at the same time, gives your kitchen a classy look.

Gas cookers with ovens are available and easy to get everywhere. You can either walk into an electronics store or get them from legit online stores.

It is always advisable to buy your appliances from authentic offline or online stores so that you can be sure you are getting the best possible quality and not a fake.

So decide on your budget, capacity, brand, and the type of features you need on your gas cooker. After that, your problem is solved as you only need to run to the nearest store for your gas cooker with oven.

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